NHRC urged to intervene in cases of human rights violations in J&K and North East


By Muslim Mirror News,

NHRC-LogoNew Delhi, May 27: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been urged to take up the cases of human rights violations in Jammu & Kashmir and North East – the two regions of the country where AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) is in force. Ravi Nitesh and Devika Mittal of Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign have written a letter to NHRC about the situation in the affected areas.

“This is about a situation that NHRC is well-aware of. We know that hundreds of letters, appeals and requests have been sent to NHRC. As members of Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign, we have met you twice regarding this issue. Sir, the issue remains the same – to save the life of people of North east and Jammu & Kashmir from the demon named AFSPA or Armed Forces Special Powers Act,” they wrote in the letter.

They demanded the NHRC:

–To send a fact-finding team to all AFSPA-imposed states to investigate into the cases of violence and the affected everyday life of the people.

–The report of the team should be analysed and a document on the validity of the law on account of the human rights’ violation should be made. NHRC can atleast suggest on the basis of evidence.

–The report should be sent to the Government, to the judiciary and other authorities and demand an action. It is not about a law, it is about the lives of thousands of human beings.

“Sir, we request you to please intervene to save the life and honour of the people of North East and Jammu & Kashmir. If NHRC will not take action, where will the people go? Please save their lives from this draconian law. Laws can’t be bigger than people,” the two young human rights activists have urged the NHRC.


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