Muslims became backward as they distanced themselves from Islam: SAF chief


By Muslim Mirror News,

L-R: Dr. Shakeel Samdani, Maulana Khalid Rashid, Maulana Usama, SR Darapuri (extreme right)
L-R: Dr. Shakeel Samdani, Maulana Khalid Rashid, Maulana Usama, SR Darapuri (extreme right)

Barabanki (U.P.), April 23: Due to the growth of multinational companies in our country the Israeli influence is increasing day by day and they are influencing the national policies, said Maulana Khaild Rashid Farangi Mahli, Imam Idgah, Lucknow while speaking as chief guest at a seminar on “Contemporary Problems of Muslims in India” at Mughal Darbar Hall here on Sunday.

He said that the Muslims are suffering from three types of problems, global, national and regional. Maulana further said that at the time of independence 37% of Muslims were employed in government services but now the ratio has come down to 3%. Muslims by their hard work and labour developed their industries and established their own business, that too was destroyed through communal riots and they were pushed many decades back. In 1992 due to new economic policies Muslim youths also joined multinational companies but the communal forces could not digest their high positions and prosperity and they changed their strategy. With the help of state agencies they started targeting doctors, engineers, computer experts and brilliant young boys employed by multinational companies. They were framed in fake charges of terrorism and antinational activities. He questioned that by which instrument the security agencies reveal the names of those organisations who, in their opinion, have committed the crime.

Maulana demanded that Justice Rangnath Mishra Commission report should immediately be implemented and 10% reservation should be given to the Muslims. He also demanded restoration of mosques to the Muslims for offering prayers, which are under the control and custody of Archaeological Survey of India and establishment of fast track court to try the Muslim youths allegedly involved in terrorism cases. He welcomed the decision of U.P. government for giving funds for boundaries of Muslim graveyards and recognising the degree of Urdu Muallim.

President of Sir Syed Awareness Forum (SAF) Dr. Shakeel Samdani of Aligarh Muslim University said that the reason of Muslim backwardness is that they have distanced themselves from Islam and they have forgotten the teachings of the Quran and Hadith and due to that they have become backward in education also. When they were practicing Muslims they had conquered the entire Asia, Africa, parts of Russia. China and about one-third of Europe and they remained super power in the world for about 800 years. Now it is time to revert back to the root of success, that is, Islam.

Dr. Shakeel Samdani, who teaches law at AMU, said that state governments and central government are adopting double standard as far as justice is concerned. In many cases they have filed charge sheets and tried their best to convict the accused and in other cases they have not even filed the charge sheets, hence, no question of conviction of the criminals. He said that overwhelming majority of the Muslims wants to give education to their children but due to high cost of education they are unable to educate their children.

Dr. Samdani, who is also member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, further said that our political leaders have cheated us. Had they discharged their duties honestly the community would not have faced these problems. Generally speaking Muslim leadership is selfish, dishonest and insensitive. The time has come to produce honest, dedicated and god fearing leadership. Now it is high time that the Muslims should start educational institutions from primary level to university level. He also said that it is our Milli duty to help those innocent persons who are languishing in jails for years. Dr. Shakeel Samdani exhorted the Muslim to fight for Muslim issues unitedly especially for reservation, for security, for education and for Muslim Personal Law. He congratulated the organisers for organising a successful seminar on Muslim issues.

DIG. (Rtd.) SR Darapuri alleged that as part of larger conspiracy, minorities, especially Muslims are being targeted and they have been given the title of terrorists. He said that, within minutes of any blast the media starts telling the nation about the name of the terrorist organisations. Dr. Darapuri said that he himself was a police officer and he knows well that investigation is a long process and sometimes it takes years to identify the culprits. In the last he said that the biggest incident of terrorism was the demolition of Babri Mosque and this is a sad story that the culprits of the demolition became the rulers of the country.

Maulana Habib Qasmi said that the defence of Muslim community is only undertaken by Urdu newspapers and the newspapers of other languages do not discharge their duties. In his presidential speech, Maulana Mati-ul-Haq Usama Qasmi Kanpuri said that it is our duty to unite ourselves against tyranny and injustice. He also requested the audience to acquire legal knowledge so that they may be aware of their fundamental rights.


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