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Not only niqab, Kerela Education society also banned jeans legging and miniskirts

Not only niqab, Kerela Education society also banned jeans legging and miniskirts

The Muslim Educational Society, or MES as it is popularly known, has not only  banned female students and faculty on its campuses from wearing niqab- the face veil, but also jeans, leggings and  miniskirts.

PA Fazal Gafoor, president of the MES, in an interview to media said there is not  any reason for controversy, given the circular merely restricts female students from wearing clothing that is “unacceptable to mainstream society”. According to Gafoor, such clothing includes jeans, leggings, miniskirts, and, of course, fail veils. “We just want our students to maintain decorum in their attire,” he insisted.

Earlier, the decision to ban the face veil had invited condemnation from some Muslim groups, which accused the MES of interfering in the religious practices of students and faculty. “Managers of each MES institution will have to ensure that girl students do not come to the campus with their faces covered. They are hereby asked to include this as a rule on the campus from academic year 2019-20 ,” reads the circular issued by MES on April 19 this year.

PA Fazal Gafoor, president of the MES, said they are “least bothered about such criticism”. “We will implement our rules in our institutions. No one can interfere in that,” he added.

2 thoughts on “Not only niqab, Kerela Education society also banned jeans legging and miniskirts

  1. Well done, Muslim Educational Society, or MES — a very sensible decision—Salutations to you!

    Students, teachers and professionals in today’s age cannot hide their identity behind veils–they have to be responsible and identifiable for security purposes.

    Also it is the right of opposite conversationalist to be able to see face emotions for truthfulness and understanding of proper context.

    As Muslims, the Prophet peace be upon him said ”Satr/awrah (part to be concealed) for women is the whole body–must be covered decently ; except for the hands and the face.”
    Don’t become extremists beyond the Prophet’s recommendation!

    Also once you wear sunnah Hijaab without the veil/niqaab/burqaa — also don’t copy failed western feminist society (which commits suicide every minute due to failed relationships, frauds and sexual exploitation) in their vile recent practice of ”make-up” —definitely contains haraam ingredients ; and worser still is the deception and seduction/allurement- which are strictly forbidden in a modest Islamic society for men as well as women. Period.

    Modesty is the very crux and character of Islam! In appearance, behaviour and actions too.

    Don’t go to unnecessary immoral gatherings and avoid doubtful places and people.

    Best remedy is ”early marriages” recommended by the Prophet s.a.w.s to prevent mischief and destroying families.
    Young ”married” student girls are allowed to use family planning measures (contraceptive tablets) to complete education, with their husband’s consent.

  2. The only exception when niqab/face-veil is necessary especially in weaker sections is in the illiterate areas like Uttar Pradesh where right-wing and other criminals and rapists roam free–when safeguarding a woman’s identity in public is very helpful in protecting these women in public.
    Other rare instance is of a call-girl in US who renounced her immoral ways on getting to know Islam, now her veil/niqab protects her from former infamous clients and former colleagues from shaming her and ruining her reformed life. There are quite a few such ladies in the western world.
    But these are rare exceptions, and they could migrate to better place with Muslim societies.
    And chaste women are recommended to not move out alone without Mehram (husband/brother/son/father) and if very necessary — only in safe places with known people like schools, colleges, work-places, etc

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