Over 650 concerned citizens reject commemoration of  Triple Talaq law


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Over 650 citizens – Muslim and non-Muslim women, men and trans persons have condemned the Modi government’s decision to observe 1 August as ‘Muslim Women’s Rights Day’ to mark the anniversary of the Triple Talaq law.

In a statement, they rejected this ”cynical optics” of using Muslim women’s rights, in the face of an unprecedented onslaught against the rights of the Muslims in recent years under the present government. It voiced strong opposition to declaring 1 August as Muslim Women’s Rights Day, calling it the celebration of a law that is fundamentally anti-minority, anti-women, anti-constitutional, and seeks only to disparage the Muslim community.


”This, to celebrate its passage of its purportedly Anti-Triple Talaq law (Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019), that claimed to protect Muslim women’s rights, but in reality, had a more sinister purpose – to show Muslim men their place in a new India – To tell them that they can be criminalized even in civil matters,” the statement said.

It added that no such law was needed to “protect Muslim women, or secure their rights” since the Supreme Court had already struck the Triple Talaq down.

”This government has diluted Muslims’ rights to citizenship by enacting the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA). The very Muslim women, in whose name you have declared August 1 as a day of “their rights” invited their government, even begged their government, to talk to them when they were out on the streets, protesting the CAA-NPR-NRC, in a desperate bid to save their future, their children’s future, their family’s future, in their own country. You responded to those Muslim women with the utter contempt of silence. Without even the pretence of democratic dialogue,” the statement added.


  1. No names mentioned, which means these are just some random people who typed a word document and copy pasted their names. So 650 out of 1.3 billion, what a huge voice. Mudi should immediately listen to these huge voice (650 people) and agree to their demands and prostrate in front of them.

    • Harambe aka Harami Hanuman ,

      Oh look another Hindu street rat trying to be edgy and sarcastic suggesting the story is not authentic. Same pattern any time Hindu criminality and terror is challenged you BJP IT cell trolls do you 5 paisa trolling. Since Hindus are uncivilized backward smelly savages the concept of a civil society is alien to them. Hindu men are predators which is why Hindu women marry non-Hindus.
      These 650 have more humanity then the millions of fascist Hindu sh1t eaters who voted for a street thug and terrorist modi.You only a few good people to make positive change in society. Speaking of word files and copy paste, that sounds like the Hindu a55hole scammers who call millions everyday pretending to be the IRS, or Microsoft with their broken English. Hindus are not going to push their bigots laws onto Muslims, the consequences for Hindus in Muslim countries will be swift and brutal.

      • Swift and brutal, 🙂 🙂 , go on show me what will happen. So far, even after abrogation of 370, nothing much happened.

    • “Secular” Hindu aka sTinkular Hindu gutter rat,

      Sh1tting with your mouth as usual. Typical RSS goo bhakts parroting the failed talking point of your homosexual leader Modi…who abandoned his own wife to get his dirty ass pumped by smelly sadhus in some gau shalla lol

      Hindus have no concept of human rights and are the worst creatures to women. No wonder India is the most dangerous country for women.


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