NIA books Zakir Naik in ‘love jihad’ case involving top Bangladesh politician’s son


Chennai: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has named Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and two hardline preachers of Pakistan origin as accused in an FIR pertaining to a high-profile “love jihad” case.

The high-profile case involves the daughter of a Chennai-based businessman and the son of a top Bangladesh politician, belonging to former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party.


The NIA is probing the Indian businessman’s daughter and Bangladesh politician son’s marriage in London. Zakir Naik, who is wanted by Indian enforcement agencies, and the hardline preachers of Pakistani-origin based in the US have been named as accused in the case, according to information accessed by IANS.

The girl’s father had initially lodged a complaint with the Chennai Central Crime Branch in May, alleging his daughter who was studying in London was radicalised and was forced to covert to Islam.

He had also alleged that his daughter was abducted from London and taken to Bangladesh by some Bangladeshis.

“The matter involved investigation in foreign countries. And hence the case was transferred to National Investigation Agency (NIA),” Chennai Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal told IANS. He said it is not possible to share further details on the case.

The persons named in the NIA’s FIR are Zakir Naik, as well as Yasir Qadhi and Nauman Ali Khan, both US-based Islamic preachers.

The prime accused is Nafees, son of Shakhawat Hossain Bakul, a BNP leader and former

Member of Parliament. Bakul was elected to parliament from Narsingdi-4 as a BNP candidate in 1991 and 2001.

Bakul had been arrested from Khaleda Zia’s residence in December 2013 and in June 2017, he was sued by a businessman for extortion.

As per the summary of allegations being investigated by NIA, the Central government had received information from the Tamil Nadu government of regarding the registration of case on May 28, 2020, under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, relating to the complaint filed against Nafees, a Bangladeshi citizen, who had allegedly indulged in kidnapping and trafficking of an Indian citizen.

The case revealed the commission of offence specified under the scheduled offences in the National Investigation Agency Act, 2008.


  1. Mind your language……You andh bhakts don’t even have the knowledge and wisdom equivalent to his foot nail…..!
    That’s why you are looking ways to target this gentleman. This BJP govt is targeting especially Muslims by one way or the other on Fake reasons, whereas they are destroying the Economy and draining the Resources of this country.
    All the corrupt businessman since 2014 are from Gujarat and embezzled lakhs of crores of rupees and the govt is shielding them.

  2. NIA playing DRACULA VULTURE in classic ROMEO and JULIET love-story !

    There are Millions of such inter-faith and even inter-racial love-marriages based on mutual understanding and liking common interests in LONDON
    and all the CIVILISED WORLD, except Delhi and U.P. state ! and

    #BeingHumane is so difficult for RSS Hate-brigade.

    Audacious FIR against the top three Islamic scholars of the world, who NEVER even met the LOVE-BIRDS!

    And the most amusing RSS-terminology for adult sane love-marriages

    LOVE-JIHAD! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bring on the “Reverse Love jihad” – RSS, come on!

    Dull Story of bitter grapes!

  3. I ask simple question to muslims who support Zakir Naik. If a hindu try to preach Hinduism in an Islamic country, will he be permitted? of course not. then why we should allow Zakir to preach Islam in India? Although Indian constitution is secular but it has been made secular by Hindus only..and people like Zakir misuses it to spread radical Islam in India. Hence, we can’t allow him to do so in India.

    • How much have you knowledge about ? based on rss whatsapp university u r telling radical islam. what about radical hindu like modi amit shah and rss terrorist ? comments on this topic

      • Radical Islam is a world wide problem & due to this entire humanity is in danger zone. Radical hinduism also exist.. however, it is restricted to India only. The emergence of radical hinduism is due to radical Islam only. Muslims living in countries having muslim population more than 50% have made them Islamic countries & countries they are in minority, they demand secularism. Its a big hypocrisy. Hence, countries like Poland have already banned Islam.

        • Angreji nahi aati to Hinglish me hi likh detaa Sanghiji!

          Poland me bahot achche Muslim hain , ban sirf Nagpuri whatsapp univty ke liye hain! LOL !


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