Muslims should treat May 23rd as the day for self-introspection


By S. M. Anwar Hussain

23rd of May 2019 is going to be a crucial   day in the history of independent India. That day the party or the alliance that had been fostering hate , prospering on lies, promoting fascist tendencies, provoking people against one another , looting the treasury, transferring the Indian money to foreign banks, and befooling people not every day but every moment, will win the election , will regain the power, will murder the  democracy, will capture India’s soul without its consent by exploiting and subjugating all Constitutional authorities and institutions to serve their own interests, employing all fraudulent practices to heap the biggest fraud of history on people’s will , or that day the democracy , the constitution, the people’s decree and decisions will assert and dominate and we will see India going back on the road envisaged by Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad and Ambedkar.


Whatever is the outcome, Muslims of India should be ready to take it seriously and in a way different from others. If NDA wins and that is what being conjured up, there will be Bhagwa celebrations all over the country- you will be abused, you will be provoked, your will be stoned, your houses and properties will be attacked and burnt. Even those people, who on their own will and wisdom voted against NDA, will be lured to join the victory celebrations and processions by distributing bundles of notes and the bottles of English and Desi wines. All the banyas and the top business families will just shower notes and coins on the people taking part in the victory celebrations. So, you should be ready for any eventuality. Any more passivity will finish you. You will have to learn the art of your ancestors how to counter an enemy roaring and barking in an inebriated mental and physical condition. You will have to get ready to face any mob lynching in and around your area.

And in case, the UPA or the so called third front happens to win the election in spite of all manipulations, cheating and by employing selling and buying techniques of RSS, you will be at the receiving end again. RSS, BJP, media barons, and Israel agents will be there to neutralize the result. And what modus operandi can they use? Nothing but communal frenzy against Muslims, war hysteria against Pakistan, and Islamophobia, so that the end result of this democratic process can be reverted with the help of some top constitutional authorities produced in the hate factory of RSS.They will try to wreak revenge upon you for their defeat so that the Andhbhakts  ( the blind followers ) still have some means of satisfaction.

Some may question me if the UPA, or third front, or both together, happen to defeat NDA, how come it will be possible for the RSS and its off shoots to create any kind of bloodshed and mayhem in the country. The answer lies in the fact that in last five years all the organs and machinaries of governance and administration have been so saffronised that Congress or any other government will take time to bring them under control. Police is almost hundred percent communal and brutal. CRPF is no more free from the germs which have been afflicting others. In 2003, army was rushed to Gujarat to control the situation, but the local administration didn’t allow it work. In 1989 in Bhagalpur, the famous Chanderi village incident took place directly under the nose of the army. And who knows how many trained personnel of RSS are still sitting in Congress and guiding Rahul Gandhi. Only Mamta Banerjee in West Bengal seems to be capable of giving a tough lesson to communalists and law breakers.

So what shall we the Muslims do? As I think, that day we should not show or demonstrate our reactions in either of the situation. We should simply stay indoors, but ready for any event.

Yes, if these secular parties muster some courage and give a united call to masses to come out on the streets and save democracy, protect people’s will, protect India and its soul, we must come out with our full strength and prove that we are there for every sacrifice in order to protect our freedom, and of India, from slipping into the hands of Israel. I have warned before, and am warning again, that India has already lost its sovereignty both in external affairs and internal affairs to Israel.

Muslims should actually treat May 23 as a day of self-introspection. Whether NDA wins or .UPA wins, we must ponder over our role in this game. Did we play any role? Did secular parties ask you to play any role? Did these parties invite you or your leaders to the campaign? Was Muslim leadership ever provided the podium to come and vent their feelings? How many secular political parties in their manifestos pointed out the problems, sufferings, decline, decimation and marginalisation faced by the largest minority of the country? How many manifestos without any fear inscribed the word ‘Muslim’ in their manifesto and came out for their solution? Is this not the high time for you to think why? You are not an ordinary minority of this country. You are the maker of this country. You are the builder of this nation. You gave it the name Hindustan. The largest map of India ever came into being owes its boundary from you. The present map with the head and both the arms chopped off is there because of the conspiracy of British, Hindu Mahasabha and some Congress leaders like Patel to keep you away from the administration of the country. You came to India as preachers and traders through Malabar in Kerala. You came to India as businesses men and harbinger of new light of Islam through Gujarat. You came to India through Sindh to establish the rule of law and justice. It was during your reign that India was considered as “golden bird”, and it would be in Mr Modi’s second term, if he happens to usurp it, India will be listed among the bankrupt nations.You are the backbone of India is not complete without you. It is because you withdrew from the active politics of the country after the partition in which you had no role to play, India gradually got derailed and forces like RSS kept on gaining strength upon strength. It was your sudden disinterestedness in the affairs of the country that marginalised you. It was your cowardice, half-heartedness, fear, exaggerated appetite for an unending life, and the unquenchable lust for wealth and luxuries that made you face riots one after another. Today you stand as a bowed down nation, a defeated community, a submissive slave. You have surrendered. Your leadership has surrendered. Your institutions have submitted. After 70 years of attaining freedom, you came to realise that still you need to provide certificate of your patriotism. Your hundreds of Madarsas just knelt down and went into a race to hoist Tiranga flags, which the law of the land never demands. It was the Vice Chancellor and the Students’ Union of your one of the greatest institutions that the community ever built, that were the first one to lay down the red carpet reception for an RSS trained constitutional authority. He was accorded an unparalleled hospitality and reception in the history of the University. Nobody ever complained of this surrender. There was no murmur ever heard, there was no protest ever made. All the teachers, leftists, rightist, centrists, Islamists with long beard and skull cap and with short and well-trimmed beard with shinning neck ties, and students of all the regions like Biharis, Azamgarhis, Rampuries, Bastawies, etc. had very eagerly and happily assembled there to demonstrate their nationalism and patriotism. The then Students’ Union went ahead of everybody in their zeal to prove their patriotism. They announced that they are going to hoist the highest ever possible Tiranga in front of Engineering College, and for that they started collecting money from every passerby. Thanks God, They didn’t pass a resolution in Students Union that they would accord a reception in absentia to Guru Golwalkar and soon a portrait of Gowalkar will be adorning the wall of the Union Hall. I never saw such an abject surrender of the community, especially by its elites before.

Shouldn’t we try to analyse our situation, dig out its causes and look for a strategy to come out of this pathetic condition? We have to come to a decision as soon as possible. And there can be one of the two. Either surrender completely. Accept the slavery. Be ready to live the life of slaves, the life that Dalits are living for thousands of years, or be assertive, be ready, get united to regain your old position. For that you need to stand up on educational front, be a socially and politically assertive community, organise your economy, avoid wastage of your money, work for social cohesion, and strive for unity and brotherhood with other have nots of the country, and the most important- kick off all the likes of Mokhtar Abbas, Shahnawaz Hussain and M. J. Akbar from your social network.

You will have to choose between bravery and cowardice, boldness and timidity, respect and humiliation, independence or slavery, belief in the might of Almighty or dependence upon the mercy and charity of your new masters. Before choosing any one of the two sides , don’t forget that you have the blood of Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Abu Obadiah Al Jarrah , Hussain bin Ali, Mohammad bin Qasim, Mahmood Ghaznawi, Baber, Sher Shah and Tipu Sultan running in your veins. Don’t disappoint them.


The author is ex-president AMU students union. He can be reached at Email:


  1. I found richness in poverty in India Muslims.
    I found many systems were created by Muslims to differentiate Muslims.
    Muslims before 2014 and now r same no difference.
    I am more worried about poor Muslims irrespective of NDA or UPA.

  2. Assalaam Alaikum wRwB,
    23, 24, 25, 26, 27 May मे ko बाज़ार aur behas से परहेज़ करे…… इलेक्शन में हार जीत किसी की भी हो ……
    फ़िरक़ा परस्त ताकते मौके की तलाश में है ……
    हम एहतियात बरते, duaa aur eibadat me lage rahein… security ke baare me choukanne rahein …..और इस पोस्ट को आगे बढाते रहे.
    JazakAllahu khairan…

    This time is of Ramadan and duaa.

    Please Maintain Sabr and let events unfold peacefully as per Allah’s plan!

    Be alert and only resist oppression in self-defence only.

  3. Where ever the law and order is in one handed, if they listen to one side. it will happen, whether it is in UP or JK, any part of this world. If a Common man’s voice can reach out to the top officials or political leaders of the country and take a favorable decision to them, then there will be a Democrat and freedom from all that crime.
    Basically all mothers or fathers should teach her son to respect and honor others girls.


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