No Muslim in Bihar government


By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi

Bihar has for the first time since Independence got a ruling coalition without a single MLA from its largest minority community – Muslim. This is a major setback for Muslims of Bihar in particular and a matter of concern for the Indian Muslim community in general.

How did it happen and which are the factors? What went wrong and where? These questions need serious retrospection with critical analysis of ground politics.

In India there is no scope of any nationwide political leader or political party being identically Muslim. Identical politics anywhere in the present world is, however, short-lived. Such an idea in India will be utter nonsense and would be disastrous for Indian Muslims in the present conditions. The existing rhetoric by a few high-tuned political orators is nothing but one-sided emotional slogan and a tactics to own amateur minds, especially youths, into troll-type political activism with no vision at all. This blunder had already been committed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah earlier, in the process, he became a hero for some and a villain for some others, but undoubtedly, he had been an active player with others, in tearing apart the Muslim Indians into three different geographical pieces while putting them against each other as arch enemies forever.

The recent outdoor adventurism of Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi will of course add in his individual leadership but will wipe out electoral importance of Indian Muslims forever. His five MLAs in Bihar will have to seek and protest for their own “protection” while sitting in the back benches of the assembly for whole five years as were his three MLAs in previous and two MLAs in the present Maharashtra assembly are doing.

If Mr Owaisi steps in West Bengal election too, he will surely cause harm to TMC as he caused partial but sever damage to the prospects of MGB Govt. formation in Bihar this time. Given the present politically volatile atmosphere in WB and 10 year anti incumbency factor, clubbed with BJP’s muscle power tactics, Mamata Banerjee has a tough time ahead in West Bengal assembly election

The Congress is now campaigned to be a “Muslim party” by the right wing political narrative (sick) during elections. Defeating the Congress in election is like defeating Muslims in India in communal term. ‘Muslimization’ of TMC will be BJP’s best and tested weapon in WB election, up next year. In this scenario, even an understanding of seats between AITMC and AIMIM will be yet another extraordinary advantage for BJP in West Bengal.

State level political parties led by Muslims as AIUML in Kerala, AIUDF in Assam and AIMIM in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are smart and welcome moves. If sincere and serious for the community and Nation’s interest, these state level Muslim-led parties can tactically come together in the Centre as per need, being as they are, without much to do.

It is time to contemplate by Muslim social, religious and academic leadership before it is too late.


  1. The enemy of Muslims in India is not few Hindutawa seekers but these selfish leaders offering shoulders in crises. They had , are & will b worst leaders to ignorant Muslims.

  2. Don’t worry muslims mirror these 5 mlas will work better than the so called secular parties mlas who forget their voter after being elected to state assemblies, now these mlas will fight for rights of nit only muslims but for Dalits and other backward caste also in the state assembly and outside also..

  3. These MLA should now be an active voice in the assembly and outside against any unjust baseless fraudulent activity , wheather its against muslims or non muslims,
    than only public can know how muslim representative are,there number should not discourage them but make them more active against any kind of wrong.

  4. People admire Mr. Owaisi when he voices his concerns about situation of minorities in India and the same people hate him if he asks them for their vote and support.
    Height of hypocrisy!
    Kehne wale to kahenge na “k aap jinki fikr karte hain, unke to zikr mein bhi nahi rehte aap. Aapki baat kyun suni jae…”.

  5. Brother Qasmi, your title is incorrect!
    Now for 5 years, we can see 5 AIMIM EVM “TAWAAIFS” working full-time : dancing, singing and “entertaining” the majoritarian Hindu MLAs in Bihar Assembly.
    This is a big achievement for EVM-Dalaal Owaisi as he managed to create this pathetic scene in Bihar which has around 20% Muslim population in 2020.
    He and his family will get divine reward/Ajr very soon for his service to Islam and the weak uneducated naive Indian Muslim community who do not know about the back-stage underhand devilish deals. And Almighty Allah knows best and will show us soon or definitely on the Final Day of Judgement.


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