Online lecture on Shivaji organized for Maratha community settled in Pakistan  

 By Imran Inamdar

To mark the birth anniversary of Maratha King Shivaji, Shiv Jayanti Lecture series are organized every year on February 19. The memorial lectures, which generally focus on Shivaji’s life and his rule, are arranged in Maharashtra, Goa and some other states for students and common people. But this year, online lecture series got an international dimension as it was also heard in Pakistan.

For the Maratha community living in Pakistan, an online lecture  was organised by the Satara based Swapn studies on 22th February

Well known social worker and a Shiv Lecturer Shaikh Subhan Ali delivered the memorial lecture. It was an exciting experience for me as I addressed chaste Urdu and tried to bring the real character of Shivaji Maharaj and his kindness towards his subjects before those Pakistani Maratha brothers and sisters, Subhan Ali said.

Speaking to Muslim Mirror, organizers of the event Dilip Puranik and Swapnil Puranik said around 600 families have been currently living in the port city of in Karachi but they lost the touch with the Marathi Culture and Marathi language. They have little knowledge about Shivaji Maharaj    who settled in Karachi after the famous battle Panipat.  Dilip said their NGO is trying to   connect all the Marathi Diaspora living in different countries and to inform them about their Great men and History. This Online lecture through Google meet was a small effort, he added.

The Shiv lecture was a grand success as I received a very positive feedback from Pakistani Maratha brothers and sisters and they couldn’t express their impressions in words. I must thank Subhan Ali sir for this who spared his time for us voluntarily, he added. About 200 people from Pakistan, Dubai and India joined this online lecture.

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