Muslim Board’s Women Wing’s 7th Workshop concludes; pledges to help destitute women

7th workshop of Muslim women in Hyderabad

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

Hyderabad: With the aim of training and educating Muslim women in Islamic law and facing the media and society, the women’s wing All India Muslim Personal Law Board organized its seventh two- day workshop on here on June 30 and July 1. More than 50 woman delegates from 28 different places attended the workshop.


Referring to the recent poll by the Thomson Reuter Foundation showing thousand of women have been falling prey to sexual violence, regressive practices, and trafficking, delegates at the workshop said it must be a matter of grave concern who is the champions of the feminism. The poll also showed that India is the worst place for women as it tops the chart on sexual crimes against women. Woman delegates said it is an irony that instead of focusing on Protection of Girl Child and young women from Rape, Murder, and the entire focus was on the trivial issue of “Triple Talaq” which concerns only a fraction of the population.

In her address, Dr. Asma Zehra, Chief Organizer Women’s Wing AIMPLB, stated that women play a vital role in family and society. They have special abilities and inherent talents to face Social, Economic & Health Issues. Women cannot be insensitive to problems faced by the society. Their concern & sacrifice with hard work and dedication will bring long-lasting results, she added.

Dr Zehra said in the name of Freedom, Liberty, Empowerment many women have been lured into immoral practices, they have faced exploitation they are suffering; Islam is the only religion which gives honor dignity respect & status to women in family and society.

She appealed to all sisters to work for Social Reform; evils of dowry, wasteful expenditure, domestic violence, preference for a Male child, black magic, exploitation of Women because of their poverty are rampant in Society.

Mrs. Fathima Muzaffer, member AIMPLB (Chennai) stressed on adopting positive attitude and working hard to improve upon themselves. Women need to understand their importance and talents they possess and focus on utilizing those for the service to the community, she said.

Muslims are becoming politically weak every day due to lack of awareness, leadership, there is no proper guidance for the community, she said and underlined the importance of interaction with fellow citizens of the county for dispelling misunderstanding and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

Another woman member Mrs. Zainab said that the media is throwing new challenges every day. Newspapers are filled with Talaq-related stories, love jihad, mob-lynching, beard, skullcap etc are the other favorite pastime of the media to malign the community, she pointed out.

The entire community is portrayed in a very bad-light which is creating an atmosphere of hate across the country, she said and stressed the need of countering this campaign through true teachings of Islam.

Mamduha Majid, Executive member of the Muslim Board shed light on family and social responsibilities. She said both the responsibilities are equally important to maintain a healthy society.

The workshop had four sessions on topics such as Importance of Personal Laws for the Society, Muslim Personal Law Board Aims Objectives, Methodology, Scope of Work in women, Problems in implementation of Personal law, Social Evils & Social Challenges, Media Issues, Need to clarify misunderstanding, Legal challenges facing Muslim Personal Law, Importance of Unity in Community, Need of Promoting activities in Youth, Social Reform & Social Services Counseling Centers.

A view Muslim board workshop

Each Session was followed by Question & Answer. A detailed discussion was done on India being ranked the most dangerous County for Women beating while Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Saudi Arabia ranked afterward.

During the workshops, detailed reports of protest rallies organized against the controversial Muslim Women Bill 2017 were presented by the coordinators from different cities and districts.

At the conclusion of the 7th workshop, participants passed three resolutions:

1) To strengthen the activities of Social Reform & Protection of Shariah in different cities and districts and organize separate Sessions for Young Women’s and Girls.

2) To organize and conduct more workshop and seminars to counter misunderstanding and impart proper knowledge and teaching.

3) To help destitute women through All India Muslim Helpline Toll-Free Call Centre 18001028426 & establishing counseling and meditation centers.


  1. Humble request to the board and women’s wing.
    Please publish in all news papers and Darul Qaza s the list of Unassailable rights of a married muslim woman. There has been a lot of drum beatings regarding rights of husbands and parents. Please give special attention to Darul Qaza s to see if real justice is being done to aggrieved women and even men if any as per shariah law. Our laws are the best and its implementation is very poor. This results in women going to the courts.


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