Muslim man beaten  by cop, locals in Delhi


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi, Apr 8 : A Muslim man  was beaten by a policeman and a several other individuals in Sagarpur colony of South West Delhi. In a video that has gone viral, the man is seen being chased by the assailants and later hounded by them.



TuIn a tweet, Delhi MLA Amanatullah Khan has identified the victims as Imran and the policeman as Kamlesh who is appointed at Sagarpur police station. Khan alleged he had a conversation with Imran and he was told by him that the police have not taken action against the assailants despite his complaint application.

According to a news report by Press Trust of India (PTI), the policeman has been suspended. The report quoted an unnamed senior police officials saying that a departmental inquiry has been initiated in the matter.

The PTI report further quoted victim’s family members telling that he had gone to a mosque after which he went to his elder sister’s house, who also lived in the same locality.

The incident took place when Imran was returning home from her place.
“When Imran was returning home, he saw the police near the park. He got scared and started running as he thought he was violating the lockdown.”

“The policeman followed him and started thrashing him. They alleged that he had coronavirus. People also joined the policeman in hitting him. Imran does not have coronavirus, but even if he did, the police should have taken him to a hospital for treatment and informed us,” one of Imran’s family members said.

The incident took place in the wake of a rise in hate campaign promoted by India’s right-wing machinery, apparently backed by members of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in connection with the spread of COVID-19 in India. The hate campaign has resulted in various incidents of discrimination against and attacks on Muslims.


  1. The Delhi Police atrocities in recent Delhi communal violence is very well documented. It is time Indian Muslim to take this matter to United Nation. This is preperpetrate vilence which went on for three days has similar pattern to the post Godhra violence in Gujarat. The Delhi Police which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs need to be disbanded or should be brought under Delhi state government.
    Though the Delhi police jurisdiction doesn’t fall under CM Kejriwal government it is the same people who voted him to power. The deteriorating security in the nation capital should not neglected by the state government.

    Jai Hind

  2. Wo police jo bhi ho use suspend karke saale ko chaurahe se joote maarte huwe leke jaake police station me band kardo aur saale ko kadi se kadi saja sunawo.

  3. Kejriwaal kya tamasha dekhraha hai Kya? Isiliye hum se vote liya tha? Agar tujh me thodi bhi insaaniyat hai to in gundon ko kadi se kadi saja dilwana hoga.

  4. Muslims no needs to protect any culprit but they should defend and protect their rights.
    Looks like delhi police do not have any guidelines from its admin.
    I do not know Why such police is required for this country?

  5. Justice Anand Narain Mullah called the police the “biggest organized gang of criminals in uniform, even criminals go on leave but these people are 24 hours on duty.

  6. Corona will spread anyway naturally, in my country, for instance, all families are getting sick one by one, what’s interesting not everyone in a family is getting the illness, there are family members who are looking after the sick but not getting infected thanks to their immunity or I don’t know. My mother in law has several chronic illnesses and had operation on her heart 3 years ago but she looked after her sons who got Corona virus but she didn’t get infected.

  7. No Right wingers will speak now. Shame wardi ka zor ek kamzor oe dikhate ho. Aur ye wardi wale BJP walo ki roz galiya khate hai waha kuch nai bol pate.

  8. Horrible and Terrorist Act by local Hindus and equally Terror RSS Sympathiser policeman beating merciless to an unarmed muslim citizen of India. Highly condemnable murderous and Terror act by RSS minded Hindus. Shame shame.

  9. Horrible and Terrorist Act by local Hindus and equally Terror RSS Sympathiser policeman beating mercilessly to an unarmed muslim citizen of India. Highly condemnable murderous and Terror act by RSS minded Hindus. Shame shame.

  10. All against police comments by certain group
    Bcs justice was done and they always bark when justice is given bcs they always do injustice
    And I m pretty clear who is ” they” in my sentences


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