OIC condemns “systematic persecution” of Muslims in India; urges Indian government to protect Muslims


By Muslim Mirror staff

Jeddah: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest bloc of 58 Islamic nations, on Thursday condemned the “systematic persecution and violence” ramping up against the Muslim community in Assam, India.  The world body  urged the Indian government to protect the Muslim minority and respect all their religious and social fundamental freedoms.


The General Secretariat of the OIC took the note of the Assam police firing during the ‘forcible and arbitrary’ eviction drive   in which three persons including a 13-year old boy were reportedly killed and more than 10 injured.

It is to be noted that the BJP-led Assam government carried out a massive eviction drive in a village on a sandbar in the Darrang district on September 20, leaving at least 800 families homeless.  This was the second round of evictions carried out in the last three months at the village – Dhalpur – which is populated mostly by Muslims of East Bengal origin.

A fact-finding committee had visited the village soon after the district administration carried out the first eviction drive in June. The committee had stated that 49 Muslim families and one Hindu family had been uprooted in the drive.

Issuing a statement, it said the eviction drive of hundreds of Muslim families from the state had turned gruesomely deadly.

The OIC General Secretariat indicated that the media reports are disgraceful and call for a responsible stance by the government and officials in the Republic of India.

It called on the government of India to protect the Muslim minority and respect all their religious and social fundamental freedoms, noting that dialogue is the best way to address any issues within national sovereignty


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  2. Does OIC have right to lecture India when there was

    Lack of OIC condemnation of Talibanization of Afghanistan
    Lack of OIC condemnation of Hindu persecutions in Bangladesh
    Lack of OIC condemnation of Chinese Uighur persecution in China
    Lack of OIC condemnation of Kashmiri pandit exodus at the hands of Kashmir muslims
    Lack of OIC condemnation of Yemen air attacks at the hands of Saudi
    Lack of OIC condemnation of Bahraini minority muslims attacks at the hands of Saudi army and then jailed in the saudi deserts
    Lack of OIC condemnation of 50 Saudi minority muslims Hanged in Saudi

    Lack of OIC condemnation of any of the below events

    1. Last 75 years, on numerous occasions Minority Hindus were killed/raped in Bangladesh. Even during 2nd week of October 2021 this mass killing of Bangladesh Minorities continued by the Muslim majority of Bangladesh.
    2, Minority Sikh Guru Dwara was Attacked in Afghanistan
    3. Last 75 years, on numerous occasions Minority Hindu temples was attacked in Pakistan or when Minority Hindus and Sikhs were forcibly married to Muslims without consent of child or parents. And the minority population not only face genocide in Pakistan but there after census records were corrupted by the state of Pakistan to show there was no genocide that happened in Pakistan.
    4. 3rd Sep 2021, An ISIS supporter stabbed six people before being shot by police in Auckland, New Zealand.
    5. 26th August 2021 in Afghanistan ISIS claimed two suicide attacks near Hamid Karzai International Airport. 13 US service members and at least 170 Afghans were killed in the attack
    6. 19th July 2021, Iraq an ISIS suicide bomber detonated his vest in a crowded market in the densely populated neighbourhood of Baghdad’s Sadr City, killing at least 30 people. It was near the eve of Eid al-Adha Islamic festival. Women and children were among the dead and wounded and some shops burned down as a result of the explosion.
    7. 21 Jan 2021, ISIS targeted Shia Muslims in a clothing market in Tayaran Square, Baghdad, Iraq. The US, the UN, the EU and the Pope condemned the attack, calling it a senseless act of violence
    8. 2nd November 2020, 2020 Vienna attack – Five were killed in Stadttempel, Vienna, Austria including the perpetrator.] The Vienna Police Department confirmed that the attacker was an Islamic State sympathizer, and that the attack was motivated by Islamic extremism
    9. 29 October 2020, 2020 Nice stabbing – 3 were killed in Notre-Dame de Nice, France one of the victims was beheaded.
    10. 16 October 2020, in France Murder of Samuel Paty – A middle-school teacher was beheaded by an 18 years old Chechen] The teacher had previously showed Charlie Hebdo-Cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad during class. The perpetrator revendicated the attack on his Twitter account
    11. 10 November 2020, in Mozambique , Islamic militant groups have beheaded 50 people in northern Mozambique. Other reports suggest that militants have turned a football field into an “execution site” in a village, where they are beheaded and dismembered.
    12. 21 April 2020, 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings – on Easter Sunday, three churches across Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital Colombo were bombed. Later that day, there were smaller explosions at a housing complex and a guest house. Several cities in Sri Lanka were targeted. At least 253 people were killed, including at least 35 foreign nationals and three police officers, and at least 500 were injured in the bombings.
    13. 27th January 2020, In Philippines , 2019 Jolo Cathedral bombings – On 27 January 2019, two bombs exploded at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral, Jolo, at least 20 people were confirmed dead in the assault and many others injured, which took place just as worshipers gathered for Mass on Sunday. The Islamic State claimed responsibility

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