Opposition puts Modi govt on mat for Chinese naked aggression in Ladakh

Opposition puts  Modi govt on mat for Chinese naked aggression in Ladakh. Govt must come out with authoritative statement on what happened at LAC.

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  As the report of Indian casualties at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has shocked the nation, Opposition parties on Tuesday demanded that the Government of India should come out with an “authoritative” statement as to what actually happened. They alleged that the government remained “mute spectator” to the brazen Chinese transgressions at three points in Ladakh. They also asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh to come forward and tell the nation whether Chinese have killed an officer and soldiers of Indian Army in the Galwan Valley.

 Main opposition Congress said reports of naked Chinese transgressions at three points in Ladakh into Indian Territory since April/May, 2020 have caused grave concerns as Modi Government remained a “mute spectator”.

The transgressions are reportedly in Galwan River Valley, Hot Springs and Pangong Tso Lake Area in Ladakh.

 Congress  leader and chief spokesperson  Randeep Singh Surjewala said reports of Chinese Army moving thousands of troops in Galwan Valley and Pangong Tso Lake Area (Ladakh) shocked the entire Nation as an audacious attempt on our “territorial integrity”.

In last five decades, not a single casualty or martyrdom of our soldiers has occurred or happened on Indo-China Border i.e. ‘Line of Actual Control’.  He underlined that in the last five decades, not a single casualty of  the Indian  soldiers has occurred or happened on Indo-China Border.

“What is deeply distressing is that since noon today, all news channels/news papers have reported the utterly shocking and unacceptable news of an Indian Army officer and two soldiers having been killed by the Chinese in the Galwan River Valley,” he added.

A statement reportedly issued by the Indian Army at 12.52 PM today confirming the reports of these casualties (and subsequently reported to have been amended at 1.08 PM) has been put out by every news agency and news channel. News reports also continue to suggest injuries to our soldiers.

 However, Congress leader said, the PM and Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh remain absolutely ‘mum’.

He said the PM and Defence Minister must tell the nation:

1- Is it true that Chinese have killed an officer and soldiers of Indian Army in the Galwan Valley? Is it true that Indian soldiers have also been critically injured? If so, why are PM Modi & Defence Minister maintaining absolute silence?

2- The reported statement of Indian Army suggests that Indian Army officer and soldiers were killed yesterday night as ‘the de-escalation process’ was underway in the Galwan Valley.

 If our officer and soldiers had been killed yesterday night, why was the statement issued today at 12.52 PM and why was the statement changed after 16 minutes at 1.08 PM? The Congress leader Surjewala asked.

 He alleged that the PM and  and the Defence Minister have repeatedly maintained an intriguing silence on the occupation of  the Indian territory by the Chinese since April/May, 2020 and have refused to answer any questions in public domain.

Will the Prime Minister tell the Nation as to how the government proposes to   meet this challenging situation which has serious ramifications for India’s ‘National Security and Territorial Integrity’? he further asked.

 Communist Party of India (Marxist) also slammed the Modi government and expressed its deep condolences at the death of an Indian officer and two soldiers. The CPI(M) asked that the government  to come out with an authoritative statement as to what actually happened.

 It also urged for de-escalating the situation.

“It is imperative that both the Governments immediately initiate high level talks to defuse the situation and advance the process of disengagement on the basis of the agreed understanding on maintaining peace and tranquility on the border.”

 Meanwhile, security analyst  Manvendra Singh alleged that “Modi-Shah’s Aksai Chin bravado activated China’s Ying Pai to cross LAC”.

In an article, Singh, who is Editor-in-Chief of Defence & Security Alert, has underlined that “China’s military-bureaucratic grouping Ying Pai are always on the lookout for a chance to expand their national footprint. Modi-Shah provided them just that in August 2019”.

He quoted a local BJP councilor Konchok, who is  on record to authenticate Chinese intrusions at unprecedented levels in Ladakh. Stanzin represents  Chushul in the Leh Autonomous Hill Development Council.

 With casualties on both sides of the border, the face-off does not bode well for the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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  1. This is 2020 ! dindooohindoo

    This is not the time of Ranjit Singh who used foreign mercenaries in his army

    Or the Nandas who had EU and Persian Mercenaries in their army

    A pitiable nation like Hindoosthan uses Nepali and Tibetan midgets in their army to fight the PLA Mongols !

    What must be the pathetic state of the Hindoo Martial Ethos ?

    These midgets are origined from failed states and are a race of toilet cleaners ,pimps and sons of harlots – it is in their history !

    These are the signs of the destruction of a nation like Hindoosthan ! Tibetans are fit to sell beads and garments in Indian Shit holes and pimp their women and drugs – which is their only core competence

    The Indians sent the Tibetan midgets to fiht the PLA MOngols abd were blown up by IEDs.


    Monkeys live on trees ! Similarly a donkey is good at climbing mountains – but is not a fighter ! A donkey cannot smell a IED ! A Dog can !

    Now you can’t send a mountain donkey to fight the Mongols on the Border where the Chinese Kings destroyed the Hindoos 2000 years ago and also the Sikh General Zorawar Singh 200 years ago.The Chinese Beheaded Zora Singh and
    then 20 years ago,they destroyed the fortress built by Zorawar Singh

    So Y did the Indians send the hapless Tibetans to take on the PLA ?

    Did the Indians not know that the land was mined with IEDs and APM ? In a barren and desolate region – with no camoulflage – is it possible that the Indians did not know the proximate locations of the APM ?

    The Indians sent the Tibetans do their death ! And now they will raise the Tibetan issue around it and the PLA JUST DO NOT CARE !



    The PLA meant that they killed vermin !


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