Muslim Mirror impact : Kuwait govt scraps ‘KHADAMAT’ on 12th day of its publication


By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi:  The story carried by  on ‘extortion’ of money in the name of KHADAMAT from poor laborers seeking job in Kuwait finally bore the fruit  as  the Kuwait government has announced that only GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association) medical report will be accepted with effect  from  Monday  June 29, 2015.


A notice issued by the Kuwaiti embassy in New Delhi stated that “All authorized agents and individuals are hereby informed that Medical Reports will be accepted from GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association) with effect from Monday, June 29, 2015”.

In its report under the caption KHADAMAT: A Kuwaiti instrument to suck blood of poor workforce from India’,

On June 17,   Muslim Mirror highlighted that before June1, 2015 a job seeker who sought to go Kuwait had to pay Rs 4000 for medical checkup but  now he/ she  has to cough up  Rs 24000 for the same check-up. However, the actual cost of the check-up doesn’t go Rs 500, but workers are paying eight times more. As the newly introduced   KHADAMAT was extorting a huge money to tune of Rs 24000 for medical screening of candidates leaving for Kuwait as against Rs 3,600 collected by previous company GAMCA.

The story of Muslim Mirror  was carried by national and international media and  was sent to sent to different department of health ministry of Kuwait  as well as International Labor Organization (ILO)  which finally brought the result .

Taking the cognizance of the Muslim Mirror story, the Kuwaiti government on 29th June through a circular  pronounced that no extra charge will be levied on the job seeking workers who come from poor financial background.

Now the Kuwait embassy declared that it has reverted back old practice of accepting medical reports from GAMCA .

Below is the complete story of Muslim Mirror

New Delhi, 17 June 2015: The Kuwaiti government is known for its charity work throughout Muslim world from decades but it seems the humanistic approach of this Muslim country  has become a matter of past . Now this oil rich nation has also started sucking the blood of poor and deprived people who want to go to Kuwait to earn some extra money to support their families.

Leaving behind their near and dear at home at least 200000  job seekers mostly from lower middle class  go to  thousands of miles away to work in Kuwait as labours, helpers, carpenters, welders, masons, electricians etc . Now  one of the world’s richest Muslim nation has started to exploit  the poor and that too in the name of KHADAMAT(service).

Before Ist June 2015 a job seeker who wanted to go Kuwait had to pay Rs 4000 for medical check up but after 1ST June he is paying Rs 24000 for the same check-up, that doesn’t not cost more than Rs 500 actually.

Earlier, the jobseekers who wanted to go to Kuwait had to go through a mandatory medical check up in any GCC approved medical centres regulated by GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centre Association). The GAMCA used to charge Rs 3,600 for this procedure, which was already expensive.

Now the newly introduced   KHADAMAT is extorting a hefty amount of Rs 24,000 for medical screening of candidates leaving for Kuwait as against Rs 3,600 collected by previous company GAMCA.

KHADAMAT has no medical centre of its own and the tests like X-ray and blood tests are done at local laboratories on the reference of KHADAMAT .The KHADAMAT is reportedly   paying less than 3000 to the medical centres for medical screening of the candidate. After medical screening, candidates are also required to get visa stamping done by Kuwait Embassy, which costs Rs 12,000, and apart from this the candidates have to pay a hefty amount for the visa which costs more than one Lakh rupees generally.

Ironically this exploitation is being done in name of KHADAMAT. (Service).

Looking at the welfare and charity work done in past by the Kuwait government  at prima face it sounds some individual have misled the Kuwaiti government  and its officials and  charging  the huge amount illegally  from the hundreds of thousands of Indians workers illegally without the proper knowledge of the Kuwaiti government.

Most importantly when we go through the web site of KHADAMAT ( carefully  we will  find that it’s  not a  Kuwaiti government entity rather it is owned by four individuals (one Indian and three Kuwaiti nationals ) .

Describing the profile of the company it says “KHADAMAT INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a private company registered on 15/03/2014.”

It further explains “KISPL (Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of PSC (Public Services Company) Head Quartered in Kuwait”

The company has no registered office in Kuwait, its registered office is situated at Unit No. 103, 1st Floor, C & B Square, Cts No. 95a 127 Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (east),, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400059.

The status of company in the records of Registrar is active which means that it is actively doing all its filing with the Registrar.

The company has currently 4 director and falls under the jurisdiction of Registrar of Company-Mumbai.”

According to the website of the company its four directors are Francis Sunny Fernandes (India) Essam Abdel Azeem Ahmed Sharara, Bader M D J Alenzi, and. Yousef  M Y A M Alali  (all three Kuwaitis).

The suspicion about the authenticity of the company gets stronger when we read the DISCLAIMER which is given as follow.

“We take no responsibility as to the accuracy, correctness, reliability, correctness’, timeliness, non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of the content. We shall also not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind, as a result of reliance on the contents as provided aforesaid”

The web site of the KHADAMT is declaring that it ‘takes no responsibility for the accuracy of its content’ but when I visited its Nehru Place office (which is situated on the ground floor) and wanted to talk to the candidates within a moment officials and the security staff came and stopped me from talking with them and even didn’t allow to take a snap of the office from outside.

Then a lady official came and took my I -Card to make a photo copy of it.

When asked about the logic of sudden increase of 500% for the charge of medical test the lady official replied that the increase is meant to make sure the accuracy of medical test as before it was being done by some unauthentic medical centres.

While the ground reality is that accuracy has nothing to do with the heavy charges it can be made sure even by spending 1000 rupees provided done in a reputed medical centre. Generally candidates are also required to go through   X-ray and blood tests (HIV, Hepatitis B) which costs less than 1000 rupees.

Secondly earlier such medical tests were conducted by GGC approved medical centres which is managed by GAMCA.

Apart from the legality of KHADAMAT the big question is ‘ is it justified morally  to charge 24000 rupees in name of medical screening from poor Indian by the world’s richest country’?

This kind of illogical and exploitative practice is sending a very bad message among the Indian masses and tarnishing the image of  Kuwaiti government among 15 crores Muslims of India.

The Kuwait government must take immediate action on this issue.


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