Muslim extremism, Missionaries : RSS lists out 5 biggest enemies of Hindutva

World Hindu Congress 2014-Sarsanghchalak ji
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By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi, 24 Nov 2014 According to the latest discovery  of RSS & Co or better we can say the latest edition of  the ‘Dictionary of Hindutva’    Macaulayism, Missionaries, Materialism, Marxism  and Muslim extremism are the five biggest threats to Hindutva in India .In their code word these five threats are called  Malicious-5 or M5 Marxism,


 These new terminologies  were revealed in a  two-side printed single-page known as Thought Paper which was distributed in the World Hindu Congress 2014 that concluded in the national capital on Sunday.

The pamphlet said to be published by ‘Progressive Foundation’ describes M5 as “the five-fingered fist of the demon Mayasur” which “is otherwise very weak” but is “continuously weakening the Hindu society for centuries now”.

“The only purpose of the M5 is to cut the last leg of the Dharma Bull. The destruction of Dharma in the world is only possible by weakening the very source of Dharma, which is Hindu India,” claims the paper distributed on the first day of the conclave.

The “five sinister anti-Hindu forces” or M5 “disguise themselves in various forms, places and various periods of time”.

“Muslim extremism is the poisonous fruit of Islam. Islam aims for Muslims to be brainwashed, blackmailed, frightened and forced into the fold of jihadism. On the other hand, it toils hard to neutralise, paralyse and blacken Hindu society so that the road for the forward march of Islam is clear.

“All available platforms are being used to defeat the emergence of Hindu nationalism. This is done by harping on India’s multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-language, multi-national and multi-cultural character. The fight with Islam will be one of the longest in the history”, it says.

“Christianity is losing favour in the West, therefore, it is making a bold bid to establish a safer haven in the East. The wily Christian missionaries are trying hard to win converts in Islamic and Communist countries of Asia. Materialism is the most degenerated of all Ms.

“The fourth M encompasses western individualism and liberalism. This M feeds upon various platforms such as English medium schools, fashion trends, television and movies. Materialism wickedly pits an individual against its own society’s value system”, it added.

“Sometimes, an evil finger attacks Hindu society with guerrilla warfare in the form of Maoists. At the same time, other finger attacks Hindus openly in the form of jihadists. With two fingers in action, another finger attacks on the cultural front in the form of ‘Kiss of Love’,” argues the pamphlet.

It goes on to add that “striking with individual fingers is a common known chicanery of this fist. So, to strengthen its deceit, these cunning fingers come together to form sinful alliances with each other at various levels”.

Citing an example, it says, “…at political level, two of the fingers disguise themselves as Congress party and at the same time, three of the fingers disguise themselves as AAP (Aam Aadmi Party). No matter in which forms the Hindu enemy appears, it is always this M5 in disguise.”

To fight this “diabolic alliance”, the ‘Thought Paper’, which is full of venom and has abusive terms, explains Hindus how to identify each “malicious finger” of the demon Mayasur or M5. There’s no need to get into the details here. The tone and tenor of the ‘paper’ explains it well.

“Marxism, according to the paper, is the thumb of the demon’s claw. This thumb has given birth to multiple bastard offspring like communists, socialists, liberals, Maoists, anarchists and all other forms of Leftists. Macaulayism entails perverted psychology to scrutinise, interpret and evaluate Hindu culture, history, society and spirituality with the help of concepts evolved by western scholarship. This creates a worshipful attitude towards everything in western society in the name of progress, reason and science”, it said.


  1. Extremism is everywhere. Single out just muslim is incorrect. Chasing extremism is good thing to root those anti element is good thing, u can’t rule out other extremism or keep quite of all other extremism, not healthy.

  2. RSS called themselves as social organisation but they only involved in politics, extermism and terror activities. Since established they never come up and produce a single activity which proved that they represent social organisation. Are they running a single hospital which will benefit poor, are they running a primary school or a kirana shop which will benefit a single hindu ? They are famous in inciting violence against other community religion by showing that the Hinduism are having threat from other religion, where as they lost the path of sanatan dharm, and have created own RSS version of Hindusim. If they are they real custodian of Hindu religion than they should list out their activities which benefits Hinduism and Hindu ?

        • Mera baap nh beta mein hi nikalunga tension mat le .. 5 saal power mein hain abhi …. jiss time beef export band ho gaya na tumhari aadhi income tabhi khatam ho jayegi

          • Ask BJP to cancel Beef Exports which is adding Rs 21,000 crore in india’s GDP no one is going to do this,so don’t fight for religion we all are indian JAI Hind

          • Beef export ??

            You need to google if u r not aware. Beef slaughter is illegal. Aur export kya zinda gaye ko karte ho. Woh bhi toh slaughter hai.
            beef export se muslim ka koi nuqsaan nahii.
            Top three beef exporters are non muslims.
            top businssman of cow’s skin are non muslim.
            Aur agar tum sanatan dharam ko maante toh aaj tm bhi aqeede se musalmaan hii hote.
            kyokii sanatan dharam beef ko illegal nahii kehta aur naa hii slaughtering ko.

          • Beta beef exporters india ke top 4 hindus hi hain. Export ban karega toh nuksan hindu jati ka hi hoga.
            Modi ne russia se aggreement kiya hain beef export karne ka woh bhi gujarat se.buffalo meet.

          • O to dur ki baat hai par tum lokoka bhagban ko tum lok export kar rahi ho? Bari sarmnak baat hai.

          • An kit Ji, we in West Bengal eat TAAZA cow meat. In fact, many of my Bengali Hindu brothers also eat . They have never told me anytime to leave India. As far,as I think, you are mentally somewhat retarded. Grow up, yaar.

          • We all Know RSS (Khakhi Chaddi) Policy, Baniya – Brahmin Party, you people urself Devil & Separatist in Hindu Community.

          • @Admin– Kindly delete the comments from terrorists like Ankit Sharma and his like minded fellows, these terrorist are using this plate form for their propaganda of muslim hatred.

          • I am also ready to talk to you regarding Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, Ashok Singhal, Togadiya, Sadhvi Pragya, Maya Kodnani………………………………………………countless.

          • I am also ready to talk with you regarding Aseemanand, Pragya thakur, Devras, Savarkar, Babu Bajrangi, Maya Kodnani, Togadiya, Singhal…………………………………countless of you ideals

          • @james – ya lets talk about ” adiyanath HATE SPEECH and Areeb Majeed TRAINING & KILLING in IRAQ ” … now we have a free roaming terrorist in india

          • go and read mahabharat’s anushasan parv where bheeshma advises yuddhishtra to have beef,moreover read manusmriti ch 5,even then if yours thirst is not quenched then I challange you name a single state(including gujrat)where everykind of non veg is banned

          • go and read mahabharat’s anushasan parva first where bheeshma advises yuddhishtra to offer beef to ancestors,nonetheless read manusmriti ch 5 and even if your thirst is not quenched than name a single state in india (including gujrat)where nonveg is completely banned

          • @Ankit- What type of shameless person you are and what type of your values you posses….I dont have words to describe you.

          • y the hell u r talking abt gujrat riots .. and if u have started this topic , tell me what initiated the riots , who the hell burnt the train .. u ppl rite ? … so bare what hapened aftr that

        • Mai nikaal ke dikhaounga. Mera baap ki jaroorat nahi. When you can wipe out hindu minority from pakistan and kashmir, we can too. Go check punjab/Haryana /HP. Previously east punjab. 40% of the population was muslim before partition. today less than 1% . What we can do in punjab we can damn well do all india.

          • hindu militant ji, just chk ur knowledge, punjab was one before splitting, of course after split majority of muslims moved to pak punjab. whats your point

      • Let us not star a war on Nationality, Let us talk of faith.
        Muslims are now divided & created a fashion of Whims Not on Holy Quran & Teaching of ALLAH SWT & Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) & tearing off Each others like Jackles. Muslims are killed by Muslims In Bangladesh & Afghanistan , Pakistan & most Muslim Countries & in Africa.Thats why no help is gained from ALLAH SWT. Forget about Holy Prophets, No pious people will be found in the Present World Like Holy Saints Hazrat Moinuddin Chisty , & others & Sai Baba. Muslims did not bother to obey the Teaching of Holy Prophet & doing all wrong things & Killing Each other & earning hatered from all others.
        Many a times Hindus were told that There is no Religion called Hinduvta but Sonaton Dharam as in
        Vedas.Hindus would have loved Muslims if they followed Their Vedas Propagating ONE ALMIGHTY SUPREME CREATOR as we Muslims do.
        No one is guided if ALMIGHTY ALLAH HIMSELF does not guide. Thats why We Muslims Read & pray
        AL HAmd & Sura KULHU ALLAHU AHAD.
        Quarell will do only harm, War will destroy both Attackers & attacked so let us strive to Unite
        & live in Peace as HOLY Prophet Mohammed MSAS taught us.
        Donot worry, If Hindus force Poor Muslims or Christians to convert, they will never be able to do it for All True Muslims will Bow Down to ALLAH SWT & not to Their Goddess which were crying in Utter Khand flood simply because they have no power But foolish will not accept.
        Let us live in peace under Islam & donot enter hate cry or quarell. Leave the areas where all trouble makers live.
        May ALLAH SWT guide all Muslim to truth & piet & unity.

  3. It is correct that the extreme organizations, e.g., RSS, Jan Sangh, and their like have hardly done any social services what you are asking for to gain popularity of the down-trodden Muslims, Dalits, Christians, and non-Brahmin-Hindus. Their whole emphasis has been preaching venom against those who don’t approve of what they preach. It is sad that among their card-carrying members we can count even Harvard-trained graduates. Why? Your guess is as good as mine! Unless they accept that untilo more than 1/3 of India, including whom they hate from their guts, starts contributing to the GDP of India by having gainful employment, India can forget about surpassing China or Japan to lead Asia. Further, if they were capable of wiping the minorities out of the Indian canvas, they would have done so during the past 67 years, because the Delhi administration has always been Hindu-centric, no matter which party/leader was @ the helm. If you disagree, read stats produced by the government. Time has come that let India call a spade a spade, if they don’t want to fade now and in the future. I hope I am wrong. Best of luck!

    • Now stop calling RSS extremist. It is realistic. If your not aware of RSS social service’s go to its website. Now like MIM stop making foolish attempts to divide Hindus by saying nonbrahmin Hindus.

  4. What else one can expect from RSS apart this SHIT & divisive theories & anti- National social & constitutional policies. Its high time to follow & adopt the path of Iron Man of India Sir Vallabh bhai patel who preached in full force to BAN RSS Completely & eradicate this plague from India forever

        • atleast they have proof to show … wat abt MM ?? where is the news on Areeb majeed , the returned ISIS terrorist , it shld be the heqadlines and not Assam cop one … thats y this newspaper is biased and no1 ready it .. i m here anly to make ppl jealous

          • actually man what u need to do just go a nd read the veda and geeta then u came to know that in both scritptures it was clearly mention the oneness of god nd about our beloved Prophet Mohammad sallahoalewasalm (PBUH).But the problem of u and so called urs uneduacted mens that they only bark without any relivancies.

      • Mr. Ankit Sharma Even Extremism, Terrorism etc… Islam is growing day by day, people accepting Islam in Europe, USA & India. Why Hinduism not spreading & people not accepting Hinduism ???? First go & check ur Religious Knowledge it is true or just Child Story.

    • Simply becoz these SIMI IM etc doesn’t represent Muslims nor do they represent Islam in any capacity these are group of Misguided individuals who are here to achieve self goals in the name of Islam & they represent a new religion that’s terrorism & all Muslim NGOs & individual Muslims have condemned this unit & a ban is already imposed of such outfits. But their counterpart another side of the same coin a Certified Hindu extremist group RSS is yet not banned. Has any intellectual Hindu raised his voice to ban RSS & its sangh parivar not to miss Certified terrorist group Abhinaav Bharat & Hindu Vahinu a group who takes pride in killing innocent Muslims & many murder/riot cases are registered against it is still active in south India. When these organisations are still active? All whose outfits which u have mentioned are all banned & rightly supported my Muslim to curtail these anti national elements the recent remark by DOVAL that Muslims condemn ISIS & less than 10 Muslims boys have positivity towards it in its initial days but even that has been declining rapidly in a nation 25 million Muslims. Has any Hindu right wing Ngo ever condemned RSS & its anti constitutional stand ever. Why not you be the first one to initiate this movement & seek a Ban on RSS & make this Country a better place to live for all religious minorities along with others in peace & harmony the foundations of our Constitution. Their peach to transform India into Hindu Rashtra is the biggest threat to social Integrity & very existence of India & its a war against Nation. This stance is enough to Ban RSS its better late then never. WAKE UP INDIA…!

      • I think u r drunk … SIMI , IM terrorist are not muslims?? …. u shld say bcz of them u r getting problems … so first publically ban them and then point ur finger towards RSS … RSS dont do bomb blasts on trains or Parliament or hotels or parks … clean urself with the delima that SIMI and IM ppl r not muslims ( because they r ) and u cannot change the fact … Riyaz bhatkal ( does that sound a hindu name to u ) .. 4 college going men from bombay has joined ISIS , R THEY HINDU ???? … go and live in ur dreams

        • Who are these Col. prohit, aseemanand, and sadhvi pargya, they are the deadliest terrorist caught in connection of blast in malegoan, samjutha express and others places. if not why they were arrested and why top brass of RSS and BJP went to jail to rescue them, if they were not belongs to RSS. Why the home minister shinde told the media that RSS and BJP are running terrorist camps, if not drunken please click and read carefully

          • nice so u believe that one man is saying that RSS have training camps , then u must believe and say it here that Modi was not connected with gujrat riots because Supreme Court gave him clean chit .. wow .. u guys just belive wat u want to believe and far away from truth … Say it here that modi did not have any hand in 2002 riots or say that Shinde is lying

          • It is a fact that was described and have to accept it. despite all the proves still RSS is not banned ? Supreme Court not given any clean chit to Modi, it was Nanavati commission is believed that Modi do not have role, but they clearly said it was the failure from State Government, now don’t say Modi was not in Government in Gujarat.

          • You hypocrites talk only of three incidents in the country, malegaon blasts, mecca masjid bkasts and samjauta express blasts and keep harping on them like a school child mugging up his lessons. Dont you have the minimum heart to think of loss of human life and think of who caused these blasts vix. Ghastly mumbai blasts,Delhi blasts, Hyderabad gokul chat & lumbini park blasts, chennai blasts , coimbatore blasts, varanasi sankat mochan blasts, jaipur blasts, Kolkata blasts, Akshardham firings,Ahmedabad blasts, bengaluru blasts………& you hypocrites dont ever talk of these blasts and talk of who were responsible

          • You hypocrites talk only of three incidents in the country, malegaon blasts, mecca masjid bkasts and samjauta express blasts and keep harping on them like a school child mugging up his lessons. Dont you have the minimum heart to think of loss of human life and think of who caused these blasts vix. Ghastly mumbai blasts,Delhi blasts, Hyderabad gokul chat & lumbini park blasts, chennai blasts , coimbatore blasts, varanasi sankat mochan blasts, jaipur blasts, Kolkata blasts, Akshardham firings,Ahmedabad blasts, bengaluru blasts………& you hypocrites dont ever talk of these blasts and talk of who were responsible

        • Provide facts bro & just a Muslim name doesn’t specify that he or she is a practicing Muslim. How about Feroz zorabia, Afroz etc aren’t all these Muslim names but they belong to different faith say Zoroastrians & all have openly condemned & supported a Ban on SIMI IM etc. RSS was the mastermind behind Samjhota express. The main culprit Sadhvi pragya thakur is an RSS protege. Not to forget there is strong evidence that our Hero Mr. Hemant karkare wasn’t shot by those terrorists but by Hindu extremist as he was about to submit his report on Malegoan Masjid blast & many prominent Hindu right wing Groups & extremists leaders were mentioned in this report. Many cops were quoted saying after his death its all over the investigation is paralyzed & to date there hasn’t been any progress, not even the mentioned high profile report is lying somewhere in anonymity. Also I would like to divert ur attention towards a gruesome murder of a social activits Me. Dabolkar who was shot dead in pune who fought to ban superstitious activities especially in t name of Hindu religion was killed assassinated by Right wing Hindu activits-read publish report of investigation my brother. For these reasons speak with facts not with junked mindset. There are numerous Murder riot rape cases against this Hindu activist who think they are above the law & treat this secular country as their legitimate property & think they can ransack it any which ways. But apathy of Progressive Hindus had mustered their courage to further divide our society on religious line & push India towards eternal darkness. Wake up brother & be an asset for our Nation rather being a useless weed
          Tc & May god bless u

          • Who ever they may be and they are not belongs to our motherland, and they cannot look at ours side at any point, but our sons of our motherland are breading terrorist that is more shameful, and one amoung u is supporting them is shameless.

          • u dont know about LTTE, ULFA, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Mahasabha, Abhinav Bharat.

            Dont forget that RSS is worlds largest and cruelest Terrorist Organization and Parsuram was worlds first Terrorist, who made the earth kshatriyaless 21 times.

            RSS and company is University of terrorism. If it is annihilated then only all the terrorist could get a lesson.

        • what sameer qureshi means is those little micky mouses called im and blah blah blah do not represent islam or muslims, they could be calling themselves muslims, but just calling muslims and keeping muslim names do not make them muslims, they have to believe in the 5 pillars of islam and live the life of a practicing muslim, without hurting anyone. I think among the 140 crore muslims of india, there are 139 crore, 99 lacs, 99 thousand, 998 muslims who are not terrorist because the two names you used for the bhatkals are not muslims. now happy my friend?


    • okk .. so u trying to tell me that if i tell u to jump in a river , will u jump ? … talk sence – u r the one using it , we are not forcing u to buy or use it against innocent ppl … i still cant stop laughing by hearing ur answer which is so lame … ” WE AGREE MUSLIMS USE BUT WHO MANUFACTURE ” … so as per ur answer tell me who is forcing u to use it ???

      • noo i cant go there bcz they manufacture guns which u use … and later on say that its bcz they manufacture it , by the way where do u get money to buy these stuff ?

        • U can also follow Ankit during his travel to Euresia. I will send you all the money related detail that you are asking via mail. Please remember…………….dont try to come back

  6. Ankit sharma .Go show ur knowledge in serving humanity . RSS..simi ..all belongs to hatered group. Ankit sharma when roits happend in history most of them died are muslims. You trying to be very smart .stop ur nonsense . nobody likes killing one anoanother. People like you always try to invoke with stupid msgs .every dog has a day ..chup karr ..

    • answer my question …. ” who is forcing u to use it ” …. dont change the topic , if u r feeling ashamed to reply then u ” chup karr ” …

    • what about killing of 8 crores hindus .., burning of sikhs gurus ..killing of 5 lakhs sikhs in killing of 60 lakhs buddhist sin asia…it muslims who have started preaching violence in the name of God

      • i am the official document controller and please ask me nicely for copies which i kept from more than 2000 years documenting all killings, including 8 crore hindus…..burning of sikhs gurus ..killing of 5 lakhs sikhs in killing of 60 lakhs buddhist sin asia..after reading you will realise where you stand

    • so when did cunts started joining Jihadi groups … too much space has been given to MM in india … its time to become a bitch of ISIS .. heared they r buying women nowadays

      • It is the problem with your ideology that does not teach how to respect women ?

        Ankit you and ur RSS have no face to target muslims and you cannot question the loyality of muslims towards their motherland.

        First bring the prove that :

        Do you know that what was to role of RSS during freedom struggle ?

        The historical facts about freedom struggle vouch that the RSS simply betrayed the Freedom Movement of India. And this is the truth.

        why the RSS produced no martyrs during the freedom movement.

        There is ample proof in the documents of the RSS which conclusively establishes the fact that RSS denounced movements led by revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad and their associates. Not only that, they hated even the reformist and moderate movements conducted by leaders like Gandhi against the British rulers.

        RSS not in a position to produce a volume containing documents that have a bearing on the role of the organization in the freedom struggle?

        • so u shld have gone to pakistan .. we were giving a piece of land , and after staying here u like hindus , u can still go u know

      • @Ankit- Because of your this “Aryan Type” of mentality, your forefathers have been kicked off from Euresia and you are just following their footprint. Even after living with us for generations you still not changed. If this time we kick you then where you’ll go.

    • He is Aryan descendant of history’s first and cruelest Terrrorist Parshuram and serving e-terrorist of RSS University of Terrorism.

      • Yes i proud to be from Aryan descent … bcz it is our land which mughal came n looted for years … and now these Mullas r ruining it , thats y RSS is place bcz of u guys

  7. In India, wealth of 36 families amounts to $ 191 billion, which is one-fourth of India’s GDP. In other words, 35 elite Hindu families own quarter of India’s GDP by leaving 85 % ordinary Hindus as poor!
    The dominant group of Hindu nationalists come from the three upper castes ( Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and Vaishyas ) that constitute only 10 per cent of the total Indian population. But, they claim perhaps 80 % of the jobs in the new economy, in sectors such as software, biotechnology, and hotel management.
    India is also one of the most under-banked major markets in the world with only 6 bank branches per 1,000 sq kms, according to the World Bank, and less than 31% of the population has access to a bank account. According to India’s national agency, (NABARD), around 60 per cent people are not having access to financial institutions in India. This figure is less than 15 per cent in developed countries.

  8. Now mr ankit its is very easy to understand who is forcing to use these weapons.its natural human tendency……dont make huge cry …in name of hindu fascist world.Atleast try to become a model of vedic thinking not saffron lapy baby…..

  9. The articles published in this site are very informative and presented without any biasness like the mainstream Indian media that is owned by Indian Baniya’s and maintained by Brahman’s like Ankit Sharma.

    But save it from Brahmin’s like Ankit Sharma!!!

    • all dalits are our brothers and we are always ready to stand for them.baba Ambedkar saheb always called for muslim-dalit unity(which is really needed today) to defeat this upper class and Brahman-centered politics.

        • kaho panditji hai koi jawab mahendra bhai ki baat ka,dozens of dalits are coming to the fold of islam by the will of God and if not islam then missionaries are taking them into christianity only because of brahmanism agar mujh par vishwas nahin to rss ke office se report le lo

        • kaho panditji hai koi jawab mahendra bhai ki baat ka,dozens of dalits are coming to islam everyday and otherwise to missionaries everyday as stated by rss in above article,hai koi chanakya vidya rokne ko

  10. This one guy outside Ankit has beaten hell out of everyone by talking plain facts. It very much proves the basic flaw in community to turn blind eye towards own issues.

    Only way out is self realization thru Santana dharma. Get a copy of Bhagavad gita aNd be peacefull within.

    • these guys havent answer any of my ques …. i asked them a simple ques — if West manufacture ARMS , who the F**K is forcing u to use it ??? , i still havent got a perfect reply

          • You claimed west manufactured arms and you believed that muslims are using it, and still you calling yourself (RSS) innocents, they don’t know any thing neither manufacturing and using of Arms. What a idiotic theory created by RSS cadre Ankit Sharma, than why BJP backed by RSS rely on west made weapons for our military use ?

          • @Ankit– After doing cut copy paste whole day as part of your job, you forgot the whole scenario……go and get some sleep man!!!

          • people normally hide theirs under chaddi, not to use bedsheet if you are fully nude, in this case no roaming and posting in public

    • Before inviting others to Sanatana Dharma and offering to read bhagavad gita, please read it and accept it by your open heart ? don’t turn your face like an RSS cadre Ankith running away from facts

      Kalki Avatar.
      The most popular amongst all the Hindu scriptures is the Bhagavad Gita so lets see what the scripture says about prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

      It is mentioned in Bhagvata Purana Khand 12 Adhyay 2 shlokas 18-20:
      “It is in the house of Vishnuyash, the noble soul Brahmana chief of the village called sambhala that Lord Kalki will be incarnated”.

      “The Lord of the universe, endowed with eight spiritual powers and excellence was unsurpassed in splendour and glory. Riding on a fleet horse given to him by angels, and with a sword in his hand, the saviour of the world will subdue all the miscreants”.

      It is mentioned in Bhagwat Purana Khand 1 Adhyay 3 Shloka 25:
      “Then in the twilight of the Kali age, when kings will be as good as robbers, this protector of the world will be born of Vishnuyasa under the name Kalki“. The description of the Kalki Avatar i.e. the final Avatar is given in the verses Kalki Purana chapter 2 verses 4, 5, 7, 11 & 15.

      1. Mother’s name Sumati i.e. Aaminah
      The name of his mother will be Sumati (K.P.2: 4 & 11), which means gentle and thoughtful, Prophet Muhammad’s mother’s name was Aaminah, which means peaceful and gentle.

      2. Father’s name Vishnuyash i.e. Abdullah.
      His father’s name will be ‘Vishnuyash’ which means ‘worshipper of Vishnu’ i.e. ‘worshipper of God’. Muhammad’s father’s name was Abdullah which means ‘obedient worshipper of Allah i.e. God’.

      3. Born in Sambhala i.e. Makkah
      He will be born in a village called ‘Sambhala’ which means house of peace and security. Makkah is known as Darul Aman, which means house of peace and security.

      4. Born in house of Chief Priest.
      He will be born in the house of chief of the village Sambhala. Muhammad (pbuh) was born in the house of the chief of the Kaaba.

      5. Born on the 12th day of Madhav i.e. Rabi-ul-Awwal.
      It is prophesied that Kalki Avtar will be born on the 12th day of the bright (first) half of the month of Madhav. It is a historical fact Muhammad (pbuh) was born on the 12th day of the bright half of the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal.

      6. He will be the Antim or final Avatar
      He has been described as the ‘Antim’ i.e. ‘the last and final’ of all the Avatars. The Qur’an also mentions:

      Muhammad is not
      The Father of any
      Of your men, but (he is)
      The Messenger of Allah,
      And the seal (the last and final) of the Prophets,
      And Allah has full knowledge
      Of all things
      (Al Qur’an 33:40)

      Thus the Qur’an states that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Seal, i.e. last and final Prophet of Allah.

      7. Will receive knowledge on the mountain from the Lord and then go towards North and come back.
      Kalki Avatar will go to the mountains and receive knowledge from Parsuram, then go towards the north and come back. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did go to Jable-Noor i.e. the Mountain of Light, where he received the first Revelation from Archangel Gabriel. Later he went north to Madeenah and later made a victorious return to Makkah.

      8. He will have the most graceful personality.
      Kalki Avatar will have unparalleled grace. Qur’an mentions in Surah Al-Qalam chapter 68 verse 4:
      And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.

      9. Endowed with eight special qualities
      Kalki Avatar will be endowed with eight special qualities. These qualities are wisdom, respectable lineage, self-control, revealed knowledge, valour, measured speech, utmost charity and gratitude. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had all these eight special qualities.
      a) Wisdom – He was very wise. It is no wonder that several people approached him for guidance, even before he claimed to be a prophet.

      b) Respectable lineage – He belonged to the noble tribe of Quraysh who were the caretakers of the sacred Kaaba.

      c) Self-control – He was the best example of self-control. From history, we learn that his enemies on many occasions tried to instigate him. However, he was always patient and responded wisely.

      d) Revealed knowledge – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received the last and final revelation of God, which is the Glorious Qur’an through Archangel Gabriel.

      e) Valour – Muhammad (pbuh) possessed great physical strength and courage. He took active part in the battles against his enemies and most of such battles were fought in self-defence against aggression by the other party.

      f) Measured speech – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke with emphasis and deliberation that people could not forget what he said. In his intercourse with others he would sit silent among his companions for long time but when he spoke his speech was eloquent and full of meaning and advise.

      g) Utmost charity – Muhammad (pbuh) was very charitable and never disappointed anyone who asked for help even in situations when he himself was in financial difficulties. Many poor people lived only on his generosity.

      h) Gratefulness – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was known for his gratefulness He showed immense gratitude to the Ansaars i.e. the helpers from the city of Madeenah.

      10. Teacher of the World.

      The Kalki Avatar will be the saviour of the world i.e. he will guide and teach the world. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not only guide and save the Arabs but the whole humankind. The Qur’an mentions:

      We have not sent thee
      But as a universal Messenger
      To men, giving them
      Glad tidings, and warning them
      (Against sin), but most men
      Understand not.
      (Al Qur’an 34:28)

      11. Shiva will present a steed to Kalki avatar.
      It is prophesied that Shiva will present an extraordinary steed to the Kalki Avatar. Muhammad (pbuh) received a steed from Almighty God, which was known as ‘Buraq’ and whose speed transcended.

      12. He will ride a horse and carry a sword.
      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) received a heavenly steed from Almighty God called ‘Buraq’ on which he made his heavenly journey known as ‘Miraaj’ or the ‘Ascension to the heavens’.
      Moreover, we also learn from the history of the Prophet that he himself took part in battles, most of which were fought in self-defence, and on many such occasions, he rode a horse and carried a sword in his hand.

      13. He will subdue the wicked
      It is mentioned that Kalki Avatar will subdue the wicked. It was prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who purified (transformed) bandits and miscreants and established them on the path of truth. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) came at a time, which was known as ‘Yaumul-Jahiliyah’, which means the “age or era of ignorance”. People indulged in various types of vices. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought them from darkness to light.

      14. He will overpower the Devil with four companions
      It is prophesied that Kalki Avatar, with four of his companions, will disarm Kali i.e. the devil. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), with his four most trusted companions, fought against the mischief and the evil of the devil. These four companions were Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them all). These four companions later became the first four Khalifas and spread the religion of Islam. In Islamic parlance these four are referred to as ‘the rightly guided Caliphs’.

      15. He will be assisted by angels.
      The Kalki Avatar will be assisted by angels in the battlefield. In the battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was assisted by angels who descended from the heavens. This is also mentioned in the Qur’an in:

      Surah Ale- Imran chapter 3 verse 123-125
      Surah Al- Anfal chapter 8 verses 8 & 9.

  11. Varun read Quran and hadith . then your life purifies .my humbly request .read bhagvad gita. And Quran . understand it both . then advice .

  12. So follow atleast gita.u r nonbilever and hypocrites….kindly send me a original copy to seems to many author i confused.u will never get. 10 copy 10 author…amazing..u people hypocrites were not able to protect that book .u corrupted from ur own hand& followers.thats y u r kafir always betray god,.ek paramatma ,first u choose ur god then we can decide from which book we will start copying.
    All kafir brain is locked by god.if he will he can unlock otherwise u will be loser both in this world &after this.
    spk LA ILLAH ILLALAH.THEIR IS NO GOD BUT ONLY ONE AND ONE To whom i heart not by tongue.verily he ,god know what is inside ur heart.

  13. Before islam zahaliyat was existing .no religion is following or praying god as Islam does .nothing is changed from Islam followings . other religions pray according to thier will and wish . Islam is the best .the true religion . everyone knows the fact .they try to malign Islam at their best . but one day almighty shows them the right path. Islam is fast growing religion . anit dharma jaise lakhon log koshish karne sey kya hoga wahi hoga Jo khuda chahatha hai . ankita ..RSS .. Saffron brigade .they also start believing in islam …many Hindus goes to. Darga where wali Allah’s resting ..this is an example .true religion is Islam .but I condemn killings ..islàm don’t permit killings ,.. May Allah change the minds of people like ankit . ameen

  14. @zafar fyi Sanatana dharma essence talks about monotheism, but since no person are same so there are infinite ways to approach god , but vedas prescribe ways according to person’s nature. Uttering few lines of some scripture won’t make you eligible to approach god.

    Its change of your inner consciousness which ultimately decide.

    Are chaste followers of your sect full of kindness towards all( all means all) living beings, freed from anger, lust and greed. If not then you have to get those qualities to fit in to God’s kingdom.

    else keep getting failed in your local exams.

    Marrying 5 times and being promised of more sense gratification is leading your society to downfall, which is open to see for all.

    Before calling someone non believer check your consciousness and talk out.

    • And what about Krishna who married 16000 women and raja dashrat who had 3 wives.and don’t tempt me to quote niyoge and sati from manusmriti and vedas

    • You talk about society downfall,which is the country which witness a rape every 2 minutes,who were those 4 who shoveled rod in the private part of nirbhaya,who were those who raped Dalit woman in khaniadana mp,parading her naked and making her to drink piss.can you mention a single day when toi or Hindu or indian express don’t tell about some girl ravaged by her father,brother or relative and dumped

    • You talk about society downfall,which is the country which witness a rape every 2 minutes,who were those 4 who shoveled rod in the private part of nirbhaya,who were those who raped Dalit woman in khaniadana mp,parading her naked and making her to drink piss.can you mention a single day when toi or Hindu or indian express don’t tell about some girl ravaged by her father,brother or relative and dumped on some road

    • Varun ji through your tone I can make out that you are a well bred and civilised guy unlike Ankit Sharma so please ask sensible question and didn’t shree Krishna married16000 women and how many wives did raja dashrat had.and pls don’t tempt me to quote niyog and sati from manusmriti and Vedas

    • varun ji through your tone i can make out that you are from a civilised family unlike ankit shrma but i will appreciate it more if you ask sensible question;you talked about ‘society downfall’ may i dare to ask which is the country and society that’s witnessing a rape in every 2 sec,who were the people who shoveled the rod in asister’s private part{ in the case of delhi’s victim}.who raped and paraded naked dalit woman in khaniadana mp and forced her to drink piss of upper class.are toi,jagran,hindu,bhaskar,indian express newspapers from mars where a single day goes unreporting when a daughter is raped by a father or by a brother etal.please think and comment

  15. varun ji through your tone i can make out that you belong to a civilised family unlike ankit shrma but i will appreciate it more if you ask sensible question;you talked about ‘society downfall’ may i dare to ask which is the country and society that’s witnessing a rape in every 2 sec,who were the people who shoveled the rod in asister’s private part{ in the case of delhi’s victim}.who raped and paraded naked dalit woman in khaniadana mp and forced her to drink piss of upper class.are toi,jagran,hindu,bhaskar,indian express newspapers from mars where a single day goes unreporting when a daughter is raped by a father or by a brother etal.please think and comment

  16. Varun ji.then do abortion in millions of numbers.if u have medical friends take enquire.polygamy is not problem.going to brothel its better to do marraige.this not proper place so that ican tell all the fiqh means rules .in short human beings are classified as bilever& non bilever.futher kafir asli.means pure who worship idiols.then second is hypocrites which disguise the relegion but they r not true follower .trust these being are more dangerous& harmful to society ,even more then Kafirs.
    In hindu scriptures find the defination of Paramatma.means omnipotent .nor he begot nor say again with ur tongue.
    LA ILLAH HA ILLAH.SAYING THIS U WILL NOT BECOMES MUSLIM MY FRIEND.STILL U R KAFIR.THEN U HAVE GIVE OATH THAT U BILEVE ALL THE MESSANGER.MAY BE ONE OF THEM RAM.THEN U SHOLUD TELL MUHAMMAD (pbuh)is last messenger.then u have act practically as per his shariah.then u become muslim.Since then also it is not gurrented but again daily five times u have make prayer.especially morning & after mid day .Then also u r not muslim if u not breeching a single verse of quran.if u had borrow money may be its single paisa untill u return a muslim will be in hell.then also if u die THATS A LAST MOMENT IF U MISS .LA ILLAH ILLALAH U WILL BE DYING AS NON BILEVER MOST OF THE PERSON FAILS THAT TIME.BECAUSE THEIR PATH ARE DIFFERENT IN GODS KINGDOM.
    Handling islam is like both side sharp edge.

  17. For varun &ankit
    Kafir Ki Ye Pehchan Ke Afaq Mein Gum Hai
    Momin Ki Ye Pehchan Ke Gum Iss Mein Hain Afaaq!

    A heathen gets distinct by getting lost in life 
    Whereas a Muslim true keeps ’bove its brawl and strife.

  18. Ilm Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ishq Hai Diwana-Pan
    Ishq Ne Mujh Se Kaha Ilm Hai Takhmeen-o-Zan

    Knowledge said to me, Love is madness;
     Love said to me, Knowledge is calculation— 

    brother open ur locked mind and heart insallah u will best muslims if god will

  19. @Tanveer; since you bring lot of points will address all of them.

    1. Rape every 2 sec : yes this is happening and needs to be strictly condemmed and punished , but it is being reported and no one is given any benefit on the basis of religion. society comes out in open to punish the perpetrators(in case of delhi mishap).
    But you can find tons of news where ppl in the name of religion are marrying of teens to oldies and scholars are defending it, do you agree /condenm that, does your society comes out in open , do they openly condenm. and this is global observation no limited to some geo specific.

    2.Discrimination : This is staunchly condenmmed and culprits should be brought to justice, but no where Sanatan Dharma says you can discriminate on basis of birth. It is very clearly said the caste is defined by one’s action.

    3.Rape by father: Is this evil thing limited to one society?.
    All the above points are nowhere sanctioned in Sanatana Dharma.

    The example of staunch followers of Sanatan dharma are
    1. Mahatama gandhi
    2. Swami Vivekananda
    3. Yoga gurus[ Baba Ramdev, Chinamayi mission, AC Bhaktivedanta]

    and countless others.
    who have given to world so much irrespective of anyone.

    though i am none to comment on this but still just to clarify.

    4. Krishna’s marriage to 16000 gals : Go through the pastime; they were released from captivity; just like the ISIS one are exploiting the women folk and no one would have accepted them.

    5. Maharaj Dhashrath 3 wives : for political alliances.

    But nowhere it is said just because they did it ; you do it too. You cannot imitate everything as in quality and quantity you are not equal to them.

    Since i have answered your queries can you just answer

    1. Why minorities doesn’t survvie in muslim majority countries?
    2. Why muslim majority countires aren’t paecefull ?
    3. Why when muslims are in minority demand equal rights but when in majority denies equal rights?
    4. Since you bring Krishna/ Majaraj dashrath in whole discussion how can you justify the marriage/consummation of any revererd figure in your society to a child. Can you marry of your kid on the similar argument?

    5. why secularism in minority and Shariah/ Jazia in majority?
    6. Why abuse/demean rant towards other faiths , while the actions of staunch followers are very condenmable.

    Hell and heaven is here itself on earth, your surrounding are reflection of your consciousness. So see and be a better judge.

    • Varun -no need to discuss thiings when others dont want to know the fact …. If they want to go down with the sinking islam ship , let it be their wish .. cheers brother

    • the issue raised by you about child marriage really need to be addressed,frankly and first all you know about ‘revered figure’ is the ‘child marriage’as supposed by you,in islam the age limit for marriage is not determined by numbers unlike india where 17 age boy if rapes is considered a ‘minor’,in islam the age of puberty is considered as the age to not only marriage but also for criminal punishments and legal jurisdiction,and look the irony be it that exalted woman and her family and idolater and fire worshippers hindus of arab at that time even once opposed that marriage,further do you that woman taught one third of islam to muslims and she was a expert in philosophy,mathematics and arabic yet you dare to question that sanctity islam was the first religion that put an end to the ‘pavitra practice’ like sati which still exists in the manusmrity and vedas of ‘the true sanatana dharma’.now coming to the joke you made inthe second part that hindu dharma is based on equality and that there is no caste system in dharma which made clear that you are also brahmana or other born from chest of brahma(rigveda) otherwise you would have never made this claim,now don’t dare me to quote from manusm..,ambedkar,iyengar,phulke etal

    • any way varun ji I like your tone and I’m sure that you would be possesing a good heart,my plea to you is pls read Quran even be it once in life but with a clear heart.

  20. Great Reply, Mr Varun.

    Secularism where muslims are in minority and Theo Democracy where muslims are in majority. Minorities will be second rate citizen and will have to pay Jiziyah to be on their land.
    One of the most eminent scholars of Islam or so called ulema Dr. Israr Ahmed is putting before the masses the concept of an Islamic nation. an example of a gross misinterpretation of Quran. Pls watch it on youtube.
    History has already proved how these munafiqs like Maududi, Zia ul Haq and Dr. israr has used islam to gain a foothold among the muslim masses and tried to sabotage the entire concept of Islam, the essence of which was peace.

    • Abey Nazeer Khakhi chaddi, what great reply ? Varun, Ankit and you RSS cadres does not like to talk about justice, how cowardly, cunningly justifying rapes, gurus illicit relations and 16000 wives ? you can’t think beyound that because you believes in myths not religion. Therefore, respect our ulemas and scholars, understand ulemas and refrain your messages about ulemas and other muslim scholars, if you don’t understand your own myth does not mean that other religions are based on myth. understood ?

  21. Ankit. Change to Islam for 1 month. Then comment .terey bhejey mien bhusa bhara huva .there Ku much bhi boley tou samajh nahi at a

  22. For last few decades, Muslims are most prosecuted, be it muslim majority country or muslim minority country. Be it Middle East, Europe, Asia, China, India, Pakistan, Burma etc., most prosecuted and most discriminated. Historically too, Muslims are most prosecuted and most discriminated.

  23. Historically , are u serious .. whoo ruled india for so long .. all the muslims in india and pakistan are converted and not born muslims .. so u shld better say that Hindus were discriminated in india by the mughal rulers

    • Discrimination existed during few Mughal rulers but all Mughal rulers. I don’t thing mass prosecution happened. Babar banned cow slaughter and he adviced same to his son humayun. Akbar relieved tax for visiting Gaya, kashi. Aurangojeb attacked a mosque because one non muslim king kept all his wealth under that mosque and not paying taxes to federal govt.
      U need to read multiple books in order make conclusion.
      King Ashoka killed and prosecuted millions of Hindus.
      If Mughal emperor followed tru teaching of Islam then India’s demographic would have different. Muslim speared not because of Mughal, it is because of Sufi muslim fakirs, those guided millions of human to change the way of life and not being discriminated by kings.

      Entire muslim population was wiped out in Spain. Historically that is biggest muslim prosecution.

      • One more thing historically, it is common misconception that genghis khan was a muslim from beginning. It is true he killed so many human including Muslims in Iran and Middle East. He added Islam in his dynasty long after his rule. People refer his as murdered which is true, but they link khan to Islam and muslim which is absurd. I’m nit sure if he accepted Islam but included tolerance once he came across Islam after invading Afghanistan.
        U can research all these facts and figures.
        I am sure he was not in Islam faith when he was killing mercilessly.

      • Aurangzeb weighed the janayus of brahmans everyday his army killed … why their was tax for hindu divotees going for religious journeys , but till date Haj discount has been given to haj going devotees …
        1. Aurangazeb
        Aurangzeb considered himself “The Scourge Of The Kafirs” (non-believers) and closed Hindu schools and libraries. In his lifetime he destroyed more than 10,000 Hindu, Buddhist and Jam temples and often erected mosques in their stead.3 In 1669 in Agra he had hacked off the limbs of the recalcitrant Hindu King Gokla and in 1672 several thousand revolting Hindus were slaughtered in Mewat.

        Issued general order to destroy all centers of Hindu learnings including Varnasi and destroyed the temple at Mathura and renamed it as Islamabad
        In Khandela (rajastan) he killed 300 Hindus in one day for they resisted the destruction of their temple.
        In Udaipur all Hindus of the town were killed as they vowed to defend the temple of Udaipur from destruction.
        172 temples were destroyed in Udaipur.
        66 temples were pulled down in Amber. All Hindu clerks were dismissed from the office of the Imperial empire.
        In Pandhpur , Maharashtra, the Emperor ordered and executed the destruction of temple and butchering of cows within the temple.

        this was your real aurangzeb

        • @ankit, ur numbers are too optimistic. U are really misguided person. Do one thing. Even though I’m not fan of Wikipedia but they tried to go by some references. Just add all your figures to Wikipedia, see u can add it. Otherwise keep those numbers with urself, put these venom to ur next generation, u are pouring ghee in fire. It will be difficult task to defuse it.
          Aurangajeeb was a ruler, I’m no way related to him.
          Hajj subsidy is a political gimmick. Per Islam, person who can afford should perfrorm hajj. Govt should not pay a penny except logistics with full payment. Subsidy money goes to politicians pockets, muslim/non muslim both.
          Govt should stop hajj subsidy, they money should be given poor Muslims for eduction purpose.

    • Harsha (ruled 1089-1111 AD) was a king of Kashmir who is frequently mentioned because of his unusual conduct. William Dalrymple in a review of The Buddha and the Sahibs by Charles Allen published in The Guardian[1] writes:

      “It was because of this persecution, several centuries before the arrival of Islam, that the philosophy of the Buddha, once a serious rival to Hinduism, virtually disappeared from India: Harsha Deva, a single Kashmiri raja, for example boasted that he had destroyed no less than 4,000 Buddhist shrines.”
      According to Kalhana, Harsha was built like a god and was extremely handsome. Harsha’s conduct has recently been a subject of discussion. Harsha started out as a capable and noble king, then ran into financial trouble because of his spending habits. For the gold, he started raiding temples and destroying statues.

  24. Muslims are prosecuted by muslim leaders (these leaders are not believers, they are Zionist), by non Muslim leaders, discriminated by muslim and non muslim leaders including religious gurus like pope, yogi, monk and what not, including powerful world leader nobama. Obama recently said in USA, people of color feel discriminated by police. Mr. Obama, u are also colored body, do u feel it when blacks are murdered just because the colore is black, get verdict from grand jury where 75% jury members are not black even though criminal case is against one black and one white. Do u feel grand jury should have been 50%black.
    What about colored Muslims getting prosecuted by ur drones, ur special forces. Do u feel for those innocent kids and women. Or is it just black people u feel for?
    Just shaking hands with Ebola patient will not put u at same level of hazrat omar, who despite resistant allowed Jews to pray in Jerusalem.
    History will remember u for using excessive forces against innocent Muslims in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine. History will remember u not taking any action for most prosecuted minority group in Burma, the rohigya, that napped during ur time.

  25. Hell and heaven is here itself on earth, yourHell and heaven is here itself on earth, your surrounding are reflection of your consciousness.
    Varun i love this word.
    That what for kafir they think an act all the haram things here they dont bileve in here after .
    ankit .i think u missed delhi big jain temple frnt of red was built and land donated by auranzeb.he was
    basically Fakir….but u kafirs always show him as
    hindu fanatics.
    if u want to come up mentally be on true path.yrs a
    question are your answer. See first quote….i repeated
    basically u deny the real existence of god.
    say one time ,,la illah illalah.,,
    That y these rule must be applied to kafirs because if they can deny god .then how they can trust other human being.KAFIRS ARE BIG LIER BY BOTH HEART AND MIND.THEY ARE ALL SHAITAN(devils) TROOPS.

    varun have lots of question its goods.Every kafir wants all security before accepting any truth.

  26. Ankit Bro –
    Please check this.
    Gadhimai Hindu animal sacrifice

    and this -

    and This –

    and this -


    Genetic Study Reveals Origin of India’s Caste System
    By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer | August 08, 2013 12:00pm ET



    A crowded street in New Dehli, India.
    Pin It A crowded street in New Dehli, India.
    Credit: JeremyRichards /
    View full size image
    The caste system in South Asia — which rigidly separates people into high, middle and lower classes — may have been firmly entrenched by about 2,000 years ago, a new genetic analysis suggests.

    Researchers found that people from different genetic populations in India began mixing about 4,200 years ago, but the mingling stopped around 1,900 years ago, according to the analysis published today (Aug. 8) in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

    Combining this new genetic information with ancient texts, the results suggest that class distinctions emerged 3,000 to 3,500 years ago, and caste divisions became strict roughly two millennia ago.

    Though relationships between people of different social groups was once common, there was a “transformation where most groups now practice endogamy,” or marry within their group, said study co-author Priya Moorjani, a geneticist at Harvard University.

    Ancestral populations

    Hindus in India have historically been born into one of four major castes, with myriad subdivisions within each caste. Even today, in some parts of the country, marriage outside of one’s caste is forbidden and those in the outcast, or “untouchable” group are discriminated against and prohibited from participating in religious rituals. (The Indian government has outlawed certain types of discrimination against the lowest classes.)

    But when and why this system evolved has always been a bit murky, said Michael Witzel, a South Asian studies researcher at Harvard University, who was not involved in the work.

    Moorjani’s past research revealed that all people in India trace their heritage to two genetic groups: An ancestral North Indian group originally from the Near East and the Caucasus region, and another South Indian group that was more closely related to people on the Andaman Islands.

    Today, everyone in India has DNA from both groups. “It’s just the proportion of ancestry that you have that varies across India,” Moorjani told LiveScience.

    To determine exactly when these ancient groups mixed, the team analyzed DNA from 371 people who were members of 73 groups throughout the subcontinent.

    Aside from finding when the mixing started and stopped, the researchers also found the mixing was thorough, with even the most isolated tribes showing ancestry from both groups.

    Period of transition

    Researchers aren’t sure which groups of ancient people lived in India prior to 4,200 years ago, but Moorjani suspects the two groups lived side-by-side for centuries without intermarrying.

    Archaeological evidence indicates that the groups began intermarrying during a time of great upheaval. The Indus Valley civilization, which spanned much of modern-day North India and Pakistan, was waning, and huge migrations were occurring across North India. [History’s Most Overlooked Mysteries]

    Ancient texts also reveal clues about the period.

    The Rigveda, a nearly 3,500-year-old collection of hymns written in Sanskrit, a North Indian language, mentions chieftains with South Indian names.

    “So there is some sort of mixture or intermarriage,” Witzel told LiveScience.

    Early on, there were distinct classes of people — the priests, the nobility and the common people — but no mention of segregation or occupational restrictions. By about 3,000 years ago, the texts mention a fourth, lowest class: the Sudras. But it wasn’t until about 100 B.C. that a holy text called the Manusmruti explicitly forbade intermarriage across castes.

    The study doesn’t suggest that either the ancestral North or South Indian group formed the bulk of the upper or lower castes, Witzel said.

    Rather, when caste divisions hardened, any type of intermarriage was sharply curtailed, leading to much less mixing overall.

  28. Are dalits brothers of Muslims alas what about Pakistan cabinet minister yogendra nath mondal a dalit you fraud first give dream to them and when achieving your islamic goal you immediately kicked them out just read the fates of yogendra what happened aftermath

  29. In the light of Quran and Hadith it is our responsibility to invite the disguised population of India the Hinus, RSS, Jains and Bodhs and ask them to follow Islam. We can invite them throuh lectures, debates, emails, writings, posters, and by keeping our areas and colonies as role model for oher to think and fellow.

  30. In the light of Quran and Hadith it is our responsibility to invite the disguised population of India the Hinus, RSS, Jains and Bodhs and ask them to follow Islam. We can invite them throuh lectures, debates, emails, writings, posters, and by keeping our areas and colonies as role model for oher to think and follow.

  31. Aditya don’t say some thing which you cannot dream off, be relax. No need to get scared what happening in this generation is nothing new, it happen earlier when Aryans captured Indian and butchered 90% population of Buddhist ( sorry to say i heard from Chinese people in duabi saying that they will revenge the death of Buddhist in India and capture the kushinagar and bihar for being the place of Buddha) so there people waiting for their time to come to take their revenge. world-war I,world-war II, cold war, all these war lead in destroying humanity. the same thing is evolving in India in the name of Hindutva. Entire world is preparing to enter into new world war because if it does not take place how come next generation will have new edition of history.

  32. I am dying in syria, libya, nigeria, kuwait, pak, iraq, xinjing, kashmir, palestine…I am dying a death slower than the halal one…

  33. Ashrudin Owassi said give 15 minutes without police protection ,Muslims will finish 1 billion Hindus,now we say give us 5 minutes without police protection we will finish Indian Muslims in one fight,if we got granted then give us 32 minutes we will finish Pakistan also without weapons,,,we want to kick Muslims from India because India belong Hinduism and we are Hindus and we are able to finish Muslims here at easy way,,,,


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