Mughals were original nation-builders: Kabir Khan criticises their demonisation in Bollywood

Kabir Khan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: “I think they [Mughals] were the original nation-builders, and to write them off and say they massacred people… But what are you basing it on? Please point out the historical evidence,” well-known Bollywood filmmaker Kabir Khan said.

Khan believes the demonisation of Mughal rulers in Hindi cinema is wrong as such narratives are not supported by historical facts. He says they are being force-fit into preconceived notions.

“What really makes me upset is that it’s being done just to go with the popular narrative. I can understand when a filmmaker has researched something and a filmmaker wants to make a point… Of course, there can be different viewpoints,” he added.

Stating that he finds bad politics of a film upsetting, Kabir went on to add, “I can forgive bad writing, shoddy camera work, you know, sloppy editing, but I can never forgive bad politics because mainstream media films are a very powerful platform and they can really influence a lot of people.”


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    • Islam was founded in middle east which was a poor land. Muslims used to stay in Kabilas & they were socially backward. India was originally a rich country & India had established good spiritual foundation in the form of Sanatan dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc.
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