MMK MLA asks Stalin to clarify on hijab issue

Prof. MH Jawahirullah

Chennai : Manithaneeya Makkal Katchi (MMK) MLA, A.M. Jawahirullah, has urged Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to clarify the issue of wearing hijab in educational institutions in the state.

He called upon the Chief Minister to pass an appropriate order to clarify that there is no ban on Muslim girl students wearing hijabs in educational institutions of the state.


The Papanasam MLA was speaking at the Assembly on Monday

The MMK leader said that Tamil Nadu School Education Minister, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, had said in a statement that there is no ban on students wearing hijab in the state.

He said that in certain schools and colleges, there is an issue with wearing hijab.

Jawahirullah said that on the basis of Articles 19 and 26 of Constitution, there is no ban on Muslim girl students wearing hijab.

He also said that according to a speech by the state Finance Minister, P.T.R. Palanivel Thiagarajan, forces of cultural fascism are trying to destroy the cultural diversity of the country.– IANS


  1. ईश्वर, اللّٰہ Bhagwan, God is alway want Hijab that is why God send Covid pandemic and this a warning to all that don’t interfere in any body culture, in pandemic world make Mask campulsory, at first France ban hijab, there after Covid 19(Corona) pandemic came all over world.


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