Modi govt squeezing every Indian citizen through fuel price hike: Chidambaram

Palaniappan Chidambaram

PANAJI:  Petrol and diesel prices in the country have perhaps crossed the century mark because the Narendra Modi government thinks not too many centuries are being scored in cricket these days, former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram quipped on Monday.

Addressing a press conference here, he said that it was surprising that the Central government raised fuel prices even during the festive occasion of Diwali.


“Today — unexpectedly, because I thought on the eve of Diwali, they wouldn’t do this — the government has once again announced an increase in prices. As of yesterday (Sunday) night, the prices of petrol and diesel have touched unprecedented levels. It (petrol) is Rs 115 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 120 in some places in Rajasthan like (Sri) Ganganagar. In Goa, it is Rs 106 a litre,” Chidambaram said.

“And diesel is not far behind… it has also crossed hundred. Maybe the Modi govt thought that not many centuries are being scored in the cricket test matches. His government may score a century both in petrol and diesel. What they’ve done is shameful. Condemnable,” Chidambaram added.

“The Modi government has decided that we are sucking blood anyway, so why should we draw blood in drops. Let us draw large quantities of blood. What they’ve done and what they are doing is squeezing every Indian citizen, rich and poor, and the poor of course suffer the most by these exhorbitant, unconscionable and condemnable increase in prices,” he said, adding that there was “no economic justification” for the price rise.

The former Union minister also said that the root cause of the price rise in India was high taxation.

“The effective rate of tax on petrol of the Central government alone is 33 per cent. On diesel, it is 32 per cent. To levy a 33 per cent tax and a 32 per cent tax on a single commodity is completely unacceptable.

“It is more than the corporate tax rate. Corporates that make billions of rupees are taxed at a lower rate,” he further said, adding that the state Congress unit would be holding a major demonstration against price rise on November 4. -IANS


  1. I am the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi!

    It has been 7 years since you gave this responsibility! I would like to take this opportunity to share a few things! When I was sworn in as prime minister, the throne was thorny!

    All government institutions were scattered by the misgovernance, corruption and fraud of 10 years of the previous government! Huge foreign debt remained, and Indian companies were making losses!

    Iran’s debt was ₹48,000 crore;

    United Arab Emirates’ debt account for ₹40,000 crore;

    Indian fuel companies had a loss of ₹ 1,33,000 crore;

    Indian Airlines’ loss was ₹58,000 crore;

    The loss of Indian Railways was ₹22,000 crore;

    BSNL’s loss was ₹1,500 crore;

    The soldiers didn’t have basic weapons, they didn’t have bullet proof jackets! There were no state-of-the-art fighter planes! If there was a war, the army would not have survived even for 4 days.

    That’s when I decided!

    At that time my main responsibility was to set up all systems properly!

    Fortunately, for Indians, fuel prices in the international market have come down! But you haven’t benefited from all the reduced prices! You must be feeling that the government has done wrong!

    You love me a lot, but you’re a little angry with me for the cost of fuel! I know, but I couldn’t help you, because I’m working with my future generations!

    The foolishness of the previous government was a curse for us

    They borrowed and bought crude oil! However, they did not increase the price to avoid the aggression of civilians!

    Then he had taken a foreign loan of ₹2,50,000 crore! For this we had to pay ₹25,000 crore as interest every year!

    Huge amount of loan was given to our country! And we were told to pay off our debts, so that India can get fuel without any hiccups!

    What is the reason for levying tax on fuel? We can proudly say that today we have repaid a loan of ₹2,50,000 crore with interest!

    Railway was doing damage! We have completed all the projects started by the previous governments, which are running smoothly! We completed all the electrification of railway lines at a faster pace than before in the past!

    As well as ..

    18,500 villages electrified!

    5 crore free gas connections have been given to the poor!
    Hundreds of kilometers of new roads were built!

    Loans worth ₹ 1,50,000 crore were given to the youth!

    A medical insurance scheme of ₹ 1,50,000 crore launched for 50 crore citizens named “Ayushman Bharat”!

    Our soldiers are provided with all latest and updated version weapons and bullet proof jackets, Rafale fighter aircraft, and many other types of lethal weapons and other facilities!

    Where did the money come from for all these works? That money is given by you! When you all buy petrol and diesel, you give that money to the country

    If we remove tax on petrol and diesel, was it possible to pay off our debts? We can pay off debt, as well as bring on many new projects, so indirectly we need to raise taxes on everything! The responsibility of 130 crore citizens cannot be of the vehicle owners alone!

    One last thing.. As the head of your family, what do you do when there is a huge debt burden on your family?

    Do you spend carelessly?

    Or do you pay off the loan?

    If the loan and interest are not repaid carelessly, what will be the future of the family?

    Don’t fall into the wrong game of opponents…

    You, as a patriotic citizen of this country, please participate in the development of the country.

    This protest has always been electoral, some politicians are trying to mislead citizens with false propaganda!

    I request all of you, please share this truth with all of you Indians

    Narendra Modi
    Long live Mother India
    Jai Hind!

    With 1,500 squatters kicked out from Lutyens Bungalows, it might explain why its always Modi vs All!

    The cleaning up has in fact happened in Lutyens’ Delhi, since the BJP came to power, 7 years back!

    In the first year itself, more than 460 squatters were sent packing out of their cosy Lutyens’ Bungalows!

    Many of them had been staying there for generations, and had started considering it their private property. Some approached the Courts with appeals to let them keep their fiefdoms. But to no avail! The Courts, too, refused!

    Ajit Singh, the son of former Prime Minister Charan Singh was squatting on a Bungalow. He was locked out, and his belongings thrown out on the lawns!

    Painter Jatin Das, the father of actor Nandita Das, was enjoying another Bungalow in Lutyens. Had to be evicted!

    “The Print”, a Congress IT Cell publication, asked why Narendra Modi does not have an army of intellectuals defending him, unlike the Nehrus and the Gandhis?

    The word “intellectuals” is a joke! Most are the lowest moral scums of society, willing to sell anything for a gift in cash or kind!

    By late 2016, the number of evictions had swelled to 1,500!

    There are only a handful of articles in the media documenting this cleanup mission in Lutyens’ Delhi!

    A lot of free loading journalists, in love with the Congress gifts, got kicked out, too!

    There is this absolute gem of a quote in “The Telegraph” from an unnamed Congress MP:

    “The Congress had a long tradition of not implementing the rules so strongly! ”

    Amazing suggestion:

    Looks like Lutyens Delhi was a rent-free district of people who were supporting the political party, in exchange for rent free palatial Bungalows!

    In the Congress Raj, before a case went to the Supreme Court, everything was managed – which Judge would go to the bench, and what decision will the Judge give!

    This is the biggest secret of the success of 70 years of Congress, that it has managed all the media and the Judiciary, and ruled the country!

    Have you ever heard Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Sitaram Yechury, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Mamata, Mehbooba, and other Opposition leaders calling each other thieves?”

    No !!!

    While some of them have been convicted, some are in jail, some are on bail and some are facing trial in Courts, but they do not call each other a thief!

    But, Modi, who has no official charge, no FIR, no trial is going on, no court has even ordered any investigation, all these leaders are calling him a thief!

    No Blessed Understanding, nor a sense of responsibility towards the country! It is a shame on such traitors!

  2. Understanding why we pay higher taxes now in India for petrol and diesel:

    Oil prices cannot be reduced in India due to oil bonds issued by UPA government of manmohan Singh. Nirmala Sitaraman the commerce minister has clarified the tax on petrol and diesel are maintained as the burden of payment in lieu of the oil bonds issued by the previous UPA government to subsidize the fuel prices during the UPA government this is how UPA passed the burden to the future generations to pay this inflation. Before fuel prices were determined deregulated petrol and diesel as well as cooing gas and kerosene were sold at subsidized rates passing the burden on to future generations and hence these costs have to be paid now with higher tax levy on petrol. And then same UPA spreads propaganda why NDA is not reducing the prices of petrol. So NDA govt has to pay interest for the money borrowed by UPA to subsidize the fuel cost during UPA time. If NDA does not pay the interest on interest will jeprodize the future. So these taxes are higher now to pay interest to the oil marketing companies. The oil bonds were issued by UPA government at total of 1.34 crores to the state fuel in a bid to contain the fiscal deficit of the UPA government. Due to the required need to pay the principal and interest the centre is required to keep higher excise duty. The NDA govt pays 9000 crores in interest annually to pay the obligations of the oil bonds on the government of India. This is how UPA government made sure the future government will suffer. At the same time UPA government created banking NPA worth more than one lakh crores which required public bank mergers.

    Aviation turbine fuel was deregulated in India inn2002, petrol in 2010 and diesel deregulated in 2014. Prior to this government would intervene in fixing the price at which retailers could sell diesel or petrol in India. The interest paid in the last 7 years totalling to Rs. 70,195 crores. The govt of India has to pay 10000 crores in current fiscal year, another 31150 crores in 2023-2024, and another Rs. 52,860 crores in 2024-2025 and again 36913 crores in 2025-2026 as per the promise of UPA govt contract. So when UPA government knew it won’t come to power again they ensured all the burden falls on the future government between 2014-2026 should suffer the burden of the payments.
    Due to the NPA created in banking by the UPA, the NDA government had to create recapitalisation bonds worth 3.1 crores to inject capital into the state owned banks which were stressed out due to the NPA created by the UPA. Now they pay ment for this will happen between 2028-2035. So the bad governance by Congress will make us suffer until 2035.


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