Mumbai: Hindu group calls for economic boycott of Muslims

Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha in Mumbai | Photo: Twitter

On Sunday, as part of the ‘Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha’ march organised by right-wing organisations across Maharashtra, speakers who addressed the demonstrators called for an economic boycott of the Muslim minority.

At Golden Nest Chowk on Mira Road, the protestors marched for nearly two kilometres. During the march, speakers criticised purported “love jihad” and “land jihad,” and some of them called for an economic boycott of the Muslim community.

“Islamic violence primarily consists of three elements. The issue of conversion comes last, followed by land jihad, and then there is the issue of love jihad. There is a Ram-led remedy for these three Suleimani keedas (pests), and that solution is their economic boycott, which will not be halted by political leaders, the Supreme Court, or even the media,” said Kajal Hindustani, one of the speakers who addressed the demonstrators.

Hindustani stated at the meeting, which was captured on camera by the police, “Naya Nagar on Mira Road is currently occupied by 97-98 percent jihadis. Where would Hindus turn for safety?”

Geeta Jain, an Independent MLA from Mira Bhayandar, started the rally. BJP leaders, including MLA Nitesh Rane, local BJP leaders, and supporters of groups like the VHP and Bajrang Dal participated.

The Supreme Court’s order that Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha will only be permitted if there is “no hate speech” serves as the backdrop for the protests.


  1. So what have you noticed ?
    Rally was free from hate speech?
    If it wasn’t. Is it not against court order?
    If against court order. Such type of Rally should be allowed in future?

  2. Completely illogical, No jihadis and nothing …many of the Hindus come to beg in Naya nagar during ramdan (and after that wearing burkha) if Naya nagar are full of jihadis they would not even drop a Penny but they consider them Equal respect them with the humanity. There are 97 to 100% humans who live in Naya nagar who don’t spread hates who don’t give a damn shit about all those things which golden nest and Shanti nagar people are doing . Allahu akbar …. Laillaha ilallah muhammadur rasool allah


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