Nanded: Massive rally in support of Muslim reservation


muslimmirrorBy MM News,

Nanded :The Muslim Aarakshan Sangharsh Kruti Samiti organized a peace rally in Nanded on Sunday to demand reservation for the Muslim community.

According to the organizers the rally was attended by more than 5 Lac people including women and senior citizens.  The rally was also attended by representatives of Maratha and Dalit communities.

An open jeep with the National Flag hoisted atop it led the rally peacefully from New Mondha to Shivaji Pulta covering a distance of 4 Kilometers. The rally attended by  religious scholars, lawyers, teachers, students, healthcare professionals, businessmen and engineers concluded peacefully without any sloganeering. A memorandum was later handed over to Nanded district collector Suresh Kakani.


According to the organizers, this rally witnessed the largest ever participation of women in any rally in Maharashta.

The main demand put forth in the rally was 10% reservation for Muslims.  Along with that, demands and concerns were raised regarding:

  • Protection of the Muslim Personal Law
  • Attacks on Muslims and Dalits in the name of ‘gauraksha’,
  • Targeting of innocent Muslim in the name of terror
  • Award of death sentence to culprits of rape and murder
  • Implementation of Swaminathan Aayog
  • Provision of reservation to the Maratha community without any changes in OBC quota.

While leaders and activists did not make any speeches some individuals expressed their angst against the government for inefficient handling of issues concerning Muslims and Dalits. Participants citied the huge sacrifices made by Muslims in India’s freedom struggle and other national causes.


  1. I have listening many muslim saying proudly muslims ruled india for 1000 yrs
    Shame on u
    U r asking for reservation
    For 1000 yr what u were doing
    Sc st backward get reservation bcoz they were suppressed oppressed for thousands of year
    What cause u hv
    U produce children in dozens
    Hv many wife
    U dont use contraceptive as prohibited in islam
    U want urdu arabic persian medium for ur children
    What use of urdu arabic persian is there in india???
    Now asking for reservation

    Shame on u


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