Muslim refugees convert to Christianity to get Indian citizenship under CAA


By Hasan Akram

New Delhi: Scores of Afghan and Rohingya Muslim refugees have reportedly converted to Christianity in order to become eligible for Indian citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which allows persecuted non-Muslim minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to get Indian citizenship. Central agencies have alerted the government while they have flagged nearly 25 such cases of Afghan Muslims converting to Christianity as part of ongoing assessment, Economic Times reported on 23 July referring to “people with knowledge of the matter”.


Adib Ahmed Maxwell, who heads an Afghan church in south Delhi told ET that there has been a “spurt” in the number of Afghan Muslims wanting to convert to Christianity after the CAA was passed by Indian Parliament.

Muslim activist Afreen Fatima says it is “unfortunate” that they are left with no option but to change their religion in order to flee from persecution. “If you talk of granting citizenship on religious basis, human beings [refugees who do not belong to the religious communities mentioned in the CAA] will not have an option except to change their religion,” she told Muslim Mirror.

Legal advisor of Bhim Army Mahmood Pracha called it a “failure of Muslim leadership”. “If the report is true, then its biggest responsibility falls on Muslim leadership because they have made the community coward to the extent that they are thinking of these ways [converting to other religions] in compulsion,” he told MM. Pracha added, “We will either have to change this leadership or erase this cowardice”.

Fatima also believes that Muslim leaders have failed to ensure that the rights of Muslims are protected in India . She attributed it to the unnecessary obsession of continuously ‘proving’ their loyalty to the country. Fatima says that barely helped Muslims since the majority community continued to view them with suspicion. “That’s why the new leadership that arose from CAA movement, from Jamia Millia, from Aligarh Muslim University, does want to assert their loyalty to India. We don’t need to prove anyone.”


  1. MashaAllah!

    Well done.

    Tauheed or monotheism is in the hearts.

    Saving human life and dignity is most important first.

    They all will still remain Muslims at heart and in the Hereafter.

    Well done, Super-Reverse CHANAKYA Neeti!

    Christianity is closest to ISLAM, only you have to consider Jesus-Eisa as messenger-Messiah and not the son of God!

    RSS dogs have to be retaliated “DHOBHI-PACHAD” in their own devilish technique , if HUMANITY and poor helpless human refugees have to win and survive against these fascist Rapists.

    Mogambo khush huaa, well done!

    Now encourage everyone else in Refugee camp to name-sake convert to Christianity and save your life and dignity in God’s Earth and land.

    You can pray secretly at home in your own way, that is your Basic Human right and no blood-thirsty hate-devil Shah-Modi-Bhagwat-Bisht-Kejri can stop you there..

    • No there is different Christian’s don’t believe in Mohammed as a prophet .
      Also there are a lot different in beliefs , prayers , culture , messages etc.
      Also even the belief of heaven is different . After death Christian’s can see God &. be with God .
      Meanwhile in Islam there are also entertainment like having 72 virgins , 300 slaves , plenty beverages many more things.
      Also Jesus said love each other . Forgive.
      Meanwhile Islam teaches the eye for an eye rule

    • First introspect why muslims are not safe in muslim countries. Why they need to come to India for safety? India is safe because of same hindus that you hate. How is it a devilish technique when muslims already took more than 50% of Hindu lands from Afghanistan till Bangladesh? Why cant you fix problems in your religion and make your countries peaceful and liveable?

      • Have u any proof to justify ur claim that muslim at large hate hindues/ or of any other religion ? Maximum u can talk about kashmiri barahmans issue which was not justified the hate as community but for land and political conspiracy nothing more.Brother neither muslims as a whole or the hindues as a whole hate each other,this is reality.


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