Nitish announces scholarships for madrassa students


Patna : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday announced scholarships for students of government-affiliated madrassas. He also pledged to appoint Urdu teachers in all high schools.

“Students of government-affiliated madrassas will be provided scholarships,” Nitish Kumar said at a function here to mark Urdu Day.


He said the government would strengthen madrassa infrastructure in the state.

He also expressed regrets for not learning Urdu during his student days.

“It is my desire that all should learn and study Urdu. Both Hindi and Urdu are Hindustani languages. The government will work for the promotion of Urdu.

“It is wrong to associate Urdu with a particular community,” he added.



  1. Good initiative from Nitish Kumar for poor madarsa students.

    May God guide Nitish Kumar back to secular group of Kejriwal and Prakash Ambedkar and Rahul Gandhi if he opens his vision more.


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