MPLAD Funds Utilization Issue is a Political Gimmick Against Me – Maul. Badruddin Ajmal

Badruddin Ajmal
Badruddin Ajmal

By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi, 3 April: The President of All India United Democratic Front and Dhubri MP, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal has rejected the media report in which he was labeled as worst performer among 14 Lok Sabha MPs of Assam in terms of Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) fund utilization.  Expressing his deep concern, he said that such baseless report is being used by opponents to wash away the efforts he made for development of Dhubri constituency as MP during last five years. In a press statement from his New Delhi office he said, “When I have utilization certificates of every year issued by Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Dhubri which describe that an amount of around Rs 16.5 crore under MPLAD fund has been spent for developmental works in my constituency then how anyone can claim that I could not spend even 50% of MPLAD fund?”


Maulana Ajmal ,who won from Dhubri Lok Sabha seat in 2009 with a record margin has filed his nomination yesterday from the same seat, said: “I entered the politics with the goal to serve people and I have made efforts during last five years for the development of the state and my constituency which is known to all that is why people are extending their love and supports towards us.  But our opponents are trying to spread baseless propaganda against us because they fear of soaring popularity of AIUDF.”

“I was shocked to know that there is a report which is being flashed in the media that I could spend only Rs 5.6 crore thus I failed to utilize even 50% of MPLAD fund for my constituency Dhubri while the fact is that I have already spent almost 16.5 crore out of Rs 19 crore for which I am entitled as an MP for development of my constituency while remaining amount yet to be released by the government” he said.

“I wish, I could spend the total amount of Rs 19 crore of MPLAD fund but unfortunately I could not get released the last installment (Rs. 2.5 crore) of 2013-14 financial year despite submitting details of works to be done under this installment too to the DC in my capacity to recommend the work” Maulana Ajmal said adding “An MP can only recommend for works under MPLAD funds then it is duty of district authority to forward it to the Centre which releases the amount accordingly. In my case, I have done my duty by recommending the works and according to DC he forwarded it to the Centre that did not release the fund but as per the officials it is under process and will be released once election is over” Maulana Ajmal said.

He further said he does not know what was the base of the report but at least they should have contact him or his party leaders to know the truth for the sake of journalistic principle alone. “If they contacted me, I would have told them the truth with the details of the works done under MPLAD funds in my constituency. If they asked, I would have handed over the utilization certificates which are issued at the end of every financial year by Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Dhubri. But unfortunately they did not do so that led to create confusion among the people which is painful for me” he expressed.

He also said that as per the rule, the MPLAD fund is released in two instalments during a financial year and an instalment cannot be released until the details of expenditure of last instalment with Audit Certificate and Utilization Certificate from DC are not submitted to the Ministry. “According to utilization certificates as well as official website of Ministry of Statistics & Programs Implementation (, I got released all the instalments of MPLAD funds except last one and also utilized them which proves that I have been serious in using MPLAD funds for the development of Dhubri. Therefore, the assumption about me for not utilizing MPLAD fund is far from the ground reality” he added.

He offered that everyone is free to ask him the details of works, utilization certificates etc. for MPLAD funds. “I will hand over to him or her all the documents required and also everyone can approached the authority of Dhubri district to check my works and efforts” he said.

Clarifying as to why he could not get the released of the last installment of his MPLAD fund, he explained: “To understand this question one must read the Guidelines for MPLAD (–guidelines-eng-2012.pdf) set by the Ministry. MPs have to follow the Guidelines which describe the details of works for which the MPLAD fund can be used, the limitation of fund for a work, the nature of fund utilization, the involvement of state government and involvement of district authority etc. Sometimes, an MP recommends for a work under MPLAD funds but it could not proceed ahead due to technical problems such as no nod from state government or authority or any other reason.”

He made it clear that he entered the Parliament with a goal to raise the issues and problems related to the country, to his state, to his community and to his constituency Dhubri which is one of the most backward districts of Assam, “and I did my work better than anybody else” he claimed.

“I asked 320 questions during the sessions of Parliament which is the highest number of questions asked by not only any other MP of Assam but also any MP of entire North East states. Besides, I participated in 30 debates in Parliament which is higher than average of Assam that is 22.1. These things can be verified by Lok Sabha website and also here So, how can I be blamed for not being serious about the development of my constituency” he asked.


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