Morocco King pardons 450 prisoners

Moroccan King Mohammed VI

Rabat : Moroccan King Mohammed VI granted pardon to 450 prisoners, including 22 convicted in extremism and terrorism cases, the Justice Ministry announced.

The move came after pardon requests by the prisoners. The royal approval was obtained after the prisoners officially announced their rejection of all forms of extremism and terrorism, as well as their firm adherence to the nation and to national institutions, MAP news agency said.


Of the 22 inmates who were convicted in terrorism cases, 17 had their remaining prison terms pardoned, sentences of three were commuted from life imprisonment to fixed prison terms, while two had their prison terms reduced.

The pardon came on the occasion of the anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, which is held on August 20 to mark the movement launched by the Moroccan people on this day in 1953 after French colonial authorities exiled the late king, Mohammed V, and the royal family.

The 22 persons granted pardon in extremism and terrorism cases had participated in the second edition of the ‘Reconciliation’ or Moussalaha programme organised by the jail administration.

The programme, which involves the participation of human rights experts and radicalism experts, provides psychological support and rehabilitation to inmates involved in cases of extremism and terrorism to help them reintegrate with society.

Of those pardoned by the King, 325 prisoners had their prison terms reduced, four had their sentences commuted from life imprisonment to fixed prison terms, while 29 prisoners had their remaining terms pardoned.



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