Mohammed Bin Zayed ordered crackdown on MB, wants to eliminate Wahabism

Mohammed bin Zayed

By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi : According to a new telegram published by WikiLeaks , an international non-profit website specialising in publishing confidential documents,  the crown prince   of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Zayed fears Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and wants to eliminate it.


The telegram, also published by The New York Times, published  a lengthy report that Bin Zayed had informed the US ambassador, James Jeffrey, that he fears Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and wants to eliminate it.

The telegram also revealed that Bin Zayed soon focused on the current crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman: “Who was impatient for introducing reforms in order to reduce Saudi Arabia’s attachment to radical Islam, and marketed his vision to the administration of US President Donald Trump.”

It also said  that Bin Zayed: “Put much of his enormous resources into the counter-revolution, and he cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood and built a hyper-modern security-based state, where everyone is monitored in search of the slightest whiff of Islamic inclinations.”

The newspaper pointed out that the departure of the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, was the first great success of the Bin Zayed campaign, adding: “It appears that he was very confident in what could be done without American restrictions, and soon turned his attention to Libya, where he began providing military support to the former general, Khalifa Haftar, a tyrant who shares Bin Zayed’s feelings towards Islamists.”



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