Minor Muslim boy lynched to death by mob in Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar area

Sahil in white shirt.

New Delhi:  A bone chilling incident of mob lynching of minor Muslim boy  has come to light from Delhi’s  Adarsh Nagar locality .

Sahil, a  15 years old boy  was brutally thrashed to death  by his neighbors , who allegedly entered the house of his neighbor Mukesh for stealing .


The incident took place on Friday morning. The police have filed a case of unintended murder and have held 6 accused.

Around 4 am on Friday morning  Sahil got into the residence of their neighbor. Sensing some unusual activity Mukesh woke up from sleep and he saw Sahil who had allegedly gotten inside with intent of stealing. On the shouting of Mukesh , people gathered and started thrashing Sahil and thereafter the police was called.

Soon after Police arrived, they rushed the boy to Jagjeevan Ram hospital, who had been brutally injured after being thrashed by the mob. But, Sahil’s condition started worsening. The police have filed a case of unintended murder against the house owner Mukesh and have taken him in custody.

Sahil breathed his last on Friday evening; therefore police changed the charges levied against Mukesh.

Speaking on the incident, the boy’s family member said “They started thrashing our boy at 2 am and kept beating him till 6am. I had a 15-year-old son who used to help in running our kitchen. Now who will feed his 2 sisters and 3 brothers?”

“When we got him up at 8:30, he was trying very hard to breathe. They had planned to throw him on tracks in the morning, but then later left him like that. We all know these people and they only took away my son’s life” the family member said.


    • Miss Shama Khan you can see very clearly what is happening in India.And you are also absolutely aware of the reasons why people are out of control…You know the answers very well.

  1. India is truely becoming lynchistan for the minorities and Dalits etc. God save this country. There is no justice for the week and thats dangerous.

    • Bewakuf insan… Agar usne chori ki toh bilkul vo allowed nhi h. Par kya ek chori ki saza murder kar dena hai . Vo bhi 14 sal ka baccha… Kanoon nam ki chiz h ya nhi bade ko bhi mamuli saza milti h vo toh bechara 14 sal ka baccha tha tum jese log desh ki ekta chahte hi nhi ho

  2. Hello AMit, A young boy has been murdered and you are trying to justify such inhuman activity. Are you provoking others to do the same. Why we shouldn’t file a case against you as well?


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