Obama addresses ant-Islamic sentiments in Eid message

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Kasim Ileri

WASHINGTONPresident Barack Obama on Wednesday addressed the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan.

“No one should ever feel afraid or unsafe in their place of worship,” Obama said in a statement marking Eid al-Fitr, while noting a rise in attacks against Muslim Americans following a deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, last month.

“In the face of hate, it’s our American values and strength that bring us together to stand in solidarity and protect one another—thereby, making our nation stronger and safer,” he said.

“Upon the arrival of a new crescent moon, Michelle and I send our warmest greetings to all those celebrating Eid al-Fitr in the United States and around the globe,” he said.

“Muslim Americans are as diverse as our nation itself—black, white, Latino, Asian, and Arab. Eid celebrations around the country remind us of our proud history as a nation built by people of all backgrounds; our history of religious freedom and civil liberties, and our history of innovation and strength,” the American leader said.

Obama also expressed sympathy for the families of hundreds of victims of terror attacks during the month of Ramadan in Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Baghdad and Medina.—-AA



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