Mob beats worshippers, vandalises mosque, threatens Muslims to leave Gurugram village


By Muslim Mirror

In Gurugram’s Bhora Kalan village, a mob of about 200 people vandalised a mosque, assaulted those who were praying inside, and threatened to drive them out of the Muslim community.


Despite the fact that the police have a FIR in place for the incident that occurred in the village of Bhora Kalan on Wednesday night, no arrests have been made as of Thursday night.

In Bhora Kalan village, only four homes belong to Muslim households, according to a complaint made by Subedar Najar Mohammad.

According to him, the disturbance started on Wednesday morning when a mob of 200 people, allegedly led by Rajesh Chauhan alias Babu, Anil Bhadoria, and Sanjay Vyas, encircled the mosque and went inside to pray before threatening to drive the namazis out of the community.

“In the night again, when we were praying inside the prayer hall in the mosque, the mob came and assaulted the namazis and even locked the prayer hall. They also threatened to kill us,” the Subedar said in his complaint, according to police.

The accused had already fled when the police arrived.

Police reported that a mobile phone found by police at the scene may have belonged to a member of the mob that was attacking.

In response to Mohammad’s complaint, a police report (FIR) was filed at the Bilaspur Police Station accusing Rajesh Chauhan, Anil Bhadoria, Sanjay Vyas, and a number of other people of rioting, attempting to provoke religious conflict, and unlawful assembly.

“As per the complaint, an FIR has been registered and we are verifying the facts. Action will be taken as per the law,” said senior police officer Gajender Singh, the investigating officer.



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