Muslims didn’t communalise when a Hindu killed a Muslim woman, raped her daughter and killed her six family members

Credit: TOI

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Hyderabad : A man, who had killed nine persons to cover up the killing of his girlfriend in May  has been granted death sentence by a local court in Telangana’s Warangal district.

24-year-old Sanjay Kumar had killed Rafeeqa and 9 others including six members of her family.


The accused, who hailed from Bihar, had taken Rafeeqa along with him to on a train in the guise of introducing her to his family in West Bengal but had killed her . Sanjay gave Rafeeqa butter milk mixed with sleeping pills and pushed her out of the moving train. He hid her body in Tadepally in West Godavari. When he returned, her relatives asked him about her. He initially misled them and during a birthday celebration at her kin Maqsood’s house gave them sedatives and threw bodies in the well.

The bodies of the victims — Maqsood Alam, 50, his wife Nisha Alam, 45, their sons Shabaz Alam, 21, Sohail Alam, 20, daughter Bushra Alam, 22, Bushra’s three-year-old son were retrieved from the well on May 21 and May 22.

Autopsy reports also confirmed that the victims were alive when they were dumped in the well, public prosecutor M Satyanarayana Goud said.

Sanjay had also raped  Rafeeqa’s 16-year-old daughter. The video was found on Sanjay’s phone. A separate case has been registered against him for rape and under sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Ac, Goud added.

Sanjay had migrated to Warangal six years ago to work at the gunny bag unit. While working at the unit, he had become close to the family of a colleague, Maqsood Alam, who had migrated from West Bengal to Warangal about two decades back.

Sanjay became familiar with Maqsood Alam’s niece, Rafeeqa, 37, who cooked food for the workers and lived nearby with her three children. Rafeeqa had noticed Sanjay moving with her teenage daughter and confronted him.

In an atmosphere, where Hindu right-wing forces spare no effort to turn any interfaith relationship into a case of Love Jihad, which is a conspiracy theory created by them to allege coerced marriage of Hindu women with Muslim men, the Muslim community remained calm and did not portray the aforementioned killings as a Hindu-Muslim issue.  Unlike them, the members of the Muslim community set an example of their peacefulness in the wake of the said incident.


  1. Hanging him as many times as required. He raped a Muslim girl & killed her & then killed -9-of her family to cover the crime.

  2. It’s so painful to contemplate the suffering of the murdered family members in trusting a criminal.
    It’s a lesson to be careful of new acquaintances in entertaining them to home.
    What tragic murders by a psychpopath?
    He deserves the death sentence.

  3. Muslim women are not behaving modesty with religious hijaab precautions like Bibi Fatima RadhiAllanhu, hence this tragedy.
    The selfish community leaders and selfish Ummah also do not look after poor sections of society and vulnerable Muslim ladies to give them a dignified life.
    Vultures will always abound in this world.

  4. Nice to know. I appreciate the open mindedness and respect your inclination towards human values and cultures.
    Also, kindly know, by using the name of a community in your headline and content imparts a tinge of communalism. So, why don’t you just mention as “fellow citizen”? Wouldn’t that better our means for a cohesive civilization?

    • Simple-minded Muslim believers can never match the mean-cunning hypocritical minded majoritarian RSS brains who have been brought up since birth on ”Saam-Daam-Dand-Bhed” religious policy for centuries!
      By hook or by crook—lies, slander, injustice, threat, bribery, rape—-everything is fair for the Savarna gurus–winning is important at all costs..

      The believing Muslim is the total opposite—God-fearing, truthful, dignified, fair even in the battlefield, minimum crimes committed, merciful, hates bribery and corruption, loves halaal-kamaai, gracious even in honourable defeat, resigning to God’s will,……

      If everyone learns from the 1,24,000 noble Prophets sent to Humanity and the last compassionate truthful Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, only then it would make a fair, cohesive, humanitarian society.

  5. The main shit of the is site trying to infuriate Hindus and muslims. This site sure should be banned, SCREW this site for mentioning 2 different communities.


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