Over 2,500 signatories demand removal of Kulkarni from Biden administration for his RSS links


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: More than 2,500 individuals have signed a petition to remove unsuccessful Democratic candidate Sri Preston Kulkarni from his position in the Biden-led administration. They have called for his removal due to his connection with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a far-right Hindu nationalist organisation in India.

On 8 February 2021, the US administration appointed Kulkarni as the new Chief of External Affairs of AmeriCorps, a federal agency responsible for coordinating volunteer and service work. His appointment comes after his defeat in a congressional race in Texas amid outrage over his relations with the RSS and its US affiliates OFBJP, and VHPA.

”As the RSS today — through the BJP — essentially rules India, is ideologically committed to an ethno-nationalist vision of the country where all religious minorities are subjugated or eliminated, and has a history of anti-minority pogroms (including as recently as February 2020), ties to the group or its US-based members are a serious matter,” read the petition.

Of late, the Biden-led administration had drawn appreciation for excluding Sonal Shah and Amit Jani amid rising criticism against them for their links with the RSS. However, its recent decision to include Kulkarni has sparked criticism from humanist groups and individuals.


    • @GD aka delusional Hindu clown,

      You’re dreaming. Biden and Americans have every right to keep Hindu extremist rats like Kulkarni out of American politics. What are you going to do about? Shit on the White House lawn? RSS terrorists will be exposed and thrown out. India can’t do a damn thing about it

  1. RSS was First Indian terrorist organization who started terrorism in Indian land before independence, RSS was responsible for Indian partition, because of RSS was spreading hate and fake news about Islamic countries and Muslims even as on today also, RSS divide Hindus and Muslim by their hate policy , RSS was responsible for Gandhiji assassination, Nathuram Ghodse was first Indian terrorist who started terrorism in the Indian land . NOW RSS has established its branches VHP Bajran Dal ABVP BJP are also terrorists organization who only work is to producing terrorists to Genocide Indian Muslims, by name of cow , mob lynching is an example of RSS VHP Bajran Dal ABVP BJP terrorists organization,


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