Muslim man dies in police custody in UP, family alleges foul play

Altaf Ahmad

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A Muslim man accused of running away with a Hindu woman died in police custody in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj. His father said that the police hanged him while he was in the lock-up.

Altaf was brought to the Sardar police station on charges of running away with a girl. The police said that during interrogation, he sought permission to go to the bathroom. “The police officer sent him to the bathroom inside the lock-up, and after a while, when he did not come out, a worker went to check. He had tightened the hood of his jacket around his throat, by tying it to a pipe,” SP Botre was quoted as saying by The Quint.

The staff opened the door, untied him, and took him to the hospital, where he died after being treated for some time, he added.

Five police personnel, including Kasganj station house officer, two sub-inspectors, a head officer, and a constable, on the charges of negligence.

Altaf’s father, Caahat Miyan, said that he handed over his son to the police at 8 pm on Monday, and subsequently went to the police station to get more details and a copy of the first information report. He claimed that police personnel misbehaved with him and warned Caahat Miyan not to come to the station again.

“On Tuesday evening, I got information from local reporters that my son had died inside [the police station],” Miyan said, according to The Times of India. “By the time I reached the station again, he was taken to a local hospital. Doctors there declared him dead. My son was innocent, he had no criminal past.”



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