Mumbai court orders probe against Kangana Ranaut for spreading communal hatred


In a significant development, a Mumbai court has ordered the city police to investigate a complaint against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel for spreading communal hatred and falsehoods, officials said here on Saturday.

The order by Bandra 12th Court Magistrate Jaidev Ghule came in a plea by Munawwarali alias Sahil A Sayyed, a Bollywood casting director, said his lawyer Ravish F Zamindar.

“The court directed the Bandra police station officials to probe the matter under Section 156 (3) of the CrPC and take necessary action,” advocate Zamindar told IANS.

Among other things, Sayyed accused Kangana and Rangoli of defaming Bollywood, portraying people working in it in a bad light with claims of nepotism, drug addiction, communal bias, attempting to create a rift between artistes of different communities, insulting religions, calling them murderers etc on social media and through public statements.

Sayyed also accused them of creating a Hindu-Muslim divide through objectionable comments, citing Rangoli’s “make the mullas and secular media stand in line and shoot them down; the history may call us Nazis, who cares’ remarks.

When he tried to complain to the Bandra police on September 16, Sayyed claimed, police refused to entertain his complaint after which he sent another one to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone XI) a fortnight later, pointing out alleged lapses of the Bandra police.

Moving the Bandra court on Thursday, Sayyed prayed for appropriate directions under Section 156 (3) of the CrPC to the Bandra police to register a first information report against the two sisters under the IPC.



  1. Jai Maharashtra…
    Jai Hind…
    Jai Udhdhavji Dada…

    Shiv Shaahi always demonstrates effort to JUSTICE and disciplining to be of paramount importance for ”good governance”, however big chaaplus of the bosses this B-grade heroine may be!

    Just like Ertugrul Bey!

  2. Court activism against Hindus is disgusting. There are lakhs of cases pending and they have no time to resolve those cases and they find time for such frivolous cases. Just shows how rotten the system is.

  3. Kangana Renaut’s acting career is over so now she’s trying to get into the BJP by engaging in anti-Muslim hate mongering. Just like her uglier sister Rangoli Chandel who was suspended from twitter for posting similar hate And fake news content against Muslims. They look like an angry pair of devdasi temple prostitutes lol
    These Radical Hindus are just petty hate filled creatures, but this is expected from such backward primitive minded pagans.


    Brave David of Maharashtra standing upto powerful tyrant Goliath ! Hats off indeed !

    Now you know why inclusive constitutional SHIVSHAAHI under Udhdhavji is starting to be inspiring like Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi for its JUSTICE and COURAGE to fight for the weak and for TRUTH.

    May Almighty Allah keep this effort towards better inclusive tricolour governance on track for a long time and protect from all dirty politics like corruptible hypocrite Kejri and opportunistic junior Baramati.


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