MP : Mosque vandalized by Hindutva mob , 24 detained


By Muslim Mirror

Indore :Several persons were injured  a Mosque vandalized when a Hindutva mob  pelted stones on Muslim locality  on Tuesday near Indore to raise awareness about the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, officials and the media said.


The incident took place in Chandankhedi village when the rally was taken out to raise awareness and collect donations for the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Media reports suggested that the clashes started after the Hindutva rally stopped in front of a mosque and started chanting provocative slogans. The provocative activities of the Hindutva rally triggered heated exchanges between the villagers and the rallying people leading to stone-pelting from the villagers’ side.

According to the Indian Express, those people who participated in the rally chanted Hanuman Chalisa in front of the mosque while the prayers were being offered inside the mosque. The situation turned violent after some of the Hindtuva vandals, chanting Jai Shri Ram, climbed atop the mosque and damaged the minaret. The videos also showed Hindtuva activists trying to burn down houses and damaging several vehicles.

More than a dozen persons suffered injuries in the stone pelting incident. The cops are investigating the matter and have taken five persons involved in the incident into custody.

“Twenty-four people, mostly from the village, have been rounded up based on video evidence,” Indore Inspector General of Police Yogesh Deshmukh said. “There will be more arrests on both sides and people who climbed atop the mosque will be identified and booked under relevant sections.”


    • You want to talk about that? The Pak govt had arrested the maulvi and 30 others related to the attack, and the Chief Justice of that district held an emergency hearing and has ordered the reconstruction of the temple. Within 24 hours.

      What about our country? How long will it take to hear the case? How long before these people will be released and garlanded by BJP for their bravery?

  1. This is the result of raising a Frankenstein monster by fascist Hindutva elements who have poisened the minds of many Hindus against the Muslims. The sorry part of all this, they are using a Hindu God and the law enforcement agencies for their nefarious designs of uprooting Muslims from India. The world leaders should immediately intervene as the situation is only worsening day by day and a genocide of Indian Muslims cannot be ruled out under political patronage as was seen in the 2020 Delhi riots.


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