‘Muslims don’t miss emerging business opportunities’ Seminar on Economic development


By Abdul Bari Masoud, Muslim Mirror,

New Delhi:  Eminent industry experts and economists   have urged the Muslim community to take advantage of the emerging environment of the business in the country. Speaking at a seminar on the topic of  ‘Minorities under New Business Environment: Developing Skills and Entrepreneurship’ here on Friday, they said the community should prepare itself for the new economic horizons and avenues by focusing on the skill development programme in order to catch up their compatriots.

On podium, Danish Reyaz,sitting on dias L-R , Mahbubul Hoque, Tanvir Ahmad, Sirajuddin Qureshi, J.K. Jain, and Suhail Lokhandwala.

Inaugurating the seminar organized by the Maeeshat Magazine  at India Islamic Culture Centre under, prominent  politician and social activist from Mumbai Suhail Lokhandwala said Muslims  should give due focus on business activities as Prophet  Mohammad (SAW) gave preference to business.  In his touching speech, Lokhandwala said he comes from the Memon community that is known as a merchant community because its 90 per cent members are involved in mercantile activity.

Stressing the need of creating business environment and encouraging people to take entrepreneurship, he said giver hand is always better than receiver hand.

Industrialist Sirajuddin Quraishi, who is also president of India Islamic Culture Centre, shared his experience in the meat industry and asked youths to take plunge into business field as it provides ample avenues for self-employment and self-respect.

BJP leader and former Hajj Committee chairman Tanveer Ahmad underlined the importance of governance that played key role in shaping the future of the country and Muslims should try to absorb themselves in the system. He mentioned that Muslims are absent from many sectors that would have given them financial benefits. One of them is co-operative sector which is a very lucrative segment of the business having government patronage, he added.

Imamiah Chamber of Commerce and Industry that represents Muslims in the co-operative sector was introduced by its MD Mr Syed Qayem.  Throwing light on the aims and objectives of Chamber, Mr. Qayem said “we want to utilize the positive energy of Muslim Community and we gain a lot in short span of six months since its inception”.

Khalid Ali, MD of Multigain Company has dwelt upon the opportunities in the Sharia compliance investment. He said his group of companies works in India  according to Islam’s Dos and Don’ts.

Speakers were of the opinion that Muslims have been debating much about political and social empowerment of the community but it is need of hour to talk about economic awareness in the backdrop of emerging new business environment in the country.  They also emphasized that economy has nothing to do with religion.

Based on this theme a panel discussion was also held in the seminar that provided fresh thinking about emerging economic scenario following the advent of new government at the Center.

Moderating the panel discussion, former Harvard fellow and founder of Dr  TASIS Sharique Nisar said the community should not miss the new opportunities in addressing its economic backwardness.

Dr. Javed Jameel a columnist and scholar emphasised on Muslims to get into corporate world  without which over all development is not possible .

Ishtyaque Ali an expert of orbit law, Aun Safvi of Imamiah Chamber, Waqar Anwar of Jamat-e- Islami,  Mustaqeem Ahmad and Khursheed Alam were among the distinguished panelists.

Mahbobul Haque, an eminent educationalist and founder Chancellor of University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya chaired the session. In his presidential remarks, he said that “instead of educating our children we also should invest in education sector, and I set an example of it”. “We have to utilize our existing infrastructure to educate our children”, he added.

On the occasion, awards were also conferred on persons and institutions that excelled in their respective fields such as Maeeshat Women Entrepreneur Award 2014  was given to Shahina Khan, CMD, Espire Education, Maeeshat Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2014  was given  to Mohd. Mustaqeem Qureshi Chairman, The Al- Nafees Group ,Maeeshat Edupreneur Award 2014  was given  to Mr. Mahbubul  Hoque Chairman, ERD Foundation Chancellor, University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya, Maeeshat Best Entreprunere Award 2014 was given to Dr. J K. Jain, Chairman, Jain Tv Group, Maeeshat Social Responsibilities Award 2014 was given to Al Khair Co-Operative Credit Societies Ltd, Maeeshat Out Standing Innovation Award 2014 was given to  to Irfan Alam to Sammaan Foundation, Patna. etc



  1. I am sure muslim brothers, will emerge with flying colors and defeat poverty, illiteracy, and the bias in India that muslims are backward … and am sure so will other sects of our society will emerge too, like dalits, tribals, north east etc.. Let’s wish for the best .. Jai hind

  2. Unless high-caste Hindus and their “stooges” everywhere, including bought “his masters voice” among Muslims, start acting as proposed above, I don’t see much improvement under Modi, besides big “talks”. He is expecting miracles from common/average Indians, which all of us know very well has not been caused by the “occasional” misbehavior of “Mianjis” or “Naxalite” or “Sikhs”, and the list continues. His (Modi’s) policy decisions will make “Rich Indians” richer, and the poor, from where most of the present “trouble makers” come, poorer. Let us be “honest to ourselves” before we “coerce others” to act as we demand them to. It is not sustenable anywhere, not to talk of India and others from there in the “diaspora” abroad, including Europe, America, Africa, especially UK/US/Canada/Australia/ME. If it were so, 67 years of “free India” would have looked much different/better than before. After leaving India, in 1962, I have re-visited my birthplace and alma mater thrice, in 1966, 1974, and 1997. To my dismay, I found it worse than before in security, infra structure, safety, public services, personal hygiene. WHY?


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