Modi’s ‘Hindimania’ and ‘Hindi Hindu Hindustan’ the agenda of RSS


narender_modi_rss_20121231-280x300By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: The BJP government at the Centre has created unnecessary controversy by invoking the issue of Hindi.  The Anjuman-e- Tarqi Urdu Hind secretary Dr Ather Farooqui has busted the myth of ‘National Language.   In a recent  article  he has written that   the recent circular of the government saying  that the ‘national’ language should be encouraged in government communication albeit not mandatory for non-Hindi states’  is clever tactics of RSS’s pet theory of “One Nation, One language and One religion’ .

It seems that the mindset of the saffron party is still held back in early 50s and 60s when the disputed slogan of Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan was invoked for the evasive ‘cultural unity’ of the nation. The saffron groups, including the RSS, created a propaganda that ‘Hindi is a national language’, and later started believing in their own whims and fancies. By using the banners and posters in government offices and public places, the ‘biggest lie’ was planted into the minds of millions of Indians. Very few Indians know that there is no national language as per the constitution of India. The Constitution makes ‘Hindi and English official languages of the Union’, and didn’t say  a word on national language. The RSS very cleverly brought all languages in north India under the umbrella of Hindi. By rigged survey – which is normally done by teachers of elementary and senior secondary schools – the RSS made an impression that the entire  north India speaks Hindi. But, the reality is completely different. All these ‘dirty and cunning games’ were played only to debar Urdu which is pervasive in north and other parts of India. Now, the RSS is trying to ‘Hindinize’ Urdu. For example, Bollywood films are made in Urdu but they are branded as Hindi language films so are the TV soaps and other programmes. Linguists even say Hindi word did not exist in Indian languages   lexicon, the word is derived by Muslims after their advent in India from Arabic as Arabs call in this part of the world as Al-hind.  When poet Amir Khusro made a synthesis of local dialects with Persian and Turkish languages in the 13th century, he named it as Hindivi and that is the first name of Urdu.


  1. This is pure nonsense. Hindi is just one of the national languages but it is one of the official language along with Hindi. No Govt can change the constitution and all the languages listed in the Indian notes are all the national languages of India.


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