‘Missing Kashmiri student’ from Sharda University joins IS, family urges to return home

Ehtesham Bilal


Srinagar, Nov 3 : Ehtisham Bilal, a missing Kashmiri student from Sharda University in UP’s Noida, has joined the Islamic State (IS).


It is to be noted that, on October 4, Bilal was beaten up by some students at Sharda University where he was pursuing BTech, for “looking like an Afghan resident”.

Family members of a Kashmiri youth, who has purportedly joined terror outfit Islamic State, on Saturday urged him to abjure violence and return home.

Bilal Ahmad, in a video message to his son Ehtesham Bilal, who on Friday appeared on social media wielding a rifle and claiming allegiance to the Islamic State, appealed to him to return home.

“Islam does not allow anybody to disobey his parents. I appeal and order you to return home. Seeing you on the social media wherein you have claimed allegiance to the Islamic State has disturbed me. Your ailing mother cannot live without you”.

Ehtesham’s sister, Sadiqa, told her brother in the message, “I cannot live without you. For Allah’s sake come back.”(IANS)  



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