Over 700,000 Arabs throng to largest musical event in Saudi Arabia

Photo: Arab News
  • By Muslim Mirror Staff

MDLBeast Soundstorm festival came to an end on Sunday in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. Various shows and musical performances were organised at the event.

A large number of people flocked to the four day festival. 732,000 people attended the event, “one of the largest music festivals in the world,” said Turki al-Sheikh, head of Saudi’s General Entertainment Authority.


The festival has since its launch in 2019 witnessed large crowds, most of them young men and women, who can freely mingle and dance to western music.

Mixed-gender concerts and other events have been allowed following the rise of Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. Music, singing, dancing, and other forms of entertainment have been growing under his rule.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been against music, signing and dancing. Such events were banned in the kingdom on the grounds that they are not permitted in Islam. However, Bin Salman has allowed them as a part of modern reform.


  1. Very very painful to learn about this music functions for 4-days in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia. I worked as projects engineer from 1995 to 2016 in Saudi Electric in Abha & in Riyadh & there was no such nonsense act like this . But this prince Mohammed Sulaiman has emerged as defecto king , such bad things are emerging in this Islamic country which is painful and very very sad.

  2. Great work MBS.. I am happy to see muslim community is coming out of medival mindset. Soon we expect you to build temples & churches in Macca & Madina.


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