Outrage over ‘Halal Certified Relation’ between Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (M) and Ramdev’s Patanjali 

Mahmood Madani and Ramdev

By  Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) led by  Maulana Mahmood Madani has come under fire from different quarters including its rival faction for issuing Halal certificate to  Yoga guru Ramdev’s  Patanjali group. The Muslim circles alleged that a hefty sum of money might have changed the hands for issuing Halal certificate to the Patanjali group which, they suspect, uses cow urine in making its products. By this act, they also alleged that the Mahmood faction has extended indirect help to Ramdev  who is known for his pro-government and pro-RSS stances. However, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust (JUHHT), which issued the certificate, tried to clarify its position by stating that no cow urine product was given certificate and asserted that it has a very strong and robust Halal Audit system.


The social media is also awash with sharp comments on the issuance of the Halal certificate while alleging that both the factions of JUH often go against the interest of the community. Social media users referred to  the meeting of Arshad Madani with RSS chief and Mahmood Madani’s unflinching support to the Modi government to buttress their point.  Ramdev is known “Muslim-baiter” and virtually a part of the ruling party. By issuing a Hall certificate, the JHU has given an effective instrument to promote Patanjali products in Islamic world particularly in the Middle East and thereby financially strengthening the hands of saffron groups who are spewing venom against the country’s second largest religious group.

 Even, JUH faction led by Maulana Arshad Madani, which generally stays away from the affairs of its rival faction, also criticized the decision while disclosing that the Patanjali group had first approached to them for the Halal certification.

 After the vertical division in the 100-year old organization in 2007, Arshad Madani faction has rechristened it Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Committee as Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Foundation (JUHHF).  JUHHF functionary Maulana Gulzar Azami disclosed that, “they (Patanjali group) first approached to us and pleaded their case for a month but we refused as we knew all their affairs”. Consequently, they (Patanjali) went to Mahmood group’s Halal trust, whose proximity with the Modi government is not a secret, Maulana Azami said and alleging that the Mahmood faction has gone wayward after it broke away from us and needs to be exposed.

Social Democratic party of India leader, Dr Taslim Rehmani, who first raised the issue, said Ramdev openly flaunts the use of cow urine in its products and adding that there are many video clips of Ramdev  available on YouTube platform  lecturing the benefits of cow urine. We asked the secretary of the Jamiat Halal trust, Niaz Ahmad Farooqui to make public the list of products which were given Halal certification but he did not provide this, said Dr Rehmani. It creates suspicion about the deal., he added.

Voicing  similar concerns ,  Maulana Aamir Rashadi, president  Rashtirya Ulema Council,  said  the Jamait Trust people should fear of the Almighty Allah as  the promoter of the Patanjali company openly  maintains  that  his company purifies all products by using cow-urine. He alleged it might have been a sweetheart deal as Mahmood group is known for hobnobbing with the powers that be.


It is to recall that some years back, a Muslim group from Tamil Nadu,  Thowheed Jamat had alleged that cow’s urine was being used as a ‘key ingredient’ in cosmetics, medicines and food products of Patanjali that are available in open markets as well as online. The Jamat said the cow urine’s usage was considered ‘haram’ (forbidden) in Islam.

Patanjali group was established in January 2006 and since the advent the Modi government in May 2014, its fortunes rose to phenomenal levels which is now aiming at ₹25,000 crore revenue this fiscal year.  To achieve this target, the company needs to establish foothold in the lucrative oil-rich gulf countries, for this purpose Halal certificate is must.

Jamiat Halal trust flaunts on its website that “its unique services help companies penetrate in the global economy and establish themselves as a trusted brand for consumers.

Defending the certification to the Patanjali, Niaz Farooqui said “Each company which is certified by us has to follow our stringent Halal documentation process which also includes a legally abiding document (affidavit) declaring to be Sharia compliant during the certification tenure.”

However, debunking the claim of Farooqui, Dr Sultan Ahmad, scientist, said the Jamiat has no scientific method to ascertain which products contains cow urine. He said Ramdev and his company is vocal promoter of cow urine that creates suspicion in Halal consumer’s mind.

Meanwhile, All India Halal Board also voiced its concern on the issuance of the certificate. Board general secretary, Danish Reyaz  said  ‘we are collecting  all necessary documents  to expose them (Jamiat  Halal Trust) at the forthcoming  World Halal Conference which  will be held in Malaysia in September this year.


  1. Muslim Americans of Indo Pak Origin pay millions to Jamiat Ulama Hindi (Indian Council Muslim scholars) that also earns money by issuing halal certification to Patanjali, a herbal medicine company that uses cow uring in many of its products to the Muslim world. What a way to make Muslims taste cow urine under the leadership of Muslim scholars!

    When scholars start selling faith at a token price, what do you expect from average Muslims?

    VERILY, as for those who suppress aught of the revelation which God has bestowed from on high, and barter it away for a trifling gain – they but fill their bellies with fire. And God will not speak unto them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He cleanse them [of their sins]; and grievous suffering awaits them. 2:174

  2. Maulana Madani is the Don amongst Indian Ulema…

    Chummy with the enemy, and not shy of playing with fire, and yet the dialogue-savvy chocolate hero of naive Muslims…

    He probably loves the tangy Gau-mutra too!

    So much like his political friend Asaduddin Owaisi.

    Long live the Twin Brothers….

    Indian Halaal committee should be under AIMPLB, like in UK and US..

    But our AIMPLB is lazy fellows who don’t like to take extra responsibility and organize intelligent young talented salaried sincere teams for the Ummah..
    Continue sleeping and being scared, sweet dreams AIMPLB…

  3. Howsoever robust and scientific Jamiat Ulma i Hind audit may be, the certification to Patanjali Ayurved Limited for its Food Products must not have been accorded in the wake of open support to use of prohibited substance by its owner/promoter in their products….
    The list of food products accorded certification is also not made public…
    Further, when the certification was issued in November 2017 why the dissent voices took almost 29 months to raise such an important issue…

  4. Most of the ‘Muslim’ organizations in India are on the payroll ruling parties. Congress financed them and now RSS-BJP rulers finance these to remain ”good’ Muslims. Apart from Jamiat Ulma i Hind we should not overlook the fact how Tablighi Jamaat chief continues to enjoy safe house despite multiple warrants against him where as Muslim social activists and their Hindu comrades are being rounded up daily on fabricated charges.

  5. Outcry against Jamiat Ulama e Hind is out of jealousy of their superiority over ones who are not popular with muslims. If something is halal,there is nothing wrong in saying so. Now it is the responsibility of Jamiat Ulama e Hind to permanently post their inspectors at Patanjali plants paid by Patanjali. If this is not ensured,the certification must be withdrawn.
    Another point is unfortunately muslims are not very conscious of ensuring they consume halal. Venkies products are not halal marked and muslim chicken shops are selling it.

  6. Patanjali should not be given any halal certification even if they use zamzam water in it. They are using their money to spread hatred. Middle east market is just a bonus for them. Their main clientele will remain the staunch hindutva followers of north india.
    Muslim and their organizations must educate people about the disadvantages of using their product. They must not be getting enough business in the muslim world to make this certification of any significant financial benefit for them.

  7. Hamid Ahmad, Islamabad, Pakistan.
    International Halal Consultant

    Going through the comments it seems & sure that the money is sweeter than all foods. Muslims should think as Muslims living anywhere, minority or majority, faith is first. I am a food scientist having deep religious dailogue on Halal at Deoband, Al Azher & with many scholars in Pakistan. It is not according to Islam to grant permission to non-Islamic/Muslim entity to manufacture, prepare or process Halal Food, requiring certified assurance & credibility for Muslim consumers. One may quote lot of examples of such wrong doings in many Islamic countries at many different levels, but sall such wrongs cannot make one right. Let us remember we have to carry our own burden of sins, if we are Mslims & believers.

  8. Wow….. This is true love and not facism…… In India if a Hindu fruit shops put Hindu name on banner they are chargesheeted by sedo – secularism…. But others can openly give certificate….. Stste to decide whether they want to be secular or appeasement centre of minority leaders ( And only minority leader benifit from it and not common minority)

  9. ager jamiat ny fee li bhi hai to nzarandaz karna chahyee , wrna woh din door nahi Jayee muslimano ko Vote pe naaz tha ,aaj koi puchny Wala nahi hai, wayse hi har tarf se *Redundant* bana diye Jaye gy,Mel jul ky rahny mi bhalai hai .

    Also it is a good news of patanjali wants to comply with halal for business reasons,warna concept of halal ky khelaf muhim chal hi rahi hai , aur Jo writer hi is article ka woh short sighted or biased lagta hai Jamiat se ya koi purana hisab chuka raha hai 😀😀


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