Muslim group demands charges against Tablighi quashed, condemns media vilification of Muslims

Maulana Saad

By Muslim Mirror Desk

Mumbai:  A prominent socio-religious group, All India Dawah Centers Association (AIDCA), on Tuesday strongly condemned calumny and slanderous campaign run by a section of media particularly news channel against the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ). Expressing solidarity with the TJ, the group demanded that all charges against the Jamaat and its chief Maulana Saad should be quashed.

The group  said it is unfortunate that when the whole world is united to fight against the pandemic corona virus, the Indian media has stooped such a low and  whipping up communal passions to strengthen the communal polarization in the country by putting blame on Muslims for the spread of deadly virus.

In press note,  AIDCA  said it strongly condemned  the unjust behavior of media, the Right Wing groups and the Government.  Even  after the Markaz Nizamuddin,  the global headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat has , clarified that they have not violated any prohibitory orders of the government on lockdown,  the media is playing  the communal game of Islamophobia and putting  blame on Muslims  for spread of the pandemic COVID-19.

“Since few years there is a drastic increase in Islamophobia in India, especially the media houses. The Right-Wing has come up openly and is committed to attack the minorities, especially Muslims – online and offline. This led to the numerous deaths in the name of cow, Muslim identity, various types of jihad, and especially designed state-sponsored pogrom,” it noted.

This hate didn’t allow them to concentrate on the solutions to get rid of this epidemic disease, rather to put all the efforts on how to blame the Muslim community for the spread of the disease. With half-baked truth the media started bombarding shows and social media started trending hashtags against the Muslims like #CoronaJihad, etc, it added.

Urging the government to define the Islamophobia, group underlined that the way media reports on Tablighi Jamaat and Islam plays a role in the spread of Islamophobia.

“The state and Central government not only refuses to recognize a proposed workable definition of Islamophobia, but also allows anti-Muslim bigots to fill its ranks, evidently.”

“In fact, the contagion is being used to fuel anti-Islamic sentiments. The mainstreaming of fascist media, political discourse and some major publications like The Economist have had no qualms about equating the novel coronavirus with terms like ‘jihad’ or with stereotypical caricatures of Muslims — as portrayed in a cartoon published by one of India’s leading newspapers The Hindu.”

AIDCA demands the State and Central Government to immediately take strict action against those who maliciously spread venom against the Muslims and the Tabligi Jamaat and try to paint the pandemic corona virus with the Muslim identity.

Expressing solidarity with the Tabligi Jamaat, AIDCA said it stands with the organization in this dire situation and urges the Government to drop the unjust charges levied against the Tabligi Jamaat and Maulana Saad.


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