Muslim clerics should boycott ‘godi’ media channels : DMC chief Zafarul-Islam Khan   


By Hasan Akram

Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan on 15 April said that Muslim clerics should “boycott godi media” [outlets that apparently favour Hindu nationalist BJP party-led government] and reject any call from them to appear on their shows.

He issued an appeal on Twitter over the same. In his appeal, Khan said, “Fabrication and humiliation of invited guests by godi channels, like Republic, Times Now and Aajtak etc., have crossed all limits.” He added that “innocent Maulanas [clerics] and enthusiastic laymen” provide them an opportunity to humiliate them and the whole community.

If anyone approaches you to appear on their shows, ask them to invite Prof. Tahir Mahmood, Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Abdul Khaliq [LJP], Anil Chamadia, John Dayal and Shamsul Islam, he added.

Khan maintained that he is boycotting Republic and Times Now since long. “I have told Times Now that I will not appear on its shows during this life-time and have told Republic that I will not appear on their shows even in my next life,” he said.


  1. How easily Muslims use word “Boycott”. Let Indians or Hindu too “Boycott” Muslims. Now it becomes Human Rights, against Constitution and what not issue for same Muslims and Mullahs.

  2. So called ‘Godi Modi’ is all 100% Hindu Owned Businesses Houses employees 100’s of Employees. If as suggested by a Muslim and Muslim follow and Boycott Hindu Businesses then HINDUS SHOULD ALSO BOYCOTT ALL MUSLIMS BUSINESS..ALL TYPE ..SMALL TO BIG.

    • You should first boycott cipla and wockhartdz these two are greatly involved in providing products for fighting covid19 and to the extent you should also boycott oils which are imported from arab nations.

  3. To be honest. This people are not capable to
    appear on any show or any channel. They don’t have any Indian history knowledge neither they use any logics in debate. They just appear on any channel for just 5000 rupees and put whole community in bad light, here are some suggestion : 1) Educated yourself first. Come out of the box. Then think of boycotting.

  4. If you call India media as Godi media then why don’t Indian muslims start their own TV channel? You start the news channel & put views of Indian muslims there. Who has stopped you? 20 cr people can’t start a single TV channel? Ha.. ha..ha


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