Muslims must make Al Aqsa and Jerusalem their most preferred tourism destination: Palestinian ambassador to India

Ambassador of Palestine H.E.Mr. Adnan Abu Alhaija addressing the audience at AIMMM office.

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi : ‘Let me assure you , we will defend Al Aqsa and Jerusalem at any cost, no matter what price we have to pay for this great cause.’ asserted  the ambassador of Palestine H.E.Mr. Adnan Abu Alhaijaa .

Mr. Adnan was speaking before a gathering organized  by All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) under the topic of ‘Al Aqsa Calling.

Highlighting the importance of Al Aqsa for Muslims Mr. Adnan said ‘Al Aqsa is the third holiest place for the Muslims in the world, it is also the first Qibla , so I appeal to all Muslims to make Al Aqsa and Jerusalem their most preferred tourism destination. It will demoralize imperialist Israel and give a moral boost to Palestinians in their struggle to liberate Al Aqsa from invader Israel’ he added.

Informing the  audience about the efforts to make a visa of Palestine hassle- free  Dr. Wael Albattrek Minister Counsellor  of the Embassey  of Palestine said  ‘we are trying our best to make the visa procedure easy so that more and more Muslims could visit Al Aqsa.

‘We are exerting diplomatic pressure on Israel to grant visa to all those who want to visit Al Aqsa and Jerusalem. We are working closely  with Jordan for the same purpose and we are  persuading  tourist agents to attract maximum number of  tourists to Palestine’ he added.

With the help of Ulema we have formed a group of sympathizers called   ‘Friends of Palestine’ he added .

Ex-diplomat Prof. Mr Zikrur Rahman appealed Muslims to ‘visit Al Aqsa and Jerusalem as much as possible to retreat their claim over Palestine. If they find any difficulty in getting visa they must approach the related authorities and register their protest before them. It will be a great step towards their claim on Al Aqsa and Palestine.’

A short documentary  ‘Jerusalem- Wadi JoZ’ which highlights the plights of Palestinians and gradual expansion of Israel was also screened on the occasion.

During interactive moments one audience was of the view that ‘Muslims should visit  Al Aqsa instead of performing  Umras several times because  visiting Al Aqsa is also a religious and spiritual act  in Islam.

At the beginning Mushawarat president Mr Navaid Hamid introduced the guest speakers to the audience while Dr. Zafrul Islam Khan, chairman Delhi minority commission welcomed  the guests and speakers.


  1. Absolutely.

    But most Muslims in India have no idea of the Prophet’s hadith of sanctity of Masjide Aqsa, next only to the Musjide Haram (pure) of Mecca and Madina.

    They would rather visit and offer chaadars and ask mannat at Ajmer, Haji Ali and the numerous hundreds of such mazaars in India.


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