Muslim students made to sit separately in Indore school


By Hasan Akram

Muslim students on Wednesday were not allowed to enter their examination halls in a school and forced to write their papers while sitting on the veranda in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh, Hindi language-daily Dainik Dopahar reported.


The newspaper report added the students were appearing for Class 12th exam in the “Bangali School” located in Navlakha area of Indore.

When Muslim students reached the school they were stopped by the school staff. They were not allowed even after their repeated requests.

Though school administration said that the students coming from red zone areas were made to sit separately, however, people present there said only Muslim students were made to sit on the veranda and even those Hindu students who belonged to red zone areas were allowed to sit at their designated positions in the examination halls, the report added.

In India, such instances of discrimination against Muslim have been on the rise even during the coronavirus pandemic. Many such incidents took place after mainstream Indian news channels maligned Muslims and portrayed them as super-spreaders of Covid-19. Notably, the news channels got the opportunity to vilify Muslims after several people were found infected with Covid-19 after participating in a congregation organised by Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat in New Delhi’s Nizamuddin area in March.


  1. Head of such institutions should be fired, if government incapable of taking action, court cases needs to be filed and address these issues through judiciary and use social media to stop such incidents in future, these are people with a mindset of dividing the society.

  2. Such a pity to witness this, if this is the mindset of educated people from the education industry, MAY GOD BLESS INDIA.

  3. Why you are not in mutt and ashram you idiot anonymous why only Tablighi jamaat to be blamed there are other congrestion was going on at the same time why those were not covered? Tabligi jamaat is not new to government it is going onfrom last 95 years and these programs were done regularly 365 a days those information is already with government officials and even news agencies knows that so why they mainstream media shouting like a dog against Muslims.

  4. These gutter born Hindus who are doing this type of excesses against muslims will face corona attack in bulk. Already China occupied our territory because of destiny’s curse on these andhbhakts.

      • You’re a delusional idiot. Its not spreading hate to respond to injustice by Hindus. Go learn proper English grammar before posting.

  5. It is high time to target this kind of Sangi hindus all over the world in the same manner then only the come to sense.

  6. Brahma raped his own daughter saraswati, Lakshman had illicit relationship with his bhabi Seetha. These Hindus are loaded with gobar instead of brains


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