New Delhi’s approach towards Jammu & Kashmir is ‘criminal’: PDP

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Peoples Democratic Party criticised the Government of India over its approach towards Jammu and Kashmir as it managed to conduct its first meeting on 16 September in Srinagar after more than a year. The party termed this as “brazen, criminal and contrarian”. Notably, political activities have been disrupted as several public servants have been under detension following New Delhi’s 5 August 2019 decison to abrogate the special autonomous status provided to the region.

” On one hand BJP is participating in dialogue with Taliban , talking reconciliation with PLA who have invaded Ladakh and discussing with Nagaland insurgents desperate constitution and Flag , but at the same time using anything but dialogue to deal with the mess created by them after illegal scrapping of special status if J&K. This is unacceptable,” the party said.


In the first ever meeting of its youth wing after August 5, 2019 at its party headquarters in Srinagar, the party emphasized that the constitutional fraud perpetrated on the people of J&K and the subsequent bulldozing of constitutional rights will always remain unacceptable and would be fought uncompromisingly.

The meeting was presided over by Party Vice President A R Veeri and Party General Secretary G N Lone Hanjura and addresses by Former Legislator & District President Muhammad Khurshid Alam, Party youth wing President Waheed ur Rehman Parra and Former legislator Aijaz Ahmad Mir, all of whom stepped out of their homes for the first time since they were detained on 5th August 2019.

Speaking in the meeting, Veeri said: “We reject undemocratic treatment imposed by ruling regime, which has hundreds of our youngsters unjustifiably held in jails, despite huge risks to their lives from the Covid-19 pandemic. Our voices have been ignored, our institutions erased. We cannot afford to remain silent any longer. We need to speak now to restore our dignity and take charge of our own destinies.”

Youth wing president waheed ur Rehman Parra demanded an immediate end to ruling regimes denial of the political problem. “Our people have endured a brutal clampdown and the world’s longest internet slowdown,” he added.


  1. Respect law of the land else go into oblivion. The constitution is supreme. Kashmir is integral part of India. We will never give up our territory. No matter what. The cost to you will be higher than to us. So THINK!

    • Are you respecting the law ?? I think you are blind, otherwise you should not have written this. You are telling as as if that, you are the only law abiding citizens in this country…..!!

      You should be ashamed of the atrocities being carried on innocent citizens of Kashmir with military & police goons. The world and the Almighty is watching, the day when he tightens his grip then there will be no remorse and all the tyrants will see their end.

      Everyone will have their say and the day will come to soon to obliviate you.


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