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Muslims make up around 30% of inmates in Indian prisons, double...

By Muslim Mirror Staff Muslims made up almost 30% of all detainees in Indian prisons in 2021, despite the community having a demographic percentage of...

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Oxfam discrimination report: Why Muslims and women earn less in India?

By Muslim Mirror Staff According to the Oxfam discrimination report report "historically oppressed groups such as Dalits (formerly untouchables), tribals and religious minorities such as...

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Jubilation before judgment: Hindu parties distributed sweets much before court verdict...

Cross intro: Fearing retribution from Hindutva groups, no lawyer from the majority community is ready to take to fight the case from Muslim side... By...

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‘Efforts towards gender equality yielding results in UAE’s development’

By Muslim Mirror Staff United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been paying “special attention to harness the potential of women” which has yielded results in the...

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