Nothing for ‘appeasement’ of Muslims in the Union Budget 2014-15


Indian Muslims listen to Muslim leader Shoiab Iqbal speaking against British author Salman Rushdie at Jama Masjid  in New Delhi on March 16, 2012. Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on March 14 abruptly cancelled a visit to India after it emerged British author Salman Rushdie would speak at the same conference. AFP PHOTO/Prakash SINGHBy Syed Zahid Ahmad,

There is nothing for appeasement of Muslims in the Union Budget 2014-15. Significantly there are just following two small para in 35 pages budget speech.


73.  A programme for the up gradation of skills and training in ancestral arts for development for the minorities called “Up gradation of Traditional Skills in Arts, Resources and Goods” would be launched to preserve the traditional arts and crafts which are rich heritage.

74.  An additional amount of Rs. 100 crores for Modernization of Madarsashas been provided to the Department of School Education.

There is no word about allocation of any specific fund for “Up gradation of Traditional Skills in Arts, Resources and Goods” and the allotted fund of “Rs. 100 crores for Modernization of Madarsas has been provided to the Department of School Education” under Ministry of Human Resource Development instead of Ministry of Minority Affairs.

So we don’t know what Shrimati Najma Heptullah will do for betterment of Indian Muslims in particular and all minorities in general? She has already stated that Muslims are too large to consider as minority. She must be relaxed by this budget. One could check the details of allotted fund for Ministry of Minority Affairs at following link web page –

Looking into details of allocating total amount of Rs. 3734.01 crores in the annual budget under Ministry of Minority Affairs, one can see that around 70% fund (Rs. 2,577 Crores) is allocated for grant in aid to state Governments, Union Territories, and North Eastern Areas.

Total fund of Rs. 1037.00 crores allocated for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities. So one can understand what amount will reach for the welfare and development of minorities in general and Muslims in particular?

Modi Government has also declared its intention to devastate the Islamic education system led by Madarasa. The allocation of Rs. 100 crores to the Department of Education under the Ministry of Human Resource Development will clearly work for devastating the attention of students studying in Madarsa from Islamic education to modern education. This aims to produce cadre of Islamic scholars inclined more with modern education compared to Islamic education so that they can be used to endorse the demand of common civil code. If modernization of Madarsa is really meant, then the Ministry of Human Resource Development should aim to create centre for advance and applied Islamic education where pass outs of Madarsas can leant to apply studied Islamic education. For example if in Madarasa education the student leant about Islamic economic and commercial principles, they should be allowed to study managing the Interest free monetary system within existing economic and monetary framework. If such institutions cannot be developed on the name of modernization of Mdarasas, the Government should keep distance to devastate the existing Madarasa education system.

Hope Modi Government will invite Muslim scholars, and economists to frame development plan for Muslims in particular and minorities in general to put the community in line with other communities to have due share in fruits of good days (acche din).


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  1. First of all , the writer seems to be a confused man about the budgeting concept. The union or state budget never allocates fund for specifically for Muslim community, so the question of “appeasing” Muslim Community does not arrive. All the fund earmarked in the budget for all five recognized minority religious communities and that for fund has been increased in the present budget. Second point about Madrasa modernization allocation., the UPA government had allocated Rs 150 crore in the last year’s budget. the NDA government has actually cut down to 100 crore as its major chink of fund gets lapse. As expected, the budget is pro-rich and pro-corporate and it will lead more job-less growth as happened in Gujarat and elsewhere in the country because of so-called economic reform policy. This government has even opened up defence sector for FDI. Madrasa scheme has been

  2. I tnk itz a grt mve to mdrnze da madrasa eductn systm wic vl hlp dm to undstnd da mdrn wrld wid islamc princple. . And i tnk we shld nt totaly dpnd on the govrnment 4 evrythng. Self dpndnce is da bst move a/c to me. We cn tak da exmpl of jews in usa whos populatn is 1.2% of usa, bt der cntrbn in america’s ecnmy is much mre nd nw american christian even dun hav da guts to speak nethng against jewish american. Da jews hav achvd suc postn nly bcoz day r wise nt becoz day dpndnt on usa gvrnment 4 dr dvlpment. .

  3. Nation Muslim don’t need “appeasement” at all, but their basic rights which they owe as Indian citizens. Nation Muslim needs are no different from that of any other community which is education, employment and security. Principle political parties like Congress, BJP depriving nation Muslims of their basic rights and welfare. they consciously denied the benefits of development on grounds of their religion. Infact Muslim grievances and welfare reduces it to a mere political talking point for political parties as election approaches. The malicious spread of “Muslim appeasement” stereotype itself is massively notorious, just like BJP appalling ignorance. A dual blow to suffering community. Indian system and BJP in particular is denying minority rights on the ground of religion.Usual Stereotypes statements & Lip service by secular parties done more harm, than any benefit to Muslims. Poor Muslim remains surprise spectators to mud slinging in the name of community.The denial of basic needs of Education, employment, social inclusion and willful negligence by political parties taking a toll on social fabric of Muslims and nation as whole. This is more or less planned or intentional by Successive congress govts for last 65 years. BJP’s opposition to Muslim welfare, which it characterizes as “appeasement” is a matter of grave concern. BJP should begin to renovate its “Indian Muslim exclusion policy”. BJP’s anti Muslim mission & rhetoric had attempted demonize them. Even a minute socio welfare program which just on paper is sensationalized by BJP & sangh as Muslim appeasement and soon turn into a junk. Even a miniature social welfare scheme or program by govt. for Muslims, will fell prey to BJP propaganda and will be non-starter and in trash. both BJP & congress together have done immense harm to Muslim psyche & development. If the grievances & concerns of the nation Muslims are looked into, a lot of change can come over in a society with faster economic development and overall GDP growth of nation.


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