Need to form secular platform to defeat BJP-RSS: Yechury


Kolkata : The CPI-M on Monday stressed on the need to form the “broadest platform” of secular and democratic forces to counter and defeat the “communalism” of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar.

The Communist Party of India-Marxist General Secretary, Sitaram Yechury, accused Narendra Modi led government of aggressively collaborating with the mechanism of profit maximisation.


“The Modi government is aggressively collaborating with mechanism of profit maximisation. The previous Congress government has started that, but this government is doing that faster with greater aggression,” Yechury said in his inaugural address at the 25th conference of the party’s West Bengal unit here.

“The country is going through a challenging period with the ruling BJP-RSS combine trying to divide India on the lines of religion, caste and creed,” he said, arguing for the formation of the “broadest platform of secular and democratic forces to defeat the communal juggernaut of the BJP and the RSS”.

“We have to create an alternative to the current government on the basis of alternative policies in order to remove them from power,” he said.

He alleged that parliament was undermined as also parliamentary bodies. “The space of right to opine is also shrinking rapidly and the state is one the way to b a surveillance state”.



  1. I think your party’s stupid ones refused to align with Congress. Now they are paying for it just as Congress refused to align with Ajmal’s party in Assam and is paying for it. All secular parties once joined together and even took BJP along to remove Congress and thus weaken it permanently only to usher in BJP RSS. Now they need to unite against a fascist communalist majoritarian BJP but are tarring. Sooner they join upon one point of secularism and win the election and then work out common program of jobs for all and poverty removal. They country needs it the most at this juncture because of destruction of jobs and economy on account of Demonetization.

    • What ails India is not “economics” or “demonetization” or similar “empty” PR-type “catchy phrases”, it is CS (common sense)-based “structural”. RSS/BJP/VHP/HMS/NDM/Yogi/AS, to name a few, have taken it for granted that the past 70 years have not been run any differently. The majority has always won, and run the rest as “Brahmanic” (caste-based) “Hindutva-oriented” policies. Ayodhya happened under Congress. Indra got killed by her bodyguard, the 1984 Sikh-genocide took place under “majoritarianism”. Where were these “idealists” then? Hypocrisy breeds mistrust, chaos, what we have been having for the past 71 years. Period!


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