Muslim girls getting married with Hindu boys in large number


By MM Staff

New Delhi: BJP and its allies have been ratcheting up the ‘love jihad’ bogey accusing Muslim men of marrying Hindu women, but  a number of incidents, of late, reveal opposite to the weird accusations as scores of Muslim women came out to narrate their trial and tribulations following marriages with Hindu men, most of which appeared to be part of an organized attempt by right wing groups having support of their political masters.


On July 16, a Muslim woman accused a Hindu man of luring her into a marriage and ruining her life. She said that the man wanted her to convert before the marriage to which she agreed also, but he turned out to be monstrous. “He often thrashed me,  tortured me mentally and even forced me have unnatural sex with him,” said the woman, who hailed from Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur district. She added that he also forced me to abort their child.

This is not new. Similar incidents have taken place in various other parts of the country. Multiple documents accessed by Muslim Mirror suggest that marriages between Hindu men and Muslim women have taken place on a large scale. There have been instances when Muslim women were abused, beaten, and, even killed after they refused to convert to the Hindu faith. According to a few media reports, in October 2020, a 20-year-old girl was fatally set ablaze after she refused to enter into an interfaith marriage with a Hindu man.

Earlier, in August 2020, Ex-BJP mayor of Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh, Shakuntala Bharti, was accused of converting Muslim girls, marrying them off to Hindu boys. A Muslim girl, whose sister married a Hindu boy in Aligarh after going missing, had leveled these allegations against the former BJP mayor. The girl had said that Shakuntala Bharti lured Muslim girls and married them off to Hindu boys.

“Shakuntala Bharti was keeping my sister with her. She is converting Muslim girls. They have converted my sister. This is a team. Why does Shakuntala Bharti interfere in the matters of Muslims? She did not even let my sister talk to me,” the girl’s sister was quoted as saying by India Today.

According to the India Today report, the girl, who went missing from her house and married a Hindu boy, had said that she married on her own will and no one had put any pressure on her.

In December 2020, two Muslim girls who were married off to Hindu men were given protection by Uttar Pradesh Police. According to media reports, members of a saffron outfit also came forward in support of the couple. The marriage was solemnized in a temple in the Rithora area after the girl converted to Hinduism. The girl’s family had lodged a case against her husband, who was booked on charges of abduction and robbery.

In 2017, an RSS-affiliated group, The Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM), started a campaign called “beti bachao, bahu lao”. The outfit had planned to facilitate around 2,100 marriages of educated Muslim girls to Hindu boys.

Likewise, the All India Hindu Mahasabha, a far-right Hindu political party, had announced a prize of Rs 2 lakh to a Hindu boy for marrying a Muslim woman. The outfit had also said that it would also cooperate in providing employment opportunities apart from facilitating marriages.

In the last couple of years, right-winger Hindus have been trying hard to objectify and sexual Muslim women. In July, Ram Bhakt Gopal, a Hindutva activist who shot a student at Jamia Millia Islamia during anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests last year, encouraged the crowd at a Hindu Mahapanchayat which was organized in Pataudi to kidnap Muslim women. Most recently, over 80 Indian Muslim women were put on sale on a fake auction online; religious bigotry laced with misogyny directed towards Muslim women doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.



  1. This is the fundamental right of a girl to marry to a boy of her choice. No religious leader has right to interfere. However, converting non-muslims into muslim is considered as religious duty in Islam & hence many muslims force hindu girls to get converted into Islam post marriage. Such religious duty is not applicable in hindu religion.
    Another point is, hindu women enjoy more freedom & rights in the married life than muslim women. For example, there is no compulsion for Hijab, following 2 child policy, no polygamy, no triple talaq, no Nikah halala etc. Hence, muslim women are happy to get converted into Hinduism.

    • You think thats how Hinduism works? Then keep the opinion to yourself, this should be sufficient that there are many muslims worldwide and they live a happy life, men and women. Talaq rules – read them, what is iddat and how uts followed, Hijab is covering one self and Ghunghat is famous is Hinduism, else you want women to be like olden times where their upper torso was exposed and there was breast size tax in british rule, Nikah has rules as a contract which agreed on mahr (when done rightly) empowers women, polygamy is common since ancient ages, instead of having a mistress and affairs, one can choose to give the other women a status of a wife (and justify both wives), it gives rights in property, children rights unlike a mistress who cannot claim anything for her or her children after the guy dies. Misusing laws in common across the world but when you dont understand stuff, refrain your opinions or read about it.

      • You think thats how Islam works? Then keep the opinion to yourself.
        There is so much terrorism in the world motivated by ….
        Read some history how many crimes against humanity were perpetrated by motivations of this religion.
        .Give women freedom to choose, not hijab.
        Give same right to women also to have many hushband instead of affairs etc. child paternity can be known through DNA.
        Read the Book what it provides for treatment of non-believers in it.
        It is not misuse of religion, but itself is the problems, many Muslims live peacefully because they are not bothered by what’s written in the Book.
        When you dont understand stuff, refrain your opinions or read about it.

        Thank you

      • There are plenty of Muslims who read Quran and Hadith and then they left islam realizing how bad it is. In fact even I started to dislike islam only after reading the quran. So more people should read that book 😂

        • Yeah, I have also seen such types of happenings, and now that Muslims call themselves Ex-Muslims. Some of them choose Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism

        • Keep putting down Islam; but the facts hurt – India is fallen already on its face- it cannot and will not ever succeed because its people are desperate by running scams and pretending to be Amazon, IRS and other agencies. I cannot bash any religion – but holding two hands together and jiggling like Modi’s head back and fourth is a sign of desperation. Or even pooping in the streets is a sign of weakness – its a dying polluted country that flourishes on cow excrement and urine – you are what you eat.

      • You should also read the Gita, Ramayan and Vedas. Then you will also become a hindu. Irrespective of what is written in Quran, it’s what people follow that actually matters. As per Quran, women have equal rights but in reality muslim women are badly abused and there are horrible practices like triple talaq and halala and so many muslim girls aren’t allowed to be educated and married off early. Similarly there are so many sects in muslims like Sunni, Shia, Ahmadiya, Hazara, Barelvi and others but are they all treated equally? Most sects are mistreated despite Islam claiming that all muslims are equal. Almost all extremists and terrorists carrying out terror attacks are muslims. They do forced conversions despite Islam teaching that all religions should be respected. So what are you talking about. Most muslim countries are in middle East or Africa and they are either always at war or the most poor countries. There are no invemtions done by muslims. So many muslims are now getting disillusioned and leaving Islam.

      • No bro my mother is muslim and my father is hindu and they both are happy couple and I don’t think so any religion is bad until you add politics ☺️

    • Who is talking . The Hindu culture which was popularly known for burning of hindu women after her husband death is teaching how Muslim torture their women? Get your history book before raise issue in my community.

      • Yes that’s right, but we came over from that. We Hindus are Irradiate it and stop this stuff. Simultaneously many nonsense stuffs also present in Islam like Hijab, polygamy, triple talaq, Nikah halala etc.
        Now we hindus put stop to this Superstition. Our gita teaches to respect all the religion but quran not as in quran there says “kafir”(non Muslims) to convert them if he didn’t agree then kill him. What a downward thinking.

        We are proud for our religion🙏🙏.
        Jai sri ram

  2. Do you have the guts to say Muslim men who marry Hindu women are wrong? if you are opposing something, oppose both ….but don’t behave like one way traffic

    • It’s not true dear, half knowledge is also harmful. Our 1st Muslim woman, wife of our prophet was a top class business woman of her time , whose business was spread over 2000km area. There is hijab but no compulsion in front of family or ladies.. get full info about the religion before you say anything..

  3. We are muslim i all are read that my book quran thoroghly beacause i am and all muslim are strong in islam / this is not that muslim girl mistake this is mistake of her parents her first beleive in education took her girl and after education his thinking getting job of her girls his not thinking of his paradise his thinking only life education that is the mistake of her parents ok now you know who is the best muslim,🙂

    • Mughals were Mongols the same persons who first attacked Arabs and decimated them, but then after they were completely destroyed the few who remained psychologically brainwashed the mongols to convert to Islam they then turned the mongols towards Indian subcontinent here they were known as mughals as per history books. Arabs did not even make a pin historically but they were masters of psychological brainwashing since the beginning. This is why they managed to convert so many in a small span of time.
      The golden period of Islam started when they looted vedic books from India and translated them using persian speaking and writing Indians and later from persian to arabic. Then these arabic books later reached europe translated into greek and latin. The pool of world knowledge is from vedic texts but India does not get credit for it. cause of 1300 years of foriegn occupation.

      Give you example what brainwashing does:

      Putting children in front of danger purposely is a norm in Islam culture.

      Its called brainwashing your own children. when you teach them this before they are 18 years you are forcing your mind on to them. You are not allowing them to discover the truth. Such brainwashing is prevalent only in Islam, where parents teach children to become human bombers instead of engineers and doctors.

      “Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?”

      “It is always a much easier task to educate uneducated people than to re-educate the mis-educated.”

      What a shame you are not even allowed to ask questions on islam but you are the first to question the indian nation anthem, national song etc, why caliphate Umar burned the house of Fatima when he only went to her home to convince her to accept abu bakr as the 1st caliph after mohd death. When she refused to accept him as caliph she was kicked in the stomach while she was pregnant and her house was burned, which lead to the death of fatima and her unborn child, but you are not allowed to question this even to the mullahs. You cannot ask question why the prophet mohd was poisoned when he ate food only in home of aiysha. you are not allowed to ask question why the family of prophet was forced to flee from land of muslims. you are not allowed to ask questions, why the 10 Imams of Islam, the direct kins of Mohammed were killed by muslims. You are not allowed to ask question, why the grandchildren of mohd were killed in karbala by muslims. You are not allowed ask questions, why the family & companions of Imam hussain fled to hindu kingdoms for shelter and refuge. You are not allowed to ask questions, why yazid sent mohammed qasim to India to kill the family of prophet mohd, you are not allowed to ask questions, why hindus came to save prophet family in karbala. Infact you cannot ask question, you can only brainwash children generation after generation lies and lies, but when you ask questions you are kafir.

      The killers of prophet family knew it will be firmly & permanently planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate and indoctrinate it before the age of five, by constantly repetition of the lies and propaganda of yazid, this is why generation after generation you were asked to brainwash your own children. So that Yazid secret will remain a secret and you will follow his ways while calling yourself muslims. You will be followers of yazid not followers of ahl bayt, you will hate humanity this is your curse, cause your ancestors were born in the harems of yazid by rape of non-muslims, then their born children in harems were indoctrinated and asked to teach this to children generation after generation. This is how you reached this point.

      “Muslims are the first victims of Islam. […] To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him.” More muslims are killed by muslims not by non-muslims.

      If this mumbo jumbo was good for children then why is this taught to the children of poor only, why the Islamist leaders on the top never send their own children for Jihad.

    • My dear, Islam is a rape cult. Muhammed himself was a serial rapist and a child rapist. The pedophile, pathological lying, evil prophet of Islam concocted the dirty book called Quran. Only because of threat people remain Muslims. Otherwise, forget women, even men would leave islam.

      • “imamullah” aka Hindu gutter rat aka Ram ki rapist kali gaand,

        The usual Hindu lies from monkey worshipper Hindu pedophile. Just like Krishna, Ram and the millions of pokemon Hindu “gods.” Your filth applies to Hinduism not Islam. Hinduism is a grand failure, producing failure, build on lies, rape, pedophilia, terrorism, perversion and hatred, a penis worshipping pagan cult concocted by deranged brahmin dogs to enslave humanity. Anybody who has read Hindu “holy” books knows its evil satanic cult. Hinduism has no merits, it uses force to keep millions of low caste Hindus within its fold. No wonder so many Hindus covert to Islam.
        Islam is the truth, the antidote to the poison of Hinduism. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into fascist shithole. Hinduism must be exterminated to save India.

      • Imamullah, who ever you are, why are you commenting using name of a Muslim? Are you so scared of using a hindu name and a hindu identity? And this debate is of about “Muslim girls getting married with Hindu boys in large number” relates to a socio-economic discussion, you do not have any rights to comment insulting any religion and its prophet, no matter how much you hate islam and its prophet you are seeing for yourself that islam is fastest spreading religion in the world not for any forceful conversions because people are more educated than before to understand what is the right religion and there is existence of only one God and that is “Allah”, next time you want to post your unhumourous bullshit and spread hatred of any religion and its prophet, i dare you also just post your real name, idenity and address, you will be vanished from the face of the earth, i am saying this with my ownself, my religion nowhere permits me to threaten you or insult you, its because i deeply respect my religion my prophet and my country, our prophet is our honour and i am proud to be an indian muslim,

      • What about Krishna, he had many wives, girlfriends and then gopis etc what not.. you yourself say there were more than 1600… then drupadi had 5 husbands , how is this possible.. please look to yourself before pointing to others..

  4. Islam prohibits men from unnecessary interactions with non related females, whether Muslim or non Muslim. Conversion is a person’s prerogative according to Islam. Islam encourages to seek out the truth, and accept it once it becomes manifest. Anyone in support of either “Muslim Love Jihad” or “Hindu Ghar Wapsi” are defaming their respective religions and communities.

    Our constitution and the laws of our land permit inter caste and inter religious marriages. Once a couple decide to go down that path of their own volition, then the law and state obligated to provide them protection, and honor their decision.

    It is ignorance of one’s own religion that opens the doors to conversion for the sake of marriage or any other inducement, whether Muslim to Hindu or Hindu to Muslim.

    It is a fact that in many (but not all) of these inter religion marriages, the girl has not received the kind of love, affection, and nurturing, that she should have from her parents or guardians, and so she is receptive to the love and affection that she is shown by the boy, and she agrees to spend her life with him.

  5. When Muslims do love jihad and rape jihad for 5-6 decades it is bound to have some reaction from non-muslims.

    As per previous constitution of Kashmir, Muslim in Kashmir valley can get resident permit in 15 days where as a hindu even if he is Kashmiri his son can take 2 years of rigorous effort to get the domicile of own home state. In Indian Kashmir the politicians made a rule via Kashmir constitution girls of Kashmir marrying Indian nationals will loose its citizenship and their children have no rights to anchesterial property in Kashmir. But when Kashmiri girls or boys marry Pakistanis, thier spouse is given kashmiri/indian citizenship and their children get ancestral property rights.
    Biggest problem has been influx of Pakistanis in India. for 75 years congress and kashmir constitution has left a loop hole Due to this loop hole lot of Pakistanis have got Indian citizenship over the years, we need to reverse this, We need to find out which are the persons who were originally pakistani they married Indian kashmiri girl and then got citizen card of Indian kashmir then they got indian passport. This is a weakness in our law/ kashmir constitution. how this has happened over the years.
    Mass marriages of Pakistani men with Kashmiri women in POK and Indian Kashmir has continued. Also Pakistan changed the borders and took away some provinces of Kashmir and included them into Pakistan. In the same period India has never allowed any Indian to buy land in Kashmir, it has not allowed Indians to get Kashmir domicile status. Infact till today a Muslim in Kashmir valley can get resident permit in 15 days where as a hindu even if he is Kashmiri his son can take 2 years of rigorous effort to get the domicile of own home state. In Indian Kashmir the politicians made a rule via Kashmir constitution girls of Kashmir marrying Indian nationals will loose its citizenship and their children have no rights to ancestral property in Kashmir. But when Kashmiri girls or boys marry Pakistanis, their spouse is given kashmiri/indian citizenship and their children get ancestral property rights. This is how more and more Pakistanis entering Indian kashmir and then into India. This must be stopped and revered, ll those who were pakistanis their kashmir IDs and Indian passports must be revoked.
    Now there is not only infux of pakistanis but in Begal there is also influx of bangladeshis in india. These foreigners have been getting indian voter ids, passports, ration cards with the help of the congress and its allies like TMC.
    The number of Love jihad attacks on Hindu and Sikh women by Kashmir boys who have right to enter India freely have increased. Is it safe to have open borders with Kashmir Muslims which exposes India and its Hindu population. No govt in India has done anything to punish these people who do dreadful things in the name of religion. English paid media wont even put this in news cause it is a Hindu girl who is gang raped by Muslims. Updesh Rana in the video below was killed in a targeted accident who was trying to support a Hindu girl gang raped by Kashmirs.

  6. Hindutva is the process of protecting Santan dharma from external and internal threats and forces of Evil and rakshasaas.

    The whole Bhagwad Gita is about Krishna explaining Hindutva to Arjun.

    It is understandable some people fear Hindutva they should be scared, cause Hindutva is not for faint hearted.

    Communist’s and Liberals and Islamists in particular should fear Hindutva it is no surprise..

    It is good you are scare of Hindutva. corrupt Nehru slaves have a lot to fear from Hindutva.

    Some people who themselves in the mirror may interpret this as a threat. But those who have evil intension know that Hindutva is their death warrant.

  7. Sharia law interprets several passages of the Qur’an to mean that marriage should be restricted to only those of the Muslim faith, including Qur’an 2.221 and 5.72-6. In other words non-Muslim marriages were considered illegal as per Islam.

    As per Shariah Law a Muslim women cannot marry a non-Muslim and so this is not permitted. And since marriage between Muslim women to non-Muslim was not permitted then then there should be a law to legalize the child born to Muslim women with a non-Muslim man.

    And however while Muslim women were totally not permitted to marry non-Muslim men as per Shariah law, vice versa is allowed but with a caveat. In other words as per Shariah a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim women but such a women under shariah will have status of a mistress unless she converts to Islam and her children born out of such a marriage will not have full rights.  So we need changes made to law via a new law to change the status of non-Muslim women married to Muslims under a new law. So under the new law does she and her children have right to inheritance of the the Muslim man.

    Has law made any efforts to equalize the Muslim and non-Muslim women or does it only have cosmetic value for economic benefits to the state and politics. For serious change to happen we need proper laws in India to counter such practices of forced conversions.

    Furthermore as per Shariah the Muslim women marrying Muslim men can marry only once the guardian or parent of the girl provides permission for the marriage but we have seen in Muslim countries and even in India in the case of marriage of non-Muslim women with a Muslim Man there is no need for permission from parents or guardians of non-Muslim women which allows room for persecution and rape of non-Muslim women.  Has this law made any efforts to change this and make this equal for marriage to non-Muslim women. The law should audit all marriages by the Muslim mullahs, waqf board or mosques to check if they have not violated this condition of permission by wali of the non-muslim girl.

    Muslims all over the word and in India could not explain why Muslims are not giving rights to Hindu girls same as Muslim girls while forced conversion and marriages. While they agree Quran requires wali permission for marriage of females so when hindu girl niqah is done without presence and permission of hindu girls gaurdians and parents this is shirk done by Muslims.

    The main trait of islam is dont steel from others, dont occupy on others property, be peaceful, be honest and allow circulation of wealth. There is nothing more to it in Islam then why are the muslims cheating non-muslims or is this bad habits they got due to influence of Yazid on Islam after the death of Prophet Mohd.

    Those Muslims who are liars are munafiqs according to me, they have not understood the preaching’s of Prophet Mohd or have been misguided by the mullahs who preach Yazid philosophy via Islam.

    Hence to make law fair to all, I propose changes to Indian law.

    While I am not against any genuine love marriages. But knowing in 95% cases this is due to love Jihad. Hence I recommend.

    The criteria for registration of muslim male & hindu/Non-muslim girl marriage should be following. The non-muslim Girl should be asked to read then sign this affidavit. Then given 72 hours before intention of marriage to think and sign it.

    1) Do you know conversion for the sake of marriage is not permitted in India, not only this is illegal this is against the law. Do you have any intention to convert your religion post marriage, have you got any assurances you are not required to convert.

    2) Do you know that as per Islam any marriage without the consent of Wali (legal gaurdian of the girl is considered so still knowingly you are entering into a illegal marriage.

    3) Do you know that if a muslim man marries a non-muslim women then this marriage in the eyes of islam is a illegal marriage and this will be considered like prostitution unless you convert to islam one way or another. So you will be forced to convert to islam. Else your children will not get any legal right when you marry a muslim man,. The exact references from Islamic scriptures for the above can be shared with her, so she can make up her mind. A copy of this should be given to her.

    4) A Muslim man is allowed to have 4 wives and so in future you accept you will not have any objections to share your husband with other women.

    5) You understand under the islamic law other then meher you get nothing if you have a divorce with a muslim man.

    6) You understand conversion in Islam is a one way process, as per the quran once you convert to islam then if you change your mind and want to convert back. There is a verse in the quran theat says if anyone who is muslim once and want convert from Islam to another religion the quran asks muslims to murder or killed thuis person.

    The Muslim man also should sign this but additionally there will be a clause if the girl dies or if the girl is forced to convert the boy will be tried for murder. Further muslims man will have to sign I accept universal law of India, and disregard the sharia law for this marriage.

    So knowingly you have decided to accept this.

    You know this and knowingly you have decided to marry this muslim man with full understanding of this.
    Then still if she wants to marry knowingly then let her face the consequences.

    I suppose same affidavit can be also given to christian/hindu/any non-muslim girls who wish to marry muslim man.

    • Another cut-and-paste sanghi bhangi bullshit full of lies from whatsapp. There is no such thing as “love jihad,” gaandu. Listen up, you shit eating Hindu son of piss drinking bitch, you don’t tell Muslims what to do..its that simple. Your filthy Hindu cult has no merit in our eyes..garbage paganism belongs in the gutter. Nobody converts to Hinduism which is based on lies and superstition. Muslim men have no interest in pagan Hindu whores…. it’s not our problem that Hindu women are attracted to manly Muslim men as opposed to stinky ugly Hindu incels who look like burnt crows.
      Meanwhile we will expel all Hindus from Muslim nations, permanant ghar wapsi to bhangi mata…all Hindu temples must be demolished and have toilets built on them. No tolerance for Hindu Nazi scum.

  8. sir muslim hi muslim ko maar raha hai koi sariya ko muslim law hai to muslim kyun bhag rahe hai agar bhag rahe to muslim countries chod kar non muslim countries mein jana chata hai umaha kyun chup hai 56 muslim countries chup hai to sab kuch islam ki wajah se bhag rahe hai to pehale islam chodo insaan bano

    • Bakwas bandh kar Hindu gaandu. Bada aya insaniyat ki baat karne. Hindus have killing each other for thousands of years. Tum bhikari Hindu gaandus sell your kidneys to get visas to go to Muslim countries to wash our toilets? Why? No jobs in bhangi mata.

  9. Some of these guys in the comment section are sick & shameless pigs who instead of feeling sad & worried for the Muslim women who are objectified & used as a tool by some hate-filled disgusting monsters to satisfy their hate & evil ego, they are trying to normalize such inhuman acts to ignore the seriousness of the matter, saying where & in which religions women are safe justifying abuse, violence and forced conversion.

  10. You should be able to marry anyone you want. You don’t own Muslim girls, they are their own autonomous beings. You can’t single out the few outliers and say that that’s all Hindu men. I love Hijabis, I would be more than happy to marry a modest Muslim woman.

  11. “मुसलमान इस्लाम के पहले शिकार हैं। […] मुस्लिम को उसके धर्म से मुक्त करना सबसे अच्छी सेवा है जो कोई उसे प्रदान कर सकता है।” अधिक मुसलमानों को गैर-मुसलमानों द्वारा नहीं बल्कि मुसलमानों द्वारा मारा जाता है।

    अगर यह मुंबो जंबो बच्चों के लिए अच्छा था तो गरीबों के बच्चों को ही क्यों पढ़ाया जाता है, शीर्ष पर मौजूद इस्लामवादी नेता अपने बच्चों को कभी जिहाद के लिए क्यों नहीं भेजते।

  12. Most of European countries are fed up of them. They are doing strict border patrol to control muslim immigrants. If Islam was so great. Then Europeans must have welcomed them with open arms. However they are sick of hardliner Muslims. Quran and logic are not related. That’s why many Muslims from arab countries come to various Asian countries for being free from restrictions. Just see them in Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam drinking chilled whisky , beer walking on beaches. Eating pork in various places. Just see the number of people from arab countries and muslim countries of Africa to settle in Europe for living in free country. These people leave Islam in Europe and try to blend in European culture.

  13. Koi hindu muslim religion ko evil bol rha hai to koi muslim hindu religion ko evil bol rha hai
    Bure log bhi hur religion me hai aur ache log bhi hur religion me hai
    Jyaada bura wo hai jo dusre religion ko bura bol rha hai bina us religion ke bare me jaane
    Jai hind

  14. यह पूरी तरह से मंगत कहानी बनाकर पेश कर दी गई है इस से 100 गुना ज्यादा लव जिहाद का शिकार हिंदू महिलाएं और लड़कियां होती हैं।

  15. Muslim Girls get annoyed with Hindus after their marriage with Hinfu men because there is no provision for HALALA in Hindu Religion. Muslim Girls are accustomed to see Halala performed in their Houses like that of on their Ammis, Sisters, Sister in laws etc. by family members, neighbors, Masjid Mullah etc.

  16. hindus are the worst because they have started killing in the name of jai shree ram…they earn their bread and butter by working in muslim arab countries and find so many benefits there, but they are thankless, enemies of Islam.

    Hindus are becoming a violent, jealous and terrorist lot, who cannot see and acknowledge the contributions of the muslim world in the historical an d current prescpective

  17. Honestly if a muslim women marries a hindu i have no sympathy for her what so ever muslim women should be kept away from these disguisting Lindupigs no interaction no problems otherwise these things will continue to happen and Muslim men should try their best to convert as many Hindu women to islam as possible i know this for a fact that hindu women hate hindu men because they are very disguisting and ugly thats why they are making laws against muslims because hindu women just dont give a fuck about hindu men
    I would too love to marry a Hindu Women anytime soon.

    • Ye sab bakwas sirf ek pig ki aukat Waley ghatiya Islam dhrm ke log hi bol saktey hai kyuki yehi terrorism ko phailatey hai. Sale Teri Ghar ke maa behen shayad hindu mardo ke sath bhag gaye the.

  18. Yes that’s right, but we came over from that. We Hindus are Irradiate it and stop this stuff. Simultaneously many nonsense stuffs also present in Islam like Hijab, polygamy, triple talaq, Nikah halala etc.
    Now we hindus put stop to this Superstition. Our gita teaches to respect all the religion but quran not as in quran there says “kafir”(non Muslims) to convert them if he didn’t agree then kill him. What a downward thinking.

    We are proud for our religion🙏🙏.
    Jai sri ram

  19. Another jihadi channel running its venomous hate against hindus. Just brazing opinions over facts. So much nonsense reported in this post and you have no facts to prove it. The post is filled with nonsense, hate and bigoted opinions. Stop the hate and billshit from your heart idiots. Go off.


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