Muslims should join hands to eradicate evil influence of terrorism that is staining Islam

Pakistani children pray, during a candlelight vigil for the victims of the Taliban attack. Photo by AP

By Kaleem Kawaja,

In Qoran, the holy book of Islam, God says very clearly that He sent the religion of Islam through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a mercy to mankind, to remove oppression, injustice, mayhem, violence and anarchy from the earth.

But presently, we are in a period of time when some misled Muslim groups are indiscriminately torturing and killing innocent non-Muslims and innocent Muslims in large numbers almost every week and almost everywhere. The Muslim majority countries are in worst shape.

At Peshawar, they killed innocent young children, who were engaged in the noble pursuit of learning that Quran and Mohammad have exhorted repeatedly. The Taliban are pure evil and pure devils. These terrorists and their likeminded terrorist organisations (ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda et al) are the shame of the global Muslim community and humanity. They are the curse of God on the earth.

Today let all Muslims, whatever their nationality and wherever they are, join hands to eradicate this evil influence that is staining the good name of Islam. Let us pray to God to send His punishment on these evil predators and destroy them forthwith just as He destroyed similar predators and tormentors in the history of mankind.

(Kaleem Khwaja is the Executive Director of Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM).)


  1. As Salamu alaikum, Correction Please. Islam was sent through Holy Prophet Adam(AS) & through 124000 and through Holy Ibraham(AS)
    & the Holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS. All 123999 were not able to render completion but Holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS & He is blessed as guide to humanity & mercy to mankind.
    As Holy prophet Mohammed Khatibun Nabeen (SA) foretold that as the end time nears there will be many calamities & chaos & killing in the world. Youngs will not respect Elders. The Servants will give birth to queens. There will be 73 Sects among Muslims & only One group will follow true path of Islam .As we are seeing the signs of Hours.
    Liars Bush & Blair along with Rascal Ata of Lebanon & Jew Mosad brought calamity in East & created Taleban through creation of 9/11 & now many are killed .
    The Evil Agents bombed Shia & sunni Mosques to divide & rule &
    this was their avenue of crusade to get Muslim killed by Muslims.
    We wrote to Obama devide Iraq un to three parts & render peace ,But They will not as they want to see killings inspired by evil Jews & Bush.
    ISIS & terrorists are Agents not true Muslims & defamed Islam .May ALLAH SWT help us & render peace in the world.


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