Muslims can vote for BJP if they want: Mahmood Madani

Mahmood Madani

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Maulana Mahmood Madani has said that Muslims should not vote to defeat any particular party because it is strategically wrong.


“Muslims are a big part of the society in this country. If they decide to defeat any particular party in any case then it is strategically wrong. Because, the one we decide to defeat will not need us and the one we have to make victorious will also not need us,” he said in an interview with Aaj Tak, a Hindi-language news channel on Monday.

Maualana Madani, who is president of the Mahmood faction of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, said Muslims can vote for the BJP if they want. He further said that even the BJP should not have a problem to approach Muslims. He added that he wants the BJP to act against hate speeches and hate crimes against Muslims.

Speaking about All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), he said that he has no problem with people voting for Owaisi as well.

Maulana Madani criticised Samajwadi Party cheif Akhilesh in connection with his remark on Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He said that the Indian Muslim rejected Jinnah’s idea and chose India over Pakistan.


  1. Historically Muslims always use to do block voting against BJP
    Historically Muslim leaders tried to trap RSS in fake Propaganda with Congress.
    Historically Muslims were doing Fake Propaganda against Modi for several decades.
    Always Muslim Bribed media only asks about Muslims only, as though the other minorities are useless only Muslims matter for You

  2. Muslims are getting the test of of their own medicine. BJP-RSS is modern conquerer and they have studied your Quran properly, they are implementing the same of your Islamic war strategy like Ghazi,Jihad,Jizya,Al Taqqaiya,Kafir,Mushriq,Darul harb,Darul Islam,Ghazwa E Hind,Dhimmi etc on Muslims to wipe you out. This is all your Islamic concepts now getting implemented on you lol. Do you still like Islam? How are you feeling now when it’s getting applied on Muslims? Offcourse you are rattled

    • Yes we still like Islam , do you think such attrocities shall deviate followers of Islam fromthe right path .
      Islam teaches Peace and brotherhood , not to hurt any body .
      Hum apne aqueede par rahen aur doosre ke Aqueede ko boora naa kahe aur kam bhi naa maane .

      • We are applying your Quran and Sharia law on Muslim. This is all yours which we are using to wipe you out from this holy land. Just like you wiped out Pagans,Yahudi, Christians from Arabia. Just like you wiped out parsis from Persia, just like you wiped out Buddhist and hindus from Afghanistan. Just like you wipe out Yazidis from Iraq. Just like you wiped out Egyptian culture from Egypt . We have deeply studied all your history and strategy, and now it’s time to reverse all your strategy and apply on Muslims to wipe you out from here

        • Good to see your deep knowledge in history of Islam!! But why you advertently skip to mention that 600 years of rule on India?? Did they wipe out any community then?

    • Low IQ Hindu bhangi pretending to be an “intellectual,”

      You must be high on cow sh1t and urine to think Muslims will be wiped out by your filthy Hindu paganism. You haven’t even studied your retarded Hindu “scriptures” fairy tales with you 330 million pokemon “gods,” you nothing about Islam…only the lies your inbred smelly brahmin slave owners fed you on whatsapp university. Why are you hindus selling your kidneys and renting your mothers out to get enough money to get a work visa to clean toilets in Muslim countries? Because you enjoy a higher standard of living under Muslims then in your filthy bhangi mata. Islam is the truth and the chemotherapy to the hindu cancer which keeps India steeped in superstition and darkness. You should be kissing the feet of the Muslims for bringing civilization to your nasty ugly violent pagan savages. We could have wiped you monkey worshippers out but didn’t…a mistake we will correct. Hinduism is so weak and pathetic that anyone with 2 functioning brain cells is repulsed by it.
      Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a fascist 3rd world sh1thole.

  3. Dear Friend
    Muslims constitute 90 % of Minorities.
    More over only Muslims are targeted by Bhagwa Brigade , not other minorities .

  4. .
    . Again swallowing baits
    . hook 🪝 line n sinker! 🎣
    Is he the son of Mr. Arshad Madani who advised voters while showing no knowledge of ground realities and falling into a narrative set by the enemy? Allah help us from falling into such traps 🪤 hook 🪝 line and sinker 🎣.


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