Over 50 Muslim candidates win US elections


Seven of 110 Muslim candidates make history as first Muslim officials elected to respective state office

More than half of all Muslim-American candidates for public office who ran in the general election won their races, a trio of Muslim advocacy groups said Friday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Jetpac and MPower Change said of the 110 Muslim-Americans who ran for a variety of posts, 57 emerged or are projected to emerge victorious following the Nov. 3 general election.


The individuals ran in competitions that spanned 24 states and Washington, D.C., and the number of Muslim candidates in the election is the highest the groups have tracked since 2016.

Of the 57 victors, seven made history as the first Muslims elected to their respective state offices.

It is noteworthy that the United States House of Representatives has 435 seats and the Senate has 100 seats.

Mohammed Missouri, executive director of Jetpac, said in a statement, “Increasing our political representation is a critical part of defeating the violent rise of Islamophobia here and around the world because it forces elected officials and the media to include our perspective in the narrative on healthcare, the economy, criminal legal system, and every other issue impacting American life.”

In all, the advocacy groups tracked roughly 170 candidates who ran for office, including those who were eliminated in primary contests, and therefore did not make it to the Nov. 3 election. That figure is roughly 30 more than the previous high of 134 Muslim-American candidates who ran in 2018.

Jetpac, CAIR, and MPower said they plan to distribute a full list of local, primary and general election candidates after general election results are certified.

Three Muslim US House of Rep have been RE-elected: 
Andre Carson (IN),
Ilhan (MN), and
Rashida (MI).
However  11 Muslims  got elected  in State elections .
1. Mauree Turner, OK statehouse
2. Madinah Wilson-Anton, Delaware
3. Iman Jodeh, Colorado House
4. Samba Baldeh, Wisconsin Assembly
5. Chris Benjamin, FL House.
6. Fady Qaddoura, Indiana senate
7. Hodan Hassan WINS Minnesota State House seat
8. Mohamud Noor WINS Minnesota State House seat
9. Omar Fateh WINS Minnesota State Senate
10. Abraham Aiyash: MI senate
11. Zohran Mamdani: NY Assembly.
Overall 57  Muslim candidates at different levels got elected.
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  1. Serve the man kind, try to establish peace through out the world…propegate truth, crush the violence and bad, make possible to enjoy the worldly life for every one.

  2. As long as they think of themselves as Americans first, uphold our laws and do not impose their Islamic philosophy, alls well

  3. This is not true. There is a difference between federal government and state government. There are only 4 muslims at the federal level. So that numbers you are talking about of 100 senators and 435 representatives, today is the federal level. There are no muslim senator and 4 muslim representative. You are referencing federal and state. Over 50 at the state level sounds a bit high but possible. That would be 50 out of thousands of positions

  4. Its impressive. One thing is important though. To be first an American and then a Muslim. Separate Church and State. We each have our beliefs and should respect each others beliefs. To not impose your Sharia laws in a Democracy. Respect our laws.

    • Then why should everyone take their oath on the Bible if you believe in separation of church and state. No one is trying to impose shariah law. Your personal belief system is everyone’s personal opinion. And no one should be imposing it on anyone. But you have the evangelical’s who’s it fine to express their opinions. We need to get back to separation of church and state.

  5. Good to learn about that people of America has faith in Muslim candidates and Islam in general If they had no faith than none of the candidate would have won.
    I request to all the winers to do their duty faithfully not by caste or colour but with honesty and sincerity
    May Allah guide them

  6. Congratulations to all newly elected senators and representatives. Every one are human being. Please work for human welfare of America and the entire world.

  7. The first and foremost duty and responsibility of each and every elected representative is to uphold the Constitution of the USA as they belong to America irrespective of any caste,creed,race,black or white.Work peacefully and unitedly to set an example to the entire world at large.

  8. Well done to all who have made it. To you and your teams of co workers. Remember work work with fairness and justice. For JUSTICE is the most uncompromising value in ISLAM, for without it there can be no religion. Hold on to it and apply it to all irrespective of which ever religion the people/s belong to.

  9. There is d separation of church n State it Muslim States it doesnt separate d Mosque n State we follow d law of God while non -Muslims Countries follows the Man made Laws! Definitely the Law of God is far more superior than d law od Man.


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