Karnataka: BJP, Hindu group’s attempt to organize puja at dargah triggers tensions, police accused of making ‘one-sided arrests’

Photo credit: Deccan Herald

By Muslim Mirror Staff

In a clearly “biased move”, the Karnataka police have arrested more than 150 Muslims after tensions between Hindu and Muslim communities following the former’s attempt to organise a “puja” at a dargah in Aland town of Kalaburagi district.

The tensions were triggered after infamous Sree Rama Sene, a Hindu right-wing group, announced to organise a puja at Ladle Mashak Dargah in order to “purify” a Shivalinga allegedly located on the premises.

Following this, the authorities on Tuesday imposed prohibitory orders barring members of both the communities from visiting the dargah. But a group of people led by Bharatiya Janata Party leaders, including Union minister Bhagwanth Khuba, reached the dargah and began the puja. However, However, the Deccan Herald reported that they were prevented midway by the police.

The move triggered tensions between members of the two communities. Stones were pelted leading to injuries of several people, including some cops.

“The tensions occurred due to the insistence of some right-wing groups on holding a purification. We called for a peace meeting and it was agreed to allow small groups from both communities to access the dargah,” Aland deputy superintendent of police Veeraya Hiremath was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Former Congress MLA from Aland B R Patil said on Wednesday that local authorities in Aland failed to enforce the prohibitory orders and allowed BJP leaders to take out a march causing tensions.

People close to the Muslim shrine accused the local police of biases in making arrest and registering FIRs against the members of the Muslim community despite the fact that all the provocations were made by the people directly or indirectly affiliated to the Hindu right wing group.


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